Fall Camp: Lappano Quotes

Here are quotes from Washington Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano, talking about his offense - and expectations - during the Huskies' fall media day event.

On the quarterbacks - "There's competition. That spring game was set up for a reason. I think Jake (Locker) had a tremendous third scrimmage. He executed very well, played very well. Some people made some comments that they hadn't seen that type of a quarterback at Washington for a long time. Spring game, it was set up differently. Accuracy-wise he wasn't as sharp as we'd like him to be. He had some issues with his feet that we can correct. He showed great leadership skills, he showed great running skills...great arm strength. He has a big arm, strong arm. We just need to get the accuracy cleaned up. He managed the game real well, he got into some audibles and checks and did a nice job managing the game. Carl (Bonnell) threw the ball better than he ever has. Carl is healthier than at any time since I've been here. He's always had some type of nagging injury that's hurt him. He's gained some strength back, he's gained some weight back and he threw the ball really well last spring. His accuracy was good, he threw the deep ball good, didn't force the ball all that much. I thought he had a really good spring. There's always competition at every position. You have to do the job."

On the experience of Bonnell versus the potential of Locker - "Right now, we'll see how things go. Jake is our guy, but we'll see what happens in training camp. Everybody's going to be watching that. To me, that's better than not having competition."

On the battles to look out for - "There's going to be interesting battles everywhere. There's going to be some great battles at receiver, there's going to be some good battles on the offensive line, there's going to be a good battle for the second running back. The tight ends played pretty well last spring but nobody took off and distanced themselves. There's some good battles right there, and that's telling me that we're doing a better job of recruiting and we're getting some personnel, some players we think can make some plays. We have challenges that are going to be fun to watch, and to be honest with you - when I first got here there weren't very many battles...there weren't very many players that could make plays. We have a lot more battles going on, and that's because we've recruited better and we have some young players that we think can help this team."

On who the playmakers are - "I think I have a pretty good idea who they are, but there's still some stuff that's going to unfold during this training camp. But I think we have more playmakers right now than we've ever had, and I think it showed last fall a little bit and showed up a little more this past spring. We have more speed than we've ever had. We have speed at tailback...I think our tailbacks, when you look at what Curtis Shaw can run, when you look at what Louis Rankin can run, what Brandon Johnson can run...they are fast. We're talking track speed with those guys, all sub 10.6 100 meters. At receiver, we had guys get faster this spring. 'The Flea' - D'Andre Goodwin - he was probably our fastest guy, but it'll be interesting to see this winter if he still is. Curtis Shaw might be now. But the Flea, we timed him at a high 4.3 every time. He can run - Marcel Reece can run...Cody Ellis can run...he can't keep up with those guys for 100 meters, but he's got good football speed and he's made some good catches for us down the seam the past two years. Corey Williams can run. The biggest thing is, what happens when people come up and bump our receivers. Make no bones about it - we have to get better at certain coverages. We have speed at receiver, speed at quarterback and speed at tailback - and that's nice to have. We haven't always had that since I've been here."

On the receivers and tight ends - "There are a lot of seniors, a lot of guys that have made plays. And there's nothing like experience. I told them last night that the receivers need to be a strength for us because we have a lot of guys that have played. They've been on the field, they've been in big Pac-10 games, they've played against USC - they've made some plays. The tight end position has to be a strength, although no one has really said, 'Hey, this is my spot...it's obvious'. But all three have played - Johnie Kirton has played, Rob Lewis has played and Mike Gottlieb has played. So that's got to be a strength. They have a lot of experience."

On his outlook if Rankin finished the year with 1250 yarda - "If we are running the ball that good, that means that we'll be able to throw the ball better than we ever have. We haven't thrown the ball very good. All the great offenses I've been with could run the football. All those great offenses with Dennis (Erickson), we were throwing the ball the best when we could run it. We weren't very good when we couldn't run the ball, even when we had (Drew) Bledsoe at Washington State. As good as he was, we didn't throw the ball very well and we didn't win a lot of games because we couldn't run the football."

On the run game taking the pressure off a rookie QB - "There's nothing better than to go into Syracuse and to run the football and take a little bit of that pressure off of Jake. And he can run the football just like our tailbacks. Everybody saw that in the spring. He's as good as a lot of the tailbacks in this league running the football. And that's just another thing teams will have to try to prepare for. You can't run a lot of man-under coverage, you can't man up a lot because he's just like Isaiah Stanback pulling down the football and hurting you. It's great to always have a guy back there that can run fast, and Jake Locker can run fast."

On Marcel Reece - "I think he finally got comfortable with the system. And whether people want to believe it or not, there's a big adjustment from junior college to the Pac-10. We get excited about their potential, but this game is way different than at the junior college level. A lot of things combined to hold him back, and remember how big he was? I think we told you at one point he was around 265 pounds, but he may have been closer to 270. That's going to hold you back. He practiced his way into shape. He picked it up later than we wanted, but he picked it up. We've identified him as a big-play guy and we have to get him the ball. He has good 'run after the catch' written all over him. He's 238-240 pounds who can run really fast. He's a legit 4.4 guy at 240 pounds."

On the offensive line - "We have some guys with some experience, we have some guys that haven't played a lot. What we do have is some size and some strength. Over the summer our guys did a good job of managing their weight. Not one of those guys gained a pound, so that was nice. We set some goals for some of those guys to lose some pounds and they did a good job of that. We have some guys with tremendous size that should be able to protect him (Locker) a little bit better. And I'm not going to get into it here, but we're going to get the ball out quick and help the offensive line in that area. There's going to be some good battles up there, and we have some depth - which is kind of nice. So it's going to be interesting to see how those battles unfold during this training camp."

On what's at the top of his list right now - "It all starts up front, and right now we have to find out who that starting line is going to be. We're going to have to put that first unit together and in the first week and a half of practice we'll find out who that is going to be."

On the summer - "We had a great summer. We threw the football Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - every day in June and July, except the last week we gave them off. They seem to be pretty knowledgeable right now and I think everyone is hitting on the same page. They did the best job of throwing the ball this summer since I've been here. That takes leadership. They all did a great job. When Jake went down to Peyton Manning's camp, Carl took over, and Ronnie Fouch has gotten bigger and stronger too. I'm pretty happy with what happened here this summer. It all starts in the summertime. If no one is here and you don't have any commitment, you aren't going to win. I've never been on a bowl team, a team with a winning record, that had a bad summer. And we didn't have a bad summer, and it's nice to see. It's certainly better than last year's."

On the OL Position battles - "In my opinion it all starts up front with Juan Garcia. He's a tough guy, he's a leader. He played really well in the spring, and had a great winter. He's pretty much a lock. At the guard position, it's going to be interesting to see both guards. We've made a move to shake things up a bit until we get some guys to do what we want them to do with their weight in the weight room, things like that. We'll see what happens with guys like Casey Bulyca, Ryan Tolar, even Matt Sedillo we could move to guard. Morgan Rosborough and (Jordan) White-Frisbee have a little bit of work to do. That's going to be fun to watch. Chad Macklin did a nice job this summer, he was very steady. Ben Ossai - he had his best summer he's had. He was a little short on his weight, but he did a good job. And it's still going to be a battle out there for him and Erik Berglund. We're making it competitive and we're trying to get the most out of those guys. And we have options, which is nice. I don't think there's a bigger line in college football."

On trying to get a big OL in shape - "The reason we made a big deal about them not wanting to gain weight wasn't because we all want them to have a 34-inch waist. The reason is we need to get them to play four quarters. And when you're that heavy, it's hard to play four quarters. That's all we're doing. We're just trying to make sure they can get through a football game, and when you're in the Carrier Dome (Syracuse) and there's no air conditioning and it's hot and humid, it's hard to play four quarters when you're 20, 25 pounds overweight. So it's not because we want them to be body-builders."

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