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OK, the staff threw a shutout for the Cowboys game, everyone had that one correct, but then again, everyone except perhaps Gil Dobie would've nailed it. Gloomy Gil would've picked against his team if they were facing Slippery Rock. So how does everyone see the Idaho game? Tougher, perhaps. Read on . . .

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 2-1: "Repose is a good thing, but boredom is its brother." - Voltaire.

What does that have to do with Saturday's football game with Idaho? Beats me. Just go out and enjoy this team. Washington is on the way to becoming very special and Idaho is one more step in that journey.

PREDICTION: Washington 63, Idaho 24
Andy Poehlman, Columnist. Record: 2-0: The big question is: can the Huskies play four quality quarters? I wish I could say yes, but the unspectacular defense and lack of consistent focus in the last two weeks is cause enough for me to say, no. I have some feeling that the offense will again run roughshod over the hapless Vandal defense. Yet, I suspect that even though sack totals may again run high, the Vandal passing attack will create a good amount of consternation in the already disinterested and weary from 4 straight weeks of no good competition Husky fans. I will part with some advice to Husky fans: after the game, when you are sure that our defense is terrible and we can't (pick one) a) manage the clock, b) hold onto the ball, c) stop the pass, d) stop the run or e) play four quarters of football, instead, take a moment and just be thankful that this scheduling scourge is over and done with and we can look forward to a big game with . . . Cal. Don't laugh.

PREDICTION: Washington 45, Idaho 20.
Joe Kaiser, Columnist: Record: 2-1: Against the third of three cupcakes, the Huskies will play much the way they did in the first two games against San Jose State and Wyoming. Look for the Dawgs to again bomb it out through the air and for Pickett to scare the 400-yard mark yet again. Alexis will gain 100 yards on the ground, and the Huskies will add a touchdown on special teams while the defense holds Idaho under 20.

PREDICTION: Washington 44, Idaho 13
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 3-0: You gotta love that Idaho went out and decked San Diego State. Furthermore, you gotta love that San Jose State went out and decked Illinois – in Champaign, no less. And Wyoming should deck The Citadel next week. But I digress . . . The Vandals are coming in with a little bit of swagger, and I think that's pretty cool. Confidence makes a team crisper, more in tune, more willing to do the little things. I think, offensively, that Idaho will give Washington more fits than Wyoming or San Jose did. The Vandals did out gain Oregon earlier in the season, but were done in by three turnovers and an 0-for-5 performance on fourth-down -- yet they still managed 21 points. But the Huskies' should score and score a lot. Whether or not it will be satisfactory is for another thread. But the record goes to 3-1, expectantly, and I think it might be a whole lot like Idaho's game in Eugene.

PREDICTION: Washington 52, Idaho 27.
Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 3-0: Beware, as the Vandals are coming off a victory over Marshall Faulk's Alma Mater. But Idaho gives up too many yards through the air to hang with Washington. Pickett has another field day throwing the ball to Reg-gie, Paul, and K-Ware, and Rich gets enough room to run for over 100 for the third time in four games.

PREDICTION: Washington 52, Idaho 21
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 2-1: Idaho is running the Pac-10 gauntlet again this year with 3 Pac-10 foes. I get the feeling that this Idaho team is better than last year somehow. Is UW? I think that is open to debate. Idaho has had the TOP (time of possession) in its favor in all of their games so far this year. Problem is they score less than their opponents. That's kind of tough to win when that happens. Idaho can put the ball up with good success as they are 10th in the nation in passing. UW is 3rd. Look on the match up page at yards per play, yards per 7 points, & plays per 7 points. Idaho is always on the short end in those areas. Doesn't look good for them. Yet Washington has not come out and totally dominated any team this year either. Right now I don't think the Huskies will blow out this Idaho team. I hope I am wrong though.

PREDICTION: Washington 38, Idaho 17.
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 2-1: If there is a secondary in the nation that can stop Pickett and the gang, it certainly is not Idaho. Washington ranks third in the nation as a team in passing, and Idaho ranks near the cellar in pass defense. One thing the Vandals have going for them is the fact they are coming off of their first win against San Diego State, who happens to rank second in the nation in passing. That won't be enough though as Pickett will carve through the Idaho secondary like hot knife through a stick of butter. Conference play is just around the corner and this is the time to work out all the kinks in the system. Perhaps another 300, or even a 400-yard day for Cody.

PREDICTION: Washington 45, Idaho 14
Edwin Kim, Intern. Record: 1-0: We've been waiting a few weeks for this team to come together and play the way they're capable of. This is the week it all happens. They were almost there last week, but turnovers slowed them down. The coaches stressed ball security this week, so fumbling will not be an issue. Idaho is a decent passing team with a decent passing quarterback, but the defense is coming together a lot better than the public thinks. Reminder: this defense has only allowed 7 points in the last game and a half. The Cody Pickett show continues this week against a team that does not defend the pass well. With the offense clicking and NOT turning the ball over there is no way the Vandals come close to the Dawgs.

PREDICTION: Washington 52, Idaho 16. Hopefully we will see Braxton Cleman make his triumphant return.
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 3-0: The Vandals are the last team on the Huskies' dance through the cupcakes, but this isn't your mother's Idaho team. Sure they are dead last in the country in pass defense, while Washington is third in the country in pass offense. Sure they give up points at a clip that would make Joe Kapp and Dave Kragthorpe blush. But they just came off a pretty solid win over San Diego State in the dreaded Kibbie Dome, so these Vandals are up to their rims in Brim. Idaho QB Brian Lindgren is used to throwing the ball all over the lot, having set a few national high school passing records of his own while prepping at DeSales in Walla Walla. No matter. Tim Hundley experimented a bit with using a hybrid DB over the top deep against Wyoming and the usually airborne Cowboys were only able to muster 169 yards through the air. I expect Lindgren to try and double that, so look for more of safety Greg Carothers up closer to the line of scrimmage and cornerback Chris Massey as the stopgap on deep routes. Offensively for the Huskies, you couldn't have asked for better execution last Saturday; team record for first downs (36), no punts and no offensive penalties. There was, however, one glaring weakness - turnovers. The Dawgs put 5 balls on the carpet and that can't happen against a Vandal D looking to be opportunistic. Cody Pickett is looking for his 4th straight 300-yard passing effort, and he'll be close in the first half. He just has too many weapons for the undermanned Vandals. The margin of victory will be determined by the Huskies' effectiveness in the red zone, something they really need to shore up before conference play begins next week against Cal.

PREDICTION: Washington 48, Idaho 13.
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 2-1: The Dawgs will finally be firing on all cylinders this week. The first team will hand off to the reserves in the 3rd quarter this week for a change. I know, we've been waiting for that to happen and it hasn't happened as soon as we'd like. But this is the week. Dawgs roll and the roll continues into conference play.

PREDICTION: Washington 49, Idaho 14.
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-0: I like this Idaho team. I remember following the recruitment of their quarterback, Washington native Brian Lindgren. He's very accurate and will give the Huskies fits on flares, wheel routes, and some slants. However the Husky defense will get to him and rattle him. The defense will pin it's ears back and go after this kid like a Laplander takes to cold. OK, for you non-Scandinavians out there, they'll go after this kid like Martha Stewart does to good stock tips. I predict six sacks and two interceptions, and a comfortable Husky win. Idaho will score some but Rich Alexis will have his best day as a Husky, going for 160 and a long one.

PREDICTION: Washington 44, Idaho 21
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