Scrimmage Report - 8/18

Approximately 1,000 fans flocked to Husky Stadium to witness the first open practice of fall camp on Saturday and they got a little of everything. Big offensive plays, solid defense, some dropped passes and lots and lots of carries for the running backs while also getting a look at the man everyone wants to see – QB Jake Locker.

The first team offense went as follows...

LT Cody Habben, LG Ryan Tolar, C Juan Garcia, RG Casey Bulyca, RT Chad Macklin
WR Corey Williams, WR Marcel Reese, TE Michael Gottlieb
QB Jake Locker, RB Louis Rankin, FB Paul Homer

**TE Johnnie Kirton, TE Rob Lewis and WR Quentin Daniels all rotated in at different times

First team defense was…

DE Daniel Te'o Nesheim, DT Cameron Elisara, DT Jordan Reffett, DE Greyson Gunheim
SAM Dan Howell, MIK Trenton Tuiasosopo, WIL Chris StevensRoy Lewis, CB Cory Nichol, SS Mesphin Forrester, FS Jason Wells

Appearing to be missing from action today were WR Cody Ellis, OL Matt Sedillo on offense and on the defense missing were DT Wilson Afoa, DT Tyrone Duncan, DE Ceasar Rayford and DT Nick Wood.

"Most of those guys could have played today, but we were being extra cautious with them," head coach Tyrone Willingham said when asked about their status. "Tyrone Duncan had an arm injury that we're keeping an eye on and Afoa might not have been able to play, but most of them could have played and they're probably pretty angry with coach Willingham right now."

Locker had a so-so day. He started off a little slow, but really picked things up toward the end of the scrimmage part of the game.

On one play he hit a streaking Reese on a 53-yard touchdown pass as Reese beat Nichol to the inside and outran the corner and Forrester for the score. On the play Locker showed excellent touch laying the ball out in front of Reese so he could run under it.

Locker also ran the ball well, pulling it down on a couple of scrambles and scoring a touchdown on run. He also caught a pass from Rankin that resulted in a 13-yard gain and many cheers from the fans in the stands.

The first team offensive line had it's ups and downs, but overall they seemed to get a good push against the second unit most of the day and against he first team defense when the two unites squared off. Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano noted after the practice that it is very likely that could be the starting offensive line when the team takes the field in the Carrier Dome on August 31st.

"We still have some things to look at at left tackle, but that's who you might see out there when we play against Syracuse," Lappano noted.

The receivers had a good day, especially Williams who made several nice catches including a one handed stab of a high throw from Locker on the sideline for a big first down. Williams also had two nice catches in traffic and he also blocked well on several running plays to his side.

Reese made an outstanding play on a short pass as he stiff-armed Marquis Persley and took the ball down to the three yard line for a 17-yard play.

The tight ends were relatively quiet with only two catches and four passes total thrown in their direction. Lappano said that that was more from the play calls and the fact that the team didn't run the packages that involved the tight ends more.

"You won't see them be that quiet during the season," Lappano said.

On defense, Lewis made a nice play on a pass thrown to the outside by QB Carl Bonnell when he avoided contacting WR Charles Hawkins and knocked the ball away on what would have been a first down.

The linebackers were very active. E.J. Savannah subbed in at different times and recorded a "sack" on Locker when he completely blew by Habben.

Wells and Reffett blasted RB Curtis Shaw on a running play as the Huskies did their best to get out of their own endzone.

Gunheim and Te'o Nesheim played most of the afternoon in the offenses backfield, with both recording "sacks" at different times. Reffett was very active and seemed to get penetration on a regular basis.

Elisara showed why he's considered one of the better freshman tackles in the conference when he blew through the line to get a "sack" on Bonnell on a third down play.

Howell was his usual self, solid in every aspect and he recorded an interception when a Locker pass went through the hands of D'Andre Goodwin.

The second team offense was…
LT Ben Ossai, LG Jordan White-Frisbee, C Ryan Bush, RG Morgan Rosborough, RT Eric Berglund
WR Alvin Logan, WR Charles Hawkins, TE Robert Lewis
QB Carl Bonnell, RB J.R. Hasty, FB Luke Kravitz

** All four freshman backs – Brandon Johnson, Curtis Shaw, Brandon Yakaboski and Willie Griffin – rotated in along with WR Tony Chidiac and TE Chris Izbicki.

The second team defense was… DE Darrion Jones, DT Derek Kosub, DT Jovon O'Connor, DE De'Shon Matthews
SAM Matt Houston, MIK Mason Foster, WIL E.J. Savannah
CB Matt Mosley, CB Vonzell McDowell, SS Darrin Harris, FS Jay Angotti

**Also rotating in were S Quinton Richardson, S Victor Aiyewa, S Nate Williams, LB Kyle True, LB Austin Sylvester and CB Desmond Davis.

Bonnell looked sharp early and then seemed to lose his effectiveness as the day went along. He hit Hawkins on a 40-yard touchdown over the outstretched arms of Davis who had tight coverage.

Hasty didn't get a lot of carries and dropped a pass that would have been a touchdown – there was relatively tight coverage – but redeemed himself with a nice grab over Trew.

The young backs all ran the ball well – although Griffin and Shaw put the ball on the ground once each toward the end of the practice which didn't make Lappano or Willingham happy – and each showed some explosiveness.

Johnson was probably the most exciting to watch as he hit it up inside several times for big gainers and Griffin had a 22-yarder off right tackle.

Shaw showed some niftiness as well, weaving his way through traffic, but the most physical back was Yakaboski who plowed through defenders on several carries.

Logan had a solid day catching the ball and showed some skills in the open field with a nice 30-yard gain in traffic.

The defensive side of the ball was even more intense as Foster really made his presence felt on several plays including batting a ball back into Lockers face.

Richardson and Aiyewa were both physical players in the secondary and each had big hits as the day progressed. Aiyewa was especially physical and made every ball carrier pay for being in his area.

Matthews had a solid day and Willingham mentioned that he is a player that has come along well.

"De'Shon is one of our long players with long arms and we like how he's progressing," Willingham said. "He's still working and doing his best to get into the rotation."

McDowell made a nice play on a long Locker pass to Reese down the sideline breaking up the pass.

When the freshman/third team got in for their work the offensive line was as follows…

LT Mark Armelin, LG Jordan White Frisbee, C Greg Christine, RG Scott Shugert, RT Skylar Fancher

Ronnie Fouch was the quarterback and he made several nice reads and quick decisions before the practice was over.

All in all it was a productive day by Willingham and Lappano's acknowledgement. Both were unhappy with the three shotgun snaps that went over the heads of Locker and Bonnell.

Both coaches noted that that hasn't been a problem all throughout camp.

The Huskies will take Sunday off and then resume camp practices on Monday.

Some unofficial stats...

Locker - 12 of 18 for 156 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.
Bonnell - 7 of 14 for 131 yards and one touchdown
Rankin - 5 carries for 9 yards (he did have two nice goal line carries that resulted in touchdowns during situational drills)
Hasty - 5 carries for 15 yards
Shaw - 4 carries for 32 yards
Yakaboski - 8 carries for 50 yards
Johnson - 6 carries for 22 yards
Williams - 6 catches for 77 yards
Reese - 3 catches for 82 yards and one touchdown (he also had two drops)
Logan - 4 catches for 30 yards
Daniels - 6 catches for 40 yards
Hawkins - 8 catches for 88 yards and one touchdown Top Stories