DawgmanRadio: Summer Run

SEATTLE, Wash. - With a new quarter starting on Monday, you have a bundle of fresh faces that show up on Washington's campus every summer - full of promise, yet short on experience. Roughly 17 players for football and three for basketball have hit Montlake early in preparation for a summer filled with nothing but school and sports. Chris Fetters and Kim Grinolds talk about what's in store.

To listen to the 20-minute radio segment, click on the link below.

Here are a list of the topics talked about:
1) New football and basketball players
2) Venoy Overton's status
3) A Talk with Jamal Crawford
4) Hec Ed - Seattle's summer hoops mecca
5) The new faces of Washington basketball - MBA, Gant and Holiday
6) The older faces of Washington basketball, including Kim's impressions of what he saw during Mondays' run. 7) Grinolds and Beach in Vegas? Oh oh...

Here is the link - DawgmanRadio: Summer Run

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