Blackman talks about Husky commitment

The Husky coaching staff got some great news on Sunday night when Carson QB Dominique Blackman officially made his verbal commitment to them. However, this commitment was one that had been in the works for over a month and he even told the staff he wanted to commit, but he wasn't ready to make his intentions known to the public.

"I just wanted to wait on things a little bit and see what else was out there," Blackman said. "But after I kinda sat back and just looked at things and saw how great Washington was with the way they handled black quarterbacks, you just couldn't ask for anything more than the situation there.

"They have a great system a bunch of great coaches and it was just the best fit for me and they are a great school where I can see myself just being as successful as I want to be."

Blackman said his decision was also helped by a chance meeting with former Husky quarterback and NFL Hall-of-Famer Warren Moon while filming a segment for the NFL Network.

"They had all the old black quarterbacks there," Blackman said with his typical enthusiasm. "I got to meet Doug Williams and Randal Cunningham and Warren Moon, all those guys. I mean it was just amazing to be around those guys and get their knowledge and talk about their experiences.

"(Moon) and I talked a little bit and he really didn't talk much about Washington, but he just talked about choosing the school and the program that best suits me and what I'm looking for."

So, besides his admiration for the Husky program, was their anything else that helped Blackman make his final decision?

"That town, Seattle, it's a football town," Blackman said. "Their pro team has been really good and they played in the Super Bowl and the fans up there always get props on how loud they are and I've talked to some of the coaches and they told me that Husky Stadium gets loud and that they are bringing back the enthusiasm for the football they play.

"It's just got everthing I want. I'm close to the city, passionate fans and then the chance to just play for coaches that won't try to change my position and don't look at my race. All they want is a player and that means a lot."

Blackman also noted his commitment is as firm as it can be.

"I don't see me looking at any other schools," Blackman said. "That doesn't mean I won't, but Washington is where I want to be and I wouldn't have committed to them if I thought I might look around.

"Besides, I'm already talking to guys down here to look at (Washington) harder and to give them more of a look because they need more playmakers and I want to play with guys who can help make my life easier out there."

Blackman had planned to visit Washington this weekend for their prospect day, but said he won't be able to make that visit due to passing league.

"My coach is really big on 'if you miss a practice, you miss a game'," Blackman said. "He doesn't like excuses and I really don't want to miss a game because I'm going up to visit a school I'm already committed to.

"I'll probably head up there for a game. I'd like to catch the SC game with them or Cal. They play a tough schedule so it should be pretty easy to pick a good game to go see."

Blackman turned down offers from Oregon, Fresno State, Kansas State, Arizon State and Nebraska to commit to the Dawgs and he becomes the eighth player in Washington's 2008 recruitng class -- joining Craig Noble, Drew Schaefer, Senio Kelemete, Vince Taylor, David Freeman, Terence Thomas and Justin Glenn.

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