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Here's a blow-by-blow look at what happened today during the media's first look at Washington's football team for the fall of 2007.

6:47 p.m.: Coach Willingham post-practice notes.

Real down-and-dirty notes.

1) Nate Williams started at SS. "He just wanted to start out on defense."
2) Said the team seemed to be in good shape. "They ran pretty well."
3) QB's and WR's were 'rusty'.
4) First day analysis? 'Okay, not great'.
5) Cody Habben started at LT, Ryan Tolar at LG, Matt Sedillo at RG with Juan Garcia and Chad Macklin. On defense, Chris Stevens was running with the first group. "There were some things not completed after the spring, so we'll stick with those adjustments until things are rectified."
6) No apparent injuries after Day One
7) All the frosh were thrown right into the fire. "The thing you don't want to have happen is that they slow the team down. They blew some things, but so did the veterans."
8) Asked about the kickers and Willingham said it's too early to talk about consistency and whatnot, but did remark at the hang time on some of Kiel Rasp's punts. Rasp just walked on as a frosh from Nathan Hale HS.
9) Singled out Louis Rankin, Jake Locker, Carl Bonnell and Caesar Rayford 'among others' that performed well in their conditioning tests.
5:44 p.m.: Coach Lappano quotes.

Tim Lappano always has plenty to say when it comes to his offense, and Sunday was no exception.

Fall Camp: Lappano Quotes
4:22 p.m.: Coach Baer quotes.

Scott caught up with Husky DC Kent Baer, and Baer shared his thoughts on how UW is going to look on the defensive side of the ball.

Fall Camp: Baer Quotes
4:02 p.m.: Player quotes.

Scott Eklund talked to a bunch of players this afternoon, here's the rundown of who he caught up with and what they said.

Fall Camp: Player Quotes
3:37 p.m.: More roster notes.

Here are the positions, heights and weights of the incoming scholarship freshmen.
DB Victor Aiyewa - 6-1, 217
DL Kalani Aldrich - 6-7, 244
OL Mark Armelin - 6-5, 290
CB Byron Davenport - 5-11, 195
LB Cort Dennison - 6-1, 215
DL Tyrone Duncan - 6-2, 285
OL Skyler Fancher - 6-5, 280
PK Erik Folk - 5-10, 190
LB Mason Foster - 6-1, 218
TB Willie Griffin - 5-8, 200
TE Chris Izbicki - 6-3, 230
TB Brandon Johnson - 5-11, 195
WR Alvin Logan - 6-2, 200
CB Vonzell McDowell - 5-9, 176
CB Marquis Persley - 6-1, 183
DB Quinton Richardson - 6-0, 205
TB Curtis Shaw - 5-11, 190
OL Scott Shugert - 6-6, 310
TB Nate Williams - 6-1, 205
DL Nick Wood - 6-2, 275
TB Brandon Yakaboski - 6-0, 190

3:20 p.m.: Lappano notes.

I spoke with UW Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano, and I'll have more from him and Kent Baer, but here are the highlights from the conversation:

1) Jake Locker had a 'tremendous' third scrimmage of the spring, but they want to clean up his accuracy and footwork. Added that Carl Bonnell really came on at the end of spring, and this is the healthiest Carl has been since Lappano has been at UW.
2) Said that the offense is going to have some tremendous position battles, including receiver, offensive line, No. 2 running back behind Louis Rankin and at tight end. He said that this year's team has more playmakers than since he's been here and that they have legitimate speed at running back. Said Rankin, Curtis Shaw and Brandon Johnson are all sub 10.6 100m guys. Added that at receiver, D'Andre Goodwin was probably the fastest guy on the team until Shaw showed up. 'The Flea (Goodwin) can run.'
3) Said that a lot of their success will depend on how they run the ball. 'The best offenses I've been a part of, we've run the ball'.
4) Said the OL begins and ends with Juan Garcia at center. At guard they are moving some guys around and 'shaking some things up'. Mentioned Casey Bulyca, Ryan Tolar and Matt Sedillo were mentioned. Also spoke of Morgan Rosborough and Jordan White-Frisbee, saying they have 'work to do'.
5) Said the biggest thing for the OL is that they didn't gain any weight over the summer. Some players lost a little, but no one gained any weight, and Lappano thought that was huge. Said that Chad Macklin and Ben Ossai had their best summers to date, and while they don't have a ton of experience they have a lot more options on the OL than ever before. 'I don't think there's a bigger line in college football'.
6) Lappano doesn't mind that the OL is big, he just wants them to be ready to play four quarters of football. 'At Syracuse, in a dome with no air conditioning, it's going to be humid. We know that'. 7) Asked about J.R. Hasty, and Lappano said that he's definitely going to have an opportunity to play and show what's he's done.
2:58 p.m.: Baer notes.

Scott Eklund spoke with UW Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer. We'll have a front page up on that soon, but here are the highlights:

1) Singled out Jordan Reffett, Dan Howell, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Greyson Gunheim, Roy Lewis and Jason Wells as 'hard workers' on the defense.
2) Said that his top two positions on the defense would be the cornerbacks. Said that if you have two lock-down guys at those positions, it allows the defense to do a lot of different things.
3) Likes the improvement of Darrion Jones, and he expects Caesar Rayford to get more playing time this fall.
2:02 p.m.: Willingham notes.

I'll have more later, but here's just a sampling of what Willingham had to say in the initial press conference of the fall.

1) Jake Locker is the No. 1 QB. Said he loved what Carl Bonnell did in the spring, but Jake is still No.1 right now. 'We play the best players, and the players are the ones that determine who plays'. Asked about Carl's experience, and Willingham said that Carl should use that to be the best player he can be, and that it should 'show up in the way he plays'.
2) It's reasonable to expect either one or both the academic high school casualties (Anthony Boyles and Devin Aguilar) to show up at Washington, ready to go 'at some point in time'.
3) Said that there's a 'possibility' of the team having names on the backs of their jerseys. He would not elaborate.
4) He's excited to see Ryan Perkins kicking again after suffering major knee damage in last year's spring game. Said that he's not guaranteed the No. 1 kicking spot, and that it will again be the best kicker that starts against Syracuse.
5) The frosh will dictate who plays.
6) Doesn't know about the condition of the team yet - he'll find that out very quickly. The coaches will use this week to gauge where the team is at. They have 26 days until they play Syracuse.
7) Anthony Atkins is no longer with the team, and Willingham said that his status as to whether or not he's in school is 'to be determined later'.

11:40 a.m.: Roster additions/Walk-ons.

Just came into the Founders' Club and picked up the new roster and press guide. On the cover is a single UW player (heard it's actually program coordinator Joe Collier, but don't know for sure). In talking with Coach Willingham, he had a lot of creative presence in the making of the cover, one that also features Husky Stadium in the visor, as well as the Space Needle to the left and Mount Rainier to the right. I'll have more on it later tonight, but the cover sparked a little discussion.

Here is a list of the invited walk-ons, per the official roster. This list is on top of the freshmen that are already on campus.

Doesn't mean that more walk-ons might be invited after the Syracuse game, but here are the invited ones, per the official roster given out Sunday.

QB Taylor Bean, 6-1, 202 Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview
CB Byron Davenport, 5-11, 195 Long Beach (Calif.) Poly/UCLA
DB Jared Fagan, 6-1, 205 Sammamish (Wash.) Eastlake
LB Pete Galbraith, 6-2, 230 Denning (Wash.) Mt. Baker
LS Ben Hayes, 6-3, 210 Renton (Wash.) O'Dea
SS LonZell Hill, 5-11, 180 Seattle (Wash.) Kennedy
DB Brandon Mezistrano, 5-8, 185 Bellevue (Wash.) Newport
CB Cory Nicol, 5-10, 170 Woodinville (Wash.) Orange Coast College
P Kiel Rasp, 6-4, 210 Seattle (Wash.) Nathan Hale
PK Cory Rutkowski, 6-2, 185 Sun Valley (Idaho) Wood River
TE Romeo Savant, 6-5, 250 Cathlamet (Wash.) Wahkiakum
RB Tobias Togi, 6-0, 230 Seattle (Wash.) Evergreen

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