Corona lineman surprised by attention

Matt Spanos is a 6-5, 265-pound lineman from Corona, California and Spanos has frankly been wowed by all the fuss about him. Schools from all over the country have been keen on checking him out, and why not? If the local colleges are hot on his trail, that must be something.

"I had no idea this was going to happen," Spanos told "I'm trying my best to keep my head straight about it. It's pretty wild, but I'm holding up pretty good." Holding up well is an understatement. Matt has offers from Washington State, USC and Fresno State and is being contacted by some big-time D1 programs.

"USC and UCLA," he said when asked who has been recruiting him the hardest of late. He also has received calls from Colorado, ] Washington State, Washington, Kansas, Fresno State, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State and Michigan. Spanos hasn't set any officials up, but will for sure take a trip to Oregon and either Washington or Washington State. "I'm going to take a visit back East, either to Nebraska or Kansas. Possibly LSU."

Washington defensive backs coach Bobby Hauck has been the one talking to Matt for the Huskies. "He's pretty cool," Spanos said. "He talks a lot about non-football I'm doing in school, what are my interests, how my family is and stuff like that. But when we got down to talking about football we got pretty serious. Talking about what do I expect out of football and what do I expect from maybe going to a University such as Washington. And we talked about Mike Savicky. He came from the same school I'm at. My sister is pretty good friends with him so I saw him a lot over the year. He said that he's having a lot of fun. He said it's really competitive up there as well, considering he changed positions. He said he likes it."

Much like Mike, Matt plays both ways but being recruited to play defensive line. "I like playing defense because I have so much size and I can compete with the big boys," he said. Spanos can play either tackle or end. He currently benches 295, squats 475 and cleans 345 pounds. His 40 is just under 5.0 and jumps 30 inches in the vertical leap. "They say they like how I'm a leader on the field and that they like my size and quickness," he said about the feedback he's been getting from coaches. "I read the run better. I wouldn't say I'm great at pass rush. I can hold my own. But I'm much better at the run."

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