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Husky fans and Husky opponents recently made their predictions for the Wasington vs. Idaho game on our Husky Football forum.<br>Will their predictions be more accurate than our staff predictions?

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66 35 No turnovers and Huskies just barely cover the spread.
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56 13 Being that Idaho gives up an average of about 330 yards passing a game, I belive that the Huskies will score at will and not be sloppy with the ball. Pickett puts up another 400 yard day and the Dawgs win 56-13. Let's not forget, without the turnovers, the Dawgs score 48 on SJSU and most likely 58 to 66 on Wyoming, and that is not including our clock management before the half. I just look for UW to be clicking on all cylinders before Cal.
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56 21  
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56 21 Option this week? As long as the the offense abandons the Nebraska impression they will roll. If not, ah, forget it, this ones over.
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55 14 Dawgs score early and often. Barton in by beginning of 4th qtr.
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55 14 Dawgs win big.
Cody: 400+ yards on 25 completions.
No interceptions, no fumbles.
RA: 125 yards rushing, 75 receiving, 3 TD's.
Reggie: 10 receptions for 200+ yards, 3 TD's.
No punts 2nd game in a row.
Kai Ellis 6 blocks, 6 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, 9 tackles for loss.
Huskies gain confidence and sharpen teeth on northwest neighbor, inferior spud producer.
Idaho concludes it really doesn't need the money that bad and cancels any future meetings.
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55 17 Cody throws for 350, Taylor throws for 100 and Rich gets 150 all-purpose yards. That's right--600 yards of offense!
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54 14 Dawgs explode early, and ease up on the throttle. UI gets one touchdown in the second quarter, the second comes in garbage time.
UW Gary
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52 14  
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52 17 Maybe this weekend it'll be sunny...
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51 3  
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51 13 ...Another HUGE day for Cody and co.
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49 7 The complete Huskies arrive in time for a feel-good warm-up in preparation for Pac-10 play.
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49 21  
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48 13 I was close last week predicting UW 38 and Wyoming 9... We'll see how I do this week.
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48 17 Dawgs 48 - Vandals 17 and beats the spread by 1. Barton plays 4th Q. RN does not run up the score. RA gets 125 on the ground and Cody throws for 300 plus.
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48 17 UW score 10 in the first quarter, 14 in the second, 17 in the third, and 7 in the fourth.
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48 30 Vandal offense is better than most people think.
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47 16 Dawgs score on a defensive touchdown, either an interception or a fumble return. Pickett throws 4 Td's, Alexis rushes for another. John Anderson will kick one

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