Bradley suffers injury

Kamiak's game with Edmonds-Woodway Friday night started just like any other high school game - coin toss, Star-Spangled Banner, and then the kickoff. That's when things went horribly wrong for the Knights, and Derrick Bradley in particular. The 5-9, 180-pound star athlete for Kamiak was injured on the first play of the night, and it didn't look good.

"It was on the kickoff," Bradley told "I caught the ball and ran up the middle. Somebody grabbed my ankle and another guy tackled me. They bent my whole leg. It looked like they blew out my knee." As it turned out, the actual prognosis was much better than that. "It's a deep bruise. Coach (Dan Mack) thought it was a broken foot. I'm not sure why he thought that."

Bradley knew he would be OK. His Mother Brenda, didn't know that. "I knew it wasn't broken, so I wasn't too worried about it," he said. "I found out later she didn't think it was me at first, but when she saw my number she was worried. All Moms worry."

He got his senior year off to a fast start, going for 276 all-purpose yards against Shorewood. Included in those totals were 15 carries for 176 yards.

Derrick didn't have anything new to offer as far as recruiting goes. "It's just the same old thing still," he said. "I'm getting a little tired of it. It doesn't drive me crazy though. I just want to play high school football, enjoy my senior season...just concentrate on that."

Bradley said a decision is 2 or 3 weeks away, with Washington, Washington State and Oregon still in the driver's seat.

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