Gaddy narrows his list to three

One of the top point guard prospects in the country for the 2009 recruiting class is Bellarmine Prep's Abdul Gaddy. He's grown up over the past few years and now he's a player that's getting a ton of attention from schools across the country. He's narrowed his list to three and he spoke with recently about his summer and recruiting.

"I didn't really start to get good at basketball until I was in the eighth grade," Gaddy recalled after a recent workout. "My coach used to train me a lot and that's really when I started to come onto the scene. He's been coaching me since the fifth grade and in eighth grade I had a little bit of a growth spurt and that's when I started to start for him and that's when I kinda took off."

He's only been playing at a high level for a couple of seasons, but now teams know who Gaddy is and they have been focusing on shutting him down.

"Last year we were playing ‘16's' and I wasn't really a top player on one of my teams and then this year I became a top player and now every team knows who I am and what to look for me to do out on the court," Gaddy said. "It makes me that much better and I have to step up and play better. They know about me so they go after me hard and that's what I do right back at them too so they'll know why I'm this good."

Gaddy is in the new mold of point guards who can score as much as they can set up their teammates. Last year, Gaddy averaged 23 points per game and seven assists, but he said he doesn't look for his own shots first.

"I'm a pure point guard because I like to look to pass first before I look for my shot," Gaddy said. "I can shoot really good and that's one of my strengths, but just getting my teammates involved and then recognizing matchups because of my basketball I.Q. of knowing when to shoot and when to pass that's what sets me apart."

Easing Gaddy's ability to get his teammates involved is his teammate and longtime friend Avery Bradley, who himself is a top recruit.

"It's easier with Avery because we've known each other for so long and we know each other's game so I know where he's going to be at all the time and he knows where I'm going to be at so it makes it easier for me," Gaddy noted. "With other players it's all about how much I know them because if I know them then it's easier."

On the recruiting front, Gaddy has some serious offers on the table from storied programs across the country, but three have taken the lead for the playmaking guard.

"Oregon State, Oregon, Kansas, Stanford, Gonzaga, Arizona and Washington have all offered me," Gaddy said. "Arizona, Washington and Gonzaga are my top three."

Gaddy recently visited Arizona for their elite camp and said he had a good time, but he also visited the hometown school and came away impressed as well.

"A lot of (Arizona's) former players were there and we had a lot of fun with that and they showed me around," Gaddy said. "I've also been to U-Dub a lot and they've treated me well. Coach (Lorenzo) Romar and Coach Cameron Dollar have talked to me a lot too.

"My relationship with (Romar and Dollar) is really good. They really want me and they're really trying to get me. They showed me around the campus and introduced me to all the players and we had a long talk and they treated me well."

Gaddy said distance will not be a factor in where he decides to go and that he's in no hurry to make a decision.

"It could be any time. I just don't know it just needs to be when the decision feels right," Gaddy said.

Stay tuned to as we keep track of this talented round-baller over the next few months and keep track of his progress.

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