Sutter getting antsy

Ever since the recruiting process began for Chad Sutter, there wasn't much mystique involved, little intrigue and even less guesswork. For the 6-2, 270-pound lineman from Lacey (Wash.) River Ridge, there was only one school he really wants to go to, and even a few games into his senior season that hasn't changed much.

We caught up with Sutter when he was just finishing up dinner at Quiznos. "I got the roast beef...double meat," he told Gotta make sure I get my fill."

He gave us a quick update on his team. "Everything is looking pretty good," he said. "I'm excited about the season. I've been playing well, but I got hurt on the third play last week and I could barely walk but I played the whole game."

With a new coach and new system in place, wins have been scarce to come by for River Ridge, but Sutter is going to do everything he can to rack up the 'W's for his friends. "It's unfortunate for some of the seniors because I know I'm going to be playing somewhere after high school and it's hard because I don't want to let the seniors who busted their butts for four years down," he said. "I want to make sure they get everything that they deserve and I definitely want to get them a lot of wins."

Chad even talked a little bit about one of the young players to watch out for in the seasons to come - sophomore receiver Evan Robbins. Evan happens to be Justin Robbins' little brother. "Evan's been doing good," Sutter said. "He was on the JV team for our Jamboree. I was watching him on the sidelines and he does this juke, gets around his guy and he goes up for the ball and catches it just like J-Rob! So I told Justin about it when I saw him and I told him his brother is ballin' and he said 'He never calls me! What's up with that?', so Evan is too big time for J-Rob." (laughs)

Sutter has received calls from schools up and down the West Coast, but there's only three he's taken with serious interest. "Washington, Washington State and Oregon State," he said. "Those are the only ones I'm interested in. It's just me and my Mom (Genia), so I want to stay close and be there for her. That way she doesn't have to drive far to see me play." Chad has been to all Washington's home games so far.

Portland State is Chad's only offer so far, but in his case that may just be a formality. "'s just weird with them," he said. "They know they are going to offer me, and so they aren't even that big on the game tape. They said, 'Just send the game tape.' and Coach Hart is like, 'You know the answer.', so I'm like 'Why don't you just do it now?'. It's funny. They want me there, but they are just waiting.

"A lot can happen between now and February. You just have to keep your options open. I have to stay close to home."

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