Fall Camp: Baer Quotes

Here are quotes from Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer, talking about his defense during the Huskies' fall media day event.

On the incoming talent: "We've got a lot of new faces. In one sense, it's exciting because you have a lot of new guys, but on the other hand there's a lot of stuff to learn and you have to bring them along and we're just going to be really young in some spots especially at the backups. I don't see any of our young guys coming in and starting, at least not in the base package, but that all depends on injuries.

On the speed on the defense: "It's all about talent. The more talented you are the better you're going to be. You can be the best coach in the world, but there are a lot of great coaches that struggled because they didn't have the talent and these last couple recruiting classes have been really good. That remains to be seen too because none of them have done anything yet, but I'm really excited about the young guys we've brought in."

On leaders of the defense: "The work ethic is what I like to look at. When you talk about leaders it really comes down to work ethic because I don't think you can talk about a leader unless you start by talking about their work ethic and if they work hard. You have to show it before you talk about it. Jordan (Reffett) is a really hard worker; Dan Howell is a just the best worker and works hard and does everything you ask him to do; Daniel Te'o Nesheim is another player I'd put in that boat and Greyson Gunheim I'd put in there and Roy Lewis and Jason Wells would be in there too. When you start naming those guys it's exciting because they play key positions for us.

On style of defense: "Football is a copycat game. In college football, times change just like they do in any other sport and we're a base 4-3 but we run enough 3-4 that teams know we will switch to that and with more talent the more things you can do and with the more speed you have the more things you can do. In my mind, with the talent and speed we've brought in we should be able to do some different things and attack a little more as long as injuries don't get in the way of that and that's going to help us down the road."

On the defensive line: "Our one defensive end really has to be able to run and that's Greyson Gunheim and he's really good at doing that, but we'd love our Husky defensive end on the other side to be able to run too and you love to have some big, physical brawlers on the inside."

On the most important position in Baer's mind: "If I had my choice of who I could take, I would take a corner and with my second pick I'd take another corner because if you have two lockdown corners then you can do so many things with the defense. Roy (Lewis) is that type of player for us. He struggled some last year, but he's gotten better and he's getting to be that type of a player for us and he's going to be a leader on our team and hopefully in the conference.

On Ceasar Rayford's role: "He's going to play and seeing how he performs during training camp and how he comes along will determine his role, going into the first game if not the season, but I don't see him being an every-down player for us, but I certainly see him, if he gets better, like I think he can, when you make plays like he does that just boosts your confidence in him."

On Darrion Jones' progress: "I really thought that he made great improvements and made tremendous progress. It's isn't to the point where we want him to be as a coaching staff and I'm sure he'd say that as well, but if he keeps coming along like he has I can see him having an expanded role for us and playing a great deal for us this fall."

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