Boyles and Aguilar plan to enroll late

It's been a constant theme this summer. Will Serra WR Anthony Boyles,'s 18th rated wideout, qualify to show up at Washington on time? Well, we got our answer today -- not exactly. Read on to find out what Boyles plans to do and also what Mullen (Denver) WR Devin Aguilar expects to do with his time as well... spoke to Boyles on Thursday evening and the playmaking wideout had a bit of bad news.

"I found out I didn't get a qualifying score on my SAT," Boyles said. "I'm kind of frustrated because I'm only 14 points short so it's really close.

"I actually got my score yesterday and I was a little down, but when I called coach (Tim) Lappano to tell him what happened, he basically told me what's up."

What's up is that Boyles has at least one more chance to get his qualifying test score.

"September 15th is the next SAT and they said I can still take that test and if I qualify then, I can enroll with the other students the last week of September or the first week of October."

So what was Boyles' reaction when he heard he still had a chance to be a Husky this year?

"Man, I was really happy," Boyles said. "It was such a relief because I want to get out of (Compton) and I want to play for Washington."

And what if he doesn't qualify in September?

"I'm not going to any other school," Boyles said. "I want that out there and everyone to know it. I want to be at Washington and play for them.

"If I don't qualify in September, then I will just keep taking the test until I pass it. I can still enroll in January.

"I'm going to redshirt if I qualify," Boyles said. "They even said I could play after the first three games, but I want to have all the time I can out on the field so I can help bring a championship."

Aguilar is in a similar predicament.

He is currently one point short of passing the written part of the ACT and plans to retake that test in September as well.

Should Aguilar get his score, he would also be eligible to enroll in September after the first three games.

We'll follow the developments of these two important cogs to Washington's 2007 class over the next couple months.

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