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Here's our Syracuse blog, complete with depth charts, interviews and analysis on what's going on leading up to the Washington-Syracuse game, as well as ongoing analysis of the game, which will be televised at 5 p.m. PST on ESPN. The game will be played at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY.

Final Quickie Stats
Rushing Louis Rankin 17/147 (career high) with three scores, long of 47
Jake Locker 10/84 and two touchdowns, long of 25
D'Andre Goodwin 1/31, long of 31
Brandon Johnson 5/20 and one touchdown, long of 10
Paul Homer 3/9, long of 5
J.R. Hasty 1/6, long of 6
Curtis Shaw 4/6, long of 2
Passing Locker 14-19-0 for 147 yards, long of 30
Carl Bonnell 1-2-0 for 0 yards
Receiving Anthony Russo 5/49, long of 30
Marcel Reece 4/50, long of 18
Robert Lewis 2/26, long of 13
Louis Rankin 2/10, long of 6
Corey Williams 2/7, long of 7 Punting Jared Ballman 4/185/46.2 average, long of 52, 1 inside the 20
Returns Paul Homer 1/10
Brandon Johnson 3/63, long of 24
Mesphin Forrester 7 total tackles
E.J. Savannah 6 total tackles
Donald Butler 5 total tackles
Jordan Reffett 5 total tackles, 1 sack, 1.5 TFL
Roy Lewis 5 total tackles
Wilson Afoa 4 total tackles, .5 sack, 1.5 TFL
Dan Howell 4 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL
Greyson Gunheim, 4 total tackles, 2 sacks, 1.5 TFL
Chris Stevens 4 total tackles
Trenton Tuiasosopo 4 total tackles
Nate Williams 3 total tackles
Jason Wells 3 total tackles
Mason Foster 3 total tackles
Fred Wiggs 3 total tackles
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 2 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL
Caesar Rayford, 2 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1.5 TFL
Vonzell McDowell, 2 total tackles
Luke Kravitz 1 total tackle
Jared Ballman 1 total tackle
Alvin Logan 1 total tackle OVERALL First Downs - UW 23 SU 13
Rushing - UW 302 SU 8
Passing - UW 142 SU 199
Total Offense - UW 444 SU 207
Average per play - UW 7.2 SU 3.4

Game Over!
After the Syracuse turnover, I honestly thought Willingham would down it inside the five, but in my opinion he knows how big that was for the freshman RB - Brandon Johnson - as well as his team. The Huskies needed to come out and play well from the opening whistle, and they had nary a hiccup along the way to a 30-point win cross-country in a dome. Not what I expected, to be sure.

Give UW credit in all phases. They simply dominated. It wasn't close, and after halftime it definitely was never in doubt. I know that plane flight back to the NW will be sweet, and the Huskies have earned a night to soak it all in.

I'll be back in a little bit for final stats, as well as general thoughts from the coaches and players.

Third-Q notes
Real simple - all offense. 21 unanswered points has put this game out of reach. The Huskies just had too much balance running and throwing the ball, and the speed of guys like Rankin, Locker and D'Andre Goodwin was just too much for a run-down SU defense. The Orange just had their defense out there for way too long.

Four drives of over 70 yards in the game means ball control, and lots of it. Sure, Rankin had a couple of big runs (47 and 20 yards), but in-between it was Locker playing pitch and catch with his receivers in the short and intermediate zones. Clearly Tim Lappano wanted to get SU's inexperienced LB's into a game where they would have to choose who to go after, and then Locker would find the open player in the middle. An extremely effective game-plan.

Carl Bonnell and Curtis Shaw are now both in the game. Rankin and Locker deserve the fourth quarter off, they played like madmen.

Quick half-time stats
Rushing - Locker 8/67 and one touchdown, long of 25
Rankin 9/57 and one touchdown, long of 17
Homer 2/6, long of 5
Passing - Locker 7-11-0 for 47 yards, long of 12
Receiving - Reece 2/22 long of 12
Rankin 2/10, long of 6
Russo 2/8, long of 9
Williams 1/7, long of 7
Ballman - 2 punts for 42 yard average
Forrester 5 total tackles
Afoa 3 total tackles
Butler 3 total tackles
Stevens 3 total tackles

Half-time Thoughts
Not sure what ESPN has showed so far, so I apologize in advance if there are any redundancies...

Up in the very top of the highest UW section at the Carrier Dome are spelled out the words - 'SAVE SWIMMING'. Being up 14-6, the UW faithful are obviously rowdy and really getting into the game. I'm almost kitty-corner from them, and here them loud and clear. The best line of the day so far? "Block that kick!" when SU was at 3rd and 22 in the middle of the second quarter.

Cody Habben played a lot at LT, so clearly the UW coaches are very happy and content to rotate both Habben and Ossai at LT. That might also be to keep guys fresh going against Tony Jenkins and Jameel McClain. McClain spied on Locker on a few plays when Jake carried the ball in the second quarter.

By the way, is there any doubt as to the talent of Jake Locker? All the 'Jesus in Cleats' jokes aside, there's a reason Wilingham wanted to go with Jake as early as the spring. Give all due props to a QB like Isaiah Stanback, who did a lot of damage running the ball, but Locker runs in a different way. To me, he is the next Marques Tuiasosopo. You can just tell by the way his team rallies behind him on the sideline.

Two scoring drives of 80 yards? One that lasted nearly six-and-a-half minutes? Those aren't the numbers of a guy playing his first game. That's just how well Locker has performed. He got his early jitters out of the way, and then settled in and got to work. That has to be about the best half he could have hoped for, all things considered. An unofficial count had Locker at 58 yards...for the second quarter alone. Not bad. And a lot of that is due to guys like Reece blocking out wide. Reece has been burying cornerbacks with his 245-pound frame.

And give props to Vonzell McDowell and Nate Williams on the defense. The two true freshmen that are getting the lion's share of work are not giving up anything when SU tries to take their shots deep. Williams made a really nice strip of the ball on a pass caught by an SU receiver in the end zone to save one touchdown, and McDowell has been stride for stride with the guys on his side. It's not going to look pretty for a while, and he may lose a few of those battles, but it's clear he's going to battle, and battle hard.

Getting the ball back for the second half, you have to believe that Greg Robinson will continue to try and spy on Locker - but if it ends up being a one-on-one battle, I'd take my chances on Jake.

first-quarter thoughts
Ben Ossai started at LT...so much for the debut of Cody Habben. Syracuse looks like they are employing the kind of strategy you'd expect offensively - keep it simple, and dazzle the UW defense with formations galore. UW will have to show they have a lot of discipline.

The quick kick could have been a big deal for SU, but Ballman's 42-yard subsequent boot helped to even the field advantage out a little bit. SU has nothing on the run game, so the Huskies can concentrate on making Andrew Robinson's life miserable.

Locker has not received much help from his receivers early, but high and hard is not a formula for success on the football field. The third drive, he seems a lot more composed and is giving his receivers catchable passes. Louis Rankin is doing what Louis Rankin can - making big plays where nothing is there.

And the answer to the trivia question...who got UW's first first-down of the sesaon? That would be fullback Paul Homer.

Two minutes before kickoff
Syracuse just walks out, while the students go crazy. They get to midfield, and then they break out in a run toward the end zone. The Huskies do it in traditional style, gathering in a circle in the end zone by their rooting section, and then come out.

Syracuse has won the toss and will take the ball. Jared Ballman appears to be the kickoff man for the Huskies tonight. I'll be back in a little bit with some first-quarter thoughts.

Five minutes before kickoff
Neither team has hit the field yet. And again, outside the student section and the side of the field where the media is, there really isn't much to talk about when it comes to SU's fan base. Very scattered, to say the least. Music is blaring, the students are pumped up, everything appears set to go as soon as the teams show up.

Reffett, Howell, Garcia and Rankin just came out - so we're getting very close.

17 minutes before kickoff
In watching UW, looks like Brandon Johnson and Curtis Shaw are getting carries before J.R. Hasty. Again, read into it what you want, it may not be an indicator of anything.

Outside of a VERY VOCAL SU student section, there is basically no one else here. Kind of weird so close to kickoff, but it's what we were told by those that cover the team. To my left and on the opposite corner, the UW rooting section is two sections strong. It includes the UW band - not the full version, but the traveling one. The group leads off with a rousing 'Let's go Huskies' to get things going. Who knows how many SU fans will be here by kickoff, but the UW section is going to pull its own weight tonight. It's a bit strange, but there's two UW sections. There's the one in the corner where the Huskies come out to the field, and then there's one on the top level to the lower level's left. There's no UW fans in the middle section at all. Odd configuration.

30 minutes before kickoff
Both teams have their backs to each other, basically at midfield. There's roughly five yards seperating the bulk of both teams. The referees, as well as coaches from both teams are there to keep them seperated, but it doesn't appear as if anyone is going to talk too much pre-game trash.

In watching that left tackle battle - Ben Ossai is the one currently working in the group with Ryan Tolar, Juan Garcia, Casey Bulyca and Chad Macklin - working against the No.1 DL, so draw your own conclusions.

45 minutes before kickoff
Antowaine Richardson - who was a four-year letterwinner at OLB during the late 70's, is down on the UW sideline with his 1979 Sun Bowl jersey on. UW beat Texas 14-7 in that game.

Syracuse is just finishing up their pre-game warmups, while UW is going through theirs. Cory Rutkowski was warming up with the kickoffs, so would the UW coaches run a true frosh out there to kick the first kickoff of the 2007 season? Looks like it could very well happen.

J.R. Hasty has a heavily-taped left shoe, so clearly he's having ankle issues with that leg. Just watching him run around, he definitely doesn't look like his normal, confident self. It sure looks like he's going to give it a try, but if one of the true frosh comes off the bench to spell Louis Rankin - it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Juan Garcia, Dan Howell, Louis Rankin and Jordan Reffett just broke the team down before their group drills. Expect those guys to be this week's game-day captains.

One hour before gametime
Syracuse just came out for their pre-game, wearing all orange - the first time they've done that in nearly three years. In that game, they beat Pitt 38-31 in double OT. They are undefeated, 2-0, when wearing nothing but orange.

On the Huskies' sideline (opposite the Syracuse student section, but still only about 5-7 feet away from the stands, Don James is there. Also, in the UW section, there has to be at least 15 #10 jerseys, and I'm sure I'll spot more as it gets closer to gametime.

Kim Grinolds ran into Jake Locker's Father, Scott, before the game, and Scott said that the sight of so many UW fans wearing the number of his son's uniform outside the Carrier Dome was just unbelievable. In the time we've been in Syracuse, we've seen purple running around town, so I think there's going to be a decent showing by the Washington faithful.

Just in the Locker group, roughly 60 family members and friends made the trip from Ferndale and the Bellingham area to see Locker's debut.

UW's QB's and snappers came out - in their white tops and purple pants, and were lustily booed by the SU student section.

6:15 p.m. EST
Interesting SU pre-game ritual...
I like Syracuse's pre-game ritual. Before the team comes to the Carrier Dome, the student section is let in. Everyone is orange, head to toe. The student section goes roughly from the 10-yard line to the 30-yard line. They all get in section, and then when they are all there, the Syracuse team comes down an aisle straight across from them, so the students get to directly see them come down. The players then ran over to the student section, high-fiving students and going crazy. But it was roughly the first 20 or so players that were the most hyped. By the time they were done interacting with the students, it was pretty much over.

Some of the UW players are now in the dome and throwing the ball around, getting used to the temperature and humidity. Breezes do flow through the dome every once in a while, but it sure feels like it's going to get hot and humid once 30,000-plus bodies are in here. Huskies are going to be wearing purple pants tonight with their white tops.

5:45 p.m. EST
First look inside the dome Just got online inside the Carrier Dome, and it's definitely a little different than what I envisioned. Because of the white ceiling/top, it's lighter than I thought it would be. It is as humid as I thought it would be, even though the day today in Syracuse has been perfect. It feels a lot like Seattle.

The top doesn't seem as high up as I envisioned. Just looking at the surface, it looks like a thicker version of the field turf in Husky Stadium. According to the gameday mag, Syracuse installed 2.5" 'FieldTurfPro' in 2005. It holds up to over 49,000 fans, but the local papers are claiming they don't expect much over 30,000 for the opener.

I'll be checking in from time to time - before the game, during and after.

4:31 p.m.
Practice Notes

The players were in scout numbers (using number associated with Syracuse players) so it was hard to get a read on who was doing what at times, but we did get to see a little of the power running game on one end while they were focusing on the receivers and defensive backs in one-on-ones on the other end.

RB Louis Rankin made a nice cut to get outside on one play when the defense over pursued on a play and then came right back and powered it right into a linebacker on the next play.

FB Paul Homer made a nice block on a linebacker to free Rankin on yet another play.

But the defense wasn't to be outdone.

They stuffed what appeared to be Curtis Shaw (again the numbers were different) on one play and then DT Jordan Reffett slipped inside the block of the guard and center to blow up another play.

In the receiver/defensive back drills, S Jason Wells just stoned Quentin Daniels on a release and "picked off" the pass, while CB Roy Lewis bit on a double-move but showed excellent quickness to get back into position and knock a pass away to Corey Williams.

D'Andre Goodwin is going to be a good one. He absolutely worked the corner playing him, but the pass was off the mark so it was an incomplete pass. However, you could see his speed and quickness at work.

The team will leave tomorrow afternoon for Syracuse so there won't be anything in the way of media availability tomorrow or Thursday.

3:55 p.m.
Willingham Notes

Asked about the left tackle position and Willingham said that there is a definite leader in his mind, but he hasn't made a decision on who it will be and probably won't until Thursday night or Friday morning.

"We're waiting to see how they finish things" was his quote.

Asked about the health of WR Anthony Russo and if he was surprised about his recovery and he said that the senior from Tacoma is excited and motivated to get back to playing because the season is near. He said he's always "amazed" at the recovery one has when they are motivated to get back quicker.

Also noted that CB Byron Davenport has improved a lot since Saturday when Willingham said he might have given him a less than 10-percent chance of playing on Friday to now being at a better than 60-percent chance of playing. They still haven't decided on whether or not he will travel and that decision would probably be made late tonight after practices are done and the coaches go over the final travel list.

Noted that Davenport did a lot of work in practice yesterday, but that Vonzell McDowell is still their scheduled starter no matter what happens. He does not expect Marquis Persley to travel.

Willingham said he expected they would travel between 66 and 74 players to upstate New York.

When asked about the inexperience of the linebackers for Syracuse, Willingham said they were still trying to make sure what the Husky offense did well and that areas of Syracuse's defense would be moving targets as the Huskies figured out what they did well and what the Orange didn't do well.

At MLB Butler is still coming along and he's day-to-day at this point and Willingham said they were more than happy to go with Trenton Tuiasosopo in the middle if Butler can't go, but he didn't seem to think that Butler wouldn't be able to go.

Finally he noted that J.R. Hasty was limited last week by an injury but this week he's done more. He hasn't decided who would be the backup running back as we head into the game and that it would likely be a gametime decision as well.

1:51 p.m.
Player Quotes

RB Brandon Johnson

On returning kicks and running the ball: "Really it just shows how I can do it all. Returning the ball is pretty natural – I just see the hole and I hit it. Running is about the same too because I just see a hole and I hit it hard and fast."

On possibly being the first Husky player to touch the ball this season: "I'm really excited about that. I can't wait. I don't know what I'm going to do if I run a kick back."

On playing on national television: "It's just another game to me and I'll treat it the same way as any other game. It's on a different level, but it's still the same to me. I'm not going to worry about it being my first game of college. I'm just going to play it like a regular game."

On the running back competition this fall: "We push each other every day both on and off the field so that helped us a lot and that made us better players and we all have a chance to play this year so that helped all of us a lot."

On learning the Husky playbook: "At first it was kinda hard getting it all down. It was kinda confusing at first, but now I'm starting to feel more comfortable back there and I'm seeing things better and quicker so I can make some runs I wasn't able to make a few weeks ago when I first got here."

CB Vonzell McDowell

On starting his first collegiate game: "I never really thought about it. I thought I would just be on the sideline and getting used to it and getting a feel for it. I'm getting thrown into the fire pretty early. I asked for it and I'm ready for it too."

On learning Washington's defensive schemes: "Just going over it and studying my playbook. I believe I'm ready. As far as the speed (of the game) that's what I've been practicing for so I believe I'm ready."

On Syracuse's receivers: "I see NFL capable receivers, but that's what I've done through the whole camp was getting ready to play receivers like this every day. We've got some of the best receivers around in (Anthony) Russo and Corey (Williams) and all of them have been getting me ready."

On the help of the older defensive backs: "Roy (Lewis), Mesphin (Forrester) and Jason (Wells) are all like big brothers who are back there telling me and giving me clues and hand signals on what to do and to make sure I'm ready."

On what he expects to see from Syracuse: "As far as me and me being a freshman, I expect them to come out and throw a lot of deep balls and out-routes on me, but that's why I've been watching film for and studying the receivers on what their capabilities are."

On what he thought he would play his freshman season: "Maybe just special teams and maybe just getting in the game late if it wasn't a close game. But I always had the mindset of coming in and working hard and earning my spot, so when all those guys left (Cory Nicol and Jordan Murchison) I didn't sit back and I worked hard to earn my position."

Anthony Russo

What he's looking forward to the most: "I'm looking forward to playing in front of my family because they haven't seen me play in like eight or nine years because I'm originally from Boston and then I moved here and went to high school so to play in front of them is the most important thing for me and then the fact that our game is the only game on that day at eight o'clock over there so everyone will be watching. I know Jake's pumped and I can't wait to see him play."

**Russo's father's family lives back in Boston and he expects to have 15 family members coming to the game.

On restrictions with his injury: "None. At first it felt weird and I dropped a few balls at first, but it took some getting used to the cast I'm going to wear. It feels real good now, but I think I will still wear (the cast) during the game just to make sure. It feels better every day so I'm sure it's coming along."

On it being game week: "We're starting to get our game books and we're starting to watch more film and getting the final gameplan down so it's here and we know it's here."

On camp and now being focused on the season: "Camp is a grind and just pushing through it, but now that we know we have something to play for we're excited."

On Jake Locker: "He's a pretty calm guy. I asked him today if he was excited and he said ‘I'm freakin jacked!'. He keeps his composure though so he's coming along good."

On the feeling heading into the season: "I'm a lot more comfortable with this team because a lot of the guys put in a lot of extra work this offseason and I know that as a receiver we all went out with Jake every chance we could, like four or five times a week so I feel we're ready and we're comfortable."

11:45 a.m.
Pac 10 coaches conference call

Below are some comments from the nine other Pac 10 coaches from this week's conference call...

Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti

Said Dennis Dixon has looked very good in camp and has done a great job as far as physical conditioning. His command of the offense is good and he's very dangerous with the ball in his hands. He started 11 games and Bellotti noted that the Ducks are lucky to have two guys (Dixon and Brady Leaf) who can run the offense well and make plays when they are in there.

Bellotti said that he was happy with the health and performance of his offense in camp. They have experience at pretty much every position on offense. Newcomer at tight end, but they could be our fastest guy there in a while.

Said the defense wasn't as lucky but some young players have stepped up and they could be pretty good there as the season moves along.

Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh

Said that Kellen Kiilsgaard has been moved from safety to fullback and will likely redshirt as he gets used to his new position. Likes his overall athleticism and knowledge of the system.

Said that UCLA is a "tremendous opponent" and one of the top teams in the country.

Said the Bruins have a veteran ball club especially on defense where they have 10 starters back and that they have speed and tremendous talent. The Bruins also have a very explosive defensive line and a very experienced defense overall.

Said that they are going to rely on senior leadership first. They won't be relying on young guys and recruiting classes. Thinks senior group is a good one. They are trying to change to mindset, attitude and atmosphere there and the seniors want to win and know that it's tough to go to class on Monday after a loss on Saturday. If they do things right eventually they are going to have success.

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops

Said that he was looking for someone that had had success in moving the football and one that ran a system that fit with Arizona's players. Said Sonny Dykes is good at all that and playing against coach Leach once a year at Oklahoma was tough to prepare for so Dykes will bring that to Arizona.

Said the Wildcats will be in four wide receiver sets a good deal of the time. Said they will try to be as multiple as we can and will do what they do best and spread the field and see if they can get some mismatches on the defensive backs.

Said the offensive line has really taken to the new offensive scheme and that their growing pains last year will help them out this year. Said the line gained at least 60 pounds collectively so they are bigger and stronger than they were last year.

Said the team won its last three road games and that's a good sign. Beat Stanford, Washington State and Oregon all on the road last year and that they'll feed off of that. Will rely on defense while the offense gets its feet under it.

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley

Said Sean Canfield will get the start and that In the first half we're going to start Sean Canfield and then play Lyle Moevao in the second quarter and then leave it open after that. The two quarterbacks haven't separated themselves enough to make the call yet.

Said he's locked into the rotation right now and won't deviate from it no matter how hot a QB is. Said it's the only right way to do it. Said "this is what we said we're going to do and what I would hope they both do is be red hot. We will rotate guys no matter who is hot."

Said he was unsure on what's going on with WR Sammy Stroughter. Said it was great to have him back, but the timeline isn't set on when he comes back. It's basically his decision. He made a statement a week ago that he was going to sit out the year and right now it's his decision so we're just going to go day by day.

Said Yvenson Bernard was a punt-returner and he struggled at times back there as a young player. Riley noted that the coaches weren't very smart because they had him at fullback in his first year for us and he caught some passes and now has developed into one of the best leaders on our team. Bernard is tough and productive and he's a great kid to coach and one of the top players around.

USC coach Pete Carroll

Said Nick Holt is a great to have back on his staff. Loves the energy of Holt and he's really a bright person and has a passion for the game.

Doesn't know who his starting tailback will be. Brown will be the starting right tackle most likely. Undecided on who will be the starting cornerback.

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell

Said the mindset for Olsen is sharp, sound and excited. Had a good training camp and each day he's gotten better and better. Confident and is excited to play. He's pretty poised and his experience last year helped him learn things and it helped him work on his focus and his command in the huddle.

Said the unexpected is tough about facing Stanford with an entirely new coaching staff. Bruins have to be ready to play and adjust to anything they see. Still not quite sure of what they are going to see so they have to be prepared.

Said Shannon Tevaga is back at full speed and is fresh. Had some lingering shoulder injuries that he's been dealing with, but he's back 100-percent and looks good and strong and is anxious to play.

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson

Said he wants to get the program to being more competitive in the Pac 10 and going to bowl games. Be competitive and try to win the conference and get to the BCS and like everyone else that's what their goals are and will be in the future.

Said he was born and raised on the west coast so he has a great feeling for the west coast and the Pac 10 and noted there are lots of great coaches in the Pac 10 and he's happy and excited to be a part of the conference again.

Said the Sun Devils have done really well in improving on the defensive side of the ball. Some young players have really stepped up for them so far in camp and they're excited to get the games started so they can actually know where they are defensively.

Said USC is very similar to what he had going down at Miami back in the 80's and 90's. If you lose one game it's too many in the minds of everyone around the program and he said the talent the Trojans are bringing in every year is very similar to what he had when he was at Miami.

Said coaching at the college level is different than coaching in the NFL

Washington State head coach Bill Doba

Said they are waiting to hear from the NCAA to hear back about Jason Stripling and his grade situation. Brandon Gibson is running about 75% right now with some pain in his knee. Part of the cartilege has pulled away from the knee and it's taken longer to heal that they had originally thought.

Health of the defensive line has been good. All of their older guys are healthy, but said he doesn't think you can count on any of them to play 60 plays a game. DE Lance Broadus is expected back in a week.

Said team started to get swagger back during the summer and they've had a good fall camp. Had a lot of kids nicked up but likes where the team is right now and if everything can get taught in the next few days on what Wisconsin will throw at them then they should be in good shape. Wisconsin will be a challenging opponent, but if they keep working hard he thinks the Cougars can be competitive.

Said the Cougars want to win badly especially the seniors. Backs have had a good camp. Dwight Tardy will start, but they haven't decided on how many snaps Chris Ivory, Marcus Richmond or Kevin McCall will get during the game.

Cal head coach Jeff Tedford

Said they haven't focused so much on who their opponent (Tennessee) in the first game will be as opposed to just focusing on what they needed to do to get better and to focus on their gameplan.

Said that quite a few young players impressed during camp and that Jahvid Best will have an impact at running back and out of the slot and Chris Conte will play some on defense as well.

9:30 a.m.
Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson
The local media had a conference call with Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson and here's a few highlights from what he had to say...

Asked about an overview of his camp and he said that he hasn't met a coach yet that didn't think their own team didn't have a good camp, but he's ready to get into the regular season and he thinks his team is ready to go and ready to play the games.

He also mentioned he's excited about the intersectional, cross-country rivalry that the Orangeman are undertaking with the Huskies. He knows Washington's history and what they are about and he's excited to play this game.

Asked about Jake Locker and what his thoughts are on Washington's young signal-caller and Robinson made it clear he and his team know they aren't just playing against Jake Locker but against the Washington Huskies.

On that note, he said he knows he was a great high school quarterback, that he is an outstanding athlete and that he was a heck of a baseball player as well. Robinson said he believes the team will use Locker in the same way they used Isaiah Stanback last year with running and throwing it and that's the film they've been watching to have an idea of what to expect.

Asked about his linebackers and an overview of them, he said that Vincenzo Giruzzi, Jake Flaherty and Ben Maljovec are great athletes and great football players who don't have a lot of experience. He says all of them can run and hit, but all three lack experience and they're counting on those three to get the job done because they are so important to the Orange defense.

Asked about his young quarterback Andrew Robinson and what he brings to the table, Robinson said that first and foremost, Andrew doesn't demand respect, he commands respect from his teammates with his abilities, knowledge of the system and work ethic. He's a great athlete who can make plays in a number of ways. Said from the day Andrew arrived at Syracuse he's had a presence wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

Asked about the wide receivers and Robinson said that Taj Smith and Mike Williams are probably the two most people know about, but there are some other ones to keep an eye on as well. including Rico Moss and TE Kyle Bell are guys that teams are going to have to gameplan for in the way they use them.

Said that Williams was a real playmaker for the Orange last year and they're excited about what he brings and that Smith was really tearing it up in the first part of the season before he went down with an injury.

Asked about Syracuse's history of running backs and the progress of Curtis Brinkley and he said that guys like Jim Brown have come back to Syracuse to talk to the team several times and they talk about more than just football. They talk about life and what to expect from things outside of football. Said that Ernie Davis, the first African-American Heisman Trophy Winner, and the movie they are making about his life are important to the history of Syracuse and they refer to those who came before as people to look up to.

Said that Brinkley has come along well after his knee scope this past spring and that he's had a good camp and will be ready to go when the teams face off this Friday.

Finally, Robinson said when it comes to the Huskies and what they plan to do that he didn't think it was so much about the Huskies and what they could do as much as it was about the execution of the Orangemen players and how they play.

11:34 p.m.
QB Jake Locker
There may not be a player on the entire west coast that's under the media microscope as much as new Husky QB Jake Locker, but you'd never know it talking with him. He's so easy-going and affable, it's almost scary to think that he's never played a down of college football yet. In every other aspect, he carries himself like a seasoned veteran. He talked to us about playing in a dome - something he's familiar with - as well as what he's expecting on Friday against Syracuse and what it's been like not being able to hit anyone on the field for the last 18 months.

On whether he'd like his debut to be at Syracuse or at home: "That's what being presented, so I'm going to try and make the best of it. Wherever it was going to be, that's where I'd want to be."

On being nervous: "Obviously there's nerves. If you don't have some kind of nerves, I don't think it means anything to you. But I'm more excited than nervous. I'm eager to get out there and play."

On Carl Bonnell helping him understand what's going to happen on Friday: "He's been giving me a feeling for what it's going to be like, what kind of things to look for when I get out there, how to calm myself down before the game, all that kind of stuff. He's been pretty good about that stuff."

On who he's going to focus on in the offense: "I don't know if there will be any surprises. As you know, there's a lot of weapons on this offense, guys that can score when they touch it, and that's what is exciting about our offense. That's what I'm looking forward to. I know there's 3-4-5 guys that I can throw the ball to that are big-play guys. I want to watch them run around and make plays for this team. And handing the ball off to Louis or some of those freshmen that are getting time - they have the potential to score when they get it as well."

On the receiving corps talking to him about getting them the ball: "They are always joking around. They are all close and we have a pretty good relationship. Whoever is open gets the ball and we'll be happy for whoever makes the plays. It's a great group of guys and they worked really hard this fall camp and I'm really excited about the year that they are going to have."

On WR Marcel Reece sending flowers in the hopes he'll get more passes from Locker: "That would be nice." (laughs)

On his weight that's listed on the depth chart: "It's about 15 pounds inaccurate (should be 225)." (laughs)

On not having contact in the past 18 months: "When I was young I didn't play tackle football until the sixth grade. I played flag football. I benefitted a lot from that. You learn how to avoid contact and move out of the way. And as hard as it's been this year-and-a-half to not have any contact, it's forced me to shore up other parts of my game. You are able to sharpen other parts of your game when you aren't able to use that physical aspect."

On the four high school playoff games he played in high school at the Tacoma Dome: "There's a lot of things I can take from it. It's a lot hotter than any place I'd ever played before, and I think it's going to be very similar in the Carrier Dome. It's different than anything you can simulate, but we might be able to practice in the (Dempsey) Indoor, it gets pretty hot in there. And we used to practice in our gym. There are little things you can do to get yourself familiarized with the heat."

11:25 p.m.
WR Marcel Reece
Reece, one of the heroes of the 2006 Apple Cup, is now ready to show the world what a 6-foot-3, 240-pound receiver can do when properly motivated and physically ready to play an entire season. Here is what he had to say about last year's Apple Cup being a springboard to playing well on the road, as well as the depth, talent and experience of the 'Dub C' - the 'W (ide receiver) C (orps)'.

On the expected noise at the Carrier Dome: "I think it gets pretty loud in Husky Stadium. It's gonna get loud, that's for sure. We're just going to prepare for it. It gets loud there, but it gets loud everywhere. It's going to be a dome, it's going to get hot, but we've practiced in heat before. It's gonna be sweaty. There's going to be a lot of things that come, but the great teams play through adversity. It's going to be a fun time for us to play Husky football."

On Jake Locker being ready to take charge of the team: "Jake's been ready. I think we're going to surprise some people. We're going to have to calm some people down. We're going to have to calm some coaches down. There's going to be some excitment in that room, but we're going to have to take care of each other and help each other. We'll crack a few jokes, just to make sure we're not uptight. It's going to be a lot of waiting for that first hit, but once that happens, it's just football. We just have to keep it simple and play our brand of football. I don't think he feels too much pressure. Him and Carl are both great quarterbacks, and we need to make it as easy as possible for them."

On the Apple Cup showing him, as well as the team, that they could win on the road: "I think it's just one game, but the Apple Cup is something that's focused on. But it was more about the team than just me. We came out there and we knew what the situation was and we won. We played Husky football. We didn't make mistakes. We won - offense, defense and special teams, and we need to do that every game. It's always pretty brutal on the road, but it's something you have to get used to if you want to be a great team. Anybody can play at home. We have our section, our purple too. There's always some Husky nation somewhere. Coach (Willingham) prepares us for every situation, and we have to demonstrate that Friday night."

On the biggest difference in the receiver corps from last year to this year: "Discipline and leadership. That's our thing this year. We are going to try and lead this team. We aren't going to put it on the quarterback or the d-line. We aren't going to put it on the running backs. We're putting it on the receivers. We're trying to lead by example. We aren't just going to sit in the background. We are the 'Dub-C' of this team, the wide receiver corps - the griphandles of this team. We have a lot of confidence, we have a lot of swagger, and we're going to go out there and play like we know how to play."

On having the kind of off-season they needed to have success this year: "I think we were successful, because we were able to pick each other up and we have made a lot of plays this off-season. During the winter we worked hard. During the spring we worked hard and played hard. We are all here to make plays. We all want to be not only the best receiver on this team, but we want to be the best receiver in the Pac-10. We all want to be on the Biletnikoff (Watch) list at the end of the year. That's the confidence we have in ourselves and each other, and that's the competition we have within the receiver corps."

On what fans might see that's improved in Marcel Reece this year: "I'm just trying to play like me, be myself. I feel it coming, and I'm excited to go out there and I'm excited to have Corey (Williams) on my side, to have Anthony (Russo), Quintin Daniels, Cody (Ellis), all the receivers. We have Jake (Locker) and Carl (Bonnell) back there - we have all the confidence in the world in them. They are going to make it easy for us, and it's going to be a fun time. And what Louis (Rankin) can do in the backfield, it's going to open up so many chances for us, so many opportunities. We're going to show the world that the Huskies are back. That's the plan."

11:17 p.m.
DT Jordan Reffett
Reffett, arguably the Huskies' best player-spokesman, had some great things to say about the differences between last year and this year, as well as the defensive line unit and how they are going to take the pressure off of Jake Locker.

On playing in a dome: "I haven't been in a dome since I did punt, pass and kick in the Kingdome when I was nine."

On the importance of the defensive line this year: "Especially for us linemen, we feel we have a veteran group, a talented group and a hard-working group, and we feel like we can set the tone for every game. Everybody talks about Jake Locker, and Jake Locker doing this and that, and it's great...but we're going to take the heat off of Jake. We'll take that from him. We'll go out and set the tone and we'll go out and make sure the offense is not playing from behind. We want them to have the confidence in the defense, so that no matter what - if it's a short field or if there's a turnover - the defense is going to go out there and hold 'em. It's a pride thing with our defense, and especially the line, because we have so much experience."

On the difference he's seen from last year to this year: "The biggest thing is everyone playing hard, eleven guys playing as hard as they can from snap to whistle. Great things happen when guys are flying around, playing as hard as they can. And I think that's one thing that's changed. There's a new standard about practicing and playing, and you can't get caught loafing."

On the moves he's made to step up his own game: "The biggest thing for me is that when I preach, I play it. And I try to do that every day, espeically with the younger guys. And I try to tell them that it's not always about size, speed or talent - it's about heart. And no matter where you are at right now, you can go somewhere. You just have to play as hard as you can and do things right. They can do anything they want to do - they just need to do it right and commit themselves."

On making the most of his career at Washington: "I've had a lot of second chances along the way. I sat down and asked myself if I wanted to just be a mediocre player the rest of my life. So I decided I wanted to take it all the way and see just how good a player I could be. I committed myself to this whole deal. Every day you go out and try to be perfect. It's all about having the mindset and knowing how good you can be. And I'm older, but you can start at any age to start focusing in and getting it done the right way."

11:10 p.m.
Safety Jason Wells
Wells is the heart and soul of a very young and inexperienced secondary corps, along with cornerback Roy Lewis. Wells talks about how he's been able to transform his body in the off-season to take the punishment he's going to dole out via his body, as well as what UW fans should expect against Syracuse.

On literally being a bigger player: "Now, having the strength and conditioning program behind me this past year - I gained weight by working out. I'm stronger out there, so it's easier to get the job done. I feel more confident because I feel stronger. I feel like I can impose my will on people."

On being able to play more of his style of game this year because of the added bulk and strength: "I'm going to be out there throwing my body around, and this year I have a little more weight behind me, so I feel that much more confident in doing so."

On being a secondary veteran, but only being in his second year in the program: "It comes to me as a challenge. I still need to step up my game, and I still look up to Roy, because he's the senior back there. Being a vet, I try to stay in Roy's footsteps and try to show the younger guys how to get out there and play hard."

On the future of the Washington safety corps: "I see a lot of good things about to come up. Nate Williams is going to be a great safety, a great nickel for us. And all the other guys out there, they are going to be great contributors too."

On what he can do to make sure the secondary is taken care of on the road: "For me, it's just a matter of getting my job done. I just need to make sure that if we have a new corner out there that we do a good job of communicating out there in the (Carrier) Dome."

On playing in a dome: "I've never played in a dome before. I think it's going to be really loud."

11:04 p.m.
WR Corey Williams
The hero of the 2003 Apple Cup is back for his senior season, and not a moment too soon. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound receiver talks about fall camp, helping Jake Locker and Charlie Baggett.

On this camp being his best: "I feel like last year's camp was good, but I'm hearing from people that this camp was better, and if Coach Willingham says it, it must be true. I've heard it from numerous coaches and staff. I think more than anything, I think my consistency has been better, day-to-day. It could have been better toward the end, but it needed to start somewhere. They needed to see that, day after day, that I could come in and perform."

On the receivers helping Locker get comfortable: "It goes both ways. We have to help him out because he's a first-year guy and we do have to get open for him, make it easier for him to find his rhythm and get into his comfort zone. If he can get some completions, that could get him going. But on the other hand, the pressure shouldn't matter because he's ready to play. He proved himself in spring ball and he won the job. He's been looking good. I don't think there's a doubt in anybody's mind that he's not going to do good. He works hard and he wants to do well and he's a great leader. He's ready to play."

On downfield blocking for Locker: "Just like Isaiah, when things break down he can get out of the pocket and get a first down. He's strong enough and athletic enough to do that. That's another challenge that we have to face...we have to recognize when he's going to run and when he's not going to run. We have a lot of QB runs that utilize his athleticism. It's hard (to block for him) but it's not in a way, because when you have a guy that's that fast and that athletic, just getting a hand on the DB or getting in the way a little bit would be enough. Same with Louis, since he's a cutback runner. If you just get in the way he'll be gone before you know it. So it's a positive having two guys like that that can break the game open."

On doing what they needed to do in the summer to tap their full potential: "I think we definitely did that this summer, as far as going out and working with the quarterbacks every day. And for the most part, we were there every day, working with Jake to get his comfort level up, making sure he's comfortable throwing to us, and making sure we got our techniques and route down."

On new UW Receivers Coach Charlie Baggett: "He brings more of an intense side. He's different than Coach Yarber. He was a younger coach, an easy-going guy, more of a player's coach. Coach Baggett brings a more intense side. He'll get in your face to get the job done. They both want us to get the job done, there's just a different way of how they get the message across."

On if he's seen Baggett's 'Mr. Hyde' side: "Yeah, I've seen it. It's kind of crazy, but I don't take it as serious as some people do. He told us that he'd do it. Some days he comes in joking, and other days he's like that, yelling. He said he's like that, so I don't take it to heart. I know he just wants us to be better. That's just his personality, and I think he's a great coach. He has the knowledge we want to get, because he's been where we want to go."

10:48 p.m.
RT Chad Macklin
Here's what the starting right tackle had to say about this year's OL, as well as what issues Syracuse's defensive line bring to the Huskies.

On the biggest thing this offensive line group has been working on: "We've just been focusing, getting our assigments right, working together and being a physical, aggressive team. The main thing is being physical and aggressive."

On the chemistry of this year's OL: "During spring ball and this camp, we've been rotating guys through. We've all worked well together. I don't think there's going to be any problems. I've seen how the guards work, I've worked with all of them, and they've worked with me. We have the same mindset, same attitude as last year. We're working toward the same things."

On any noticeable differences in fall camp: "It's been a lot more intense than it's been in the past. We're all hungry for that win. We're taking a little different approach. We're trying to be more aggressive in coaching and playing and everything."

On Syracuse's DL: "We've watched a lot of film. Their whole defensive line is one of their strength, but I think our offensive line is a strength for our team too. It's going to be a great challenge for us. They like to do things with him (Jameel McClain), and I know they think he's one of their key players, but when it comes down to it he's just a guy like everyone else. We're going to go play football against him."

On any changes between Jake Locker and Isaiah Stanback: "The team reacts pretty similar. They are both great leaders. They have a lot of same attitudes in the huddle and on the field. They hold themselves with great poise. Jake has stepped right in and took everything over and is doing great."

4:36 p.m.
More on Nicol's departure...

When I did a story earlier on Nicol in fall camp, he talked about a brutal groin injury that required surgery from the only doctor known to handle such issues - in Philadelphia. This happened almost a year ago.

Fast forward to Saturday, where the walk-on corner - who played his HS ball at Woodinville - gave up the game just because his repaired groin just couldn't handle the strain of playing day-in and day-out.

Here is a link to Bob Condotta's blog, where Condotta was able to track down Nicol and find out why he left right on the cusp of getting playing time against Syracuse. Nicol will stay in school, his football career finished.

3:41 p.m.
Here are the highlights from Willingham's press conference. He opened by saying that it's amazing how quickly it's all gone, and how it's great to now have camp behind them and even though they are still sorting through some position battles, they'll be ready to go on Friday.

Asked about the last time he was at the Carrier Dome - a 38-12 loss when he was coaching at Notre Dame - and Willingham talked about 'employing a short-term memory' in terms of not focusing on that game and moving onto this one. Added that you usually remember the losses more than the wins, and UW will have to play their best football to win. Asked about the challenge of playing in the Carrier Dome, and Willingham said that the dome itself is the challenge because of the fact that most players have never played in one, and they have to get used to the different lighting and the rest.

Asked about the similarities of the two programs, and Willingham said that you could draw similarities in the sense that both Willingham and Greg Robinson are in their third year at their respective schools and you have both programs that are trying to work their way back up the ladder. Where they go from there will be based on how well each team plays during the year.

Asked about Andrew Robinson and what the UW defense can do to harass him in his first start as SU's quarterback, and Willingham said that he's more concerned on how his guys execute, and 'how they get their feet on the ground'. They'll look at themselves more than they will look at the opposing quarterback.

Asked about going for back-to-back opening wins since 2000-2001, and Willingham said that it would be something he would be talking with his team about. They won their opener in 2006 35-29 over San Jose State.

Asked about having newcomers at QB and CB, especially with those two positions being two of the toughest to play, and Willingham said that in his history, he's always tried to treat those positions carefully because 'all their public laundry is out there' - meaning everyone sees their mistakes maybe more than others.

Asked about the depth chart, and Willingham said by Wednesday would be the last day to put any 'final thoughts' in the heads of the coaches as far as who might get the starting positions.

Asked about the kicking spots, and Willingham seemed confident that things will be fine - it's just a matter of determining which spot is going to be the best fit for their players - Jared Ballman and Ryan Perkins.

Asked about the new kicking rules, which has the ball now being kicked off at the 30-yard line instead of the traditional spot at the 35. Willingham said that it affects the defense more than the special teams, because it will affect field position by an average of 10-12 yards, thus affecting the calls the defense might make.

Asked about duplicating the noise that is expected at the Carrier Dome, and Willingham said that he didn't feel that they could duplicate it, but that they've done well in the past with just piping game noise in with their regular practice routines. Also added that since they are one of the fewer-penalized teams in the Pac-10, their habits and systems they have in place should help them even in situations where it's harder to communicate.

Also added that it's nice that Jake Locker has played games in the Tacoma Dome (four games) to help him acclimate to playing in a domed stadium.

Asked about the 'OR's on the depth chart - at TE and LT. Willingham said that the OR at TE is really not an issue becuase all three of the players involved - Michael Gottlieb, Johnie Kirton and Rob Lewis - have been utilized a lot and are comfortable in that rotation. The 'OR' at LT is different because of the continuity the OL had in 2006, but he added that he feels the competition has helped both Cody Habben and Ben Ossai. 'We'll make a decision just a little later'.

Asked about the other players, like Ossai, that were taken down the depth chart for not reaching their prescribed pre-fall goals, and he said that all those players - Ossai, Casey Bulyca, Jordan White-Frisbee, etc... have done a good job of doing what they needed to do this fall to improve and get better, and they are still having to work hard.

Asked about the team's identity, and he said that - while they won't really create an identity until the games start - they are good listeners, and as such understand what they need to do and are willing to work toward it. There is no 'pull back' with them.

Asked if he would be surprised if Locker ended up his No. 2 runner in carries and yards, and he said carries he might be, but yards no.

Asked for an injury update on Saturday, and Willingham said that they seemed to be just fine on the injury front, but did have one 'defection' - walk-on cornerback Cory Nicol left the team. He wouldn't elaborate on why he left. He also said that he might add another DB to the travel squad. Was surprised to see Nicol leave at that late a stage in camp, but they wanted to make sure that he was mentally and physically OK when he left, and apparently he was.

Asked about Syracuse, and he said that they have been known for their runners, and they have an outstanding receiver corps of three guys. They have had an offense that has featured a tight end, so that means a lot of play-action passing. That's always a concern Said defensively they have a guy SU feels is the next Dwight Freeney (Jameel McClain), and outstanding pass-rusher. They also have an outstanding cornerback (Dowayne Davis).

Asked about Anthony Russo, and he said that he's fine and has worked through a broken pinky. Said he wasn't surprised that Russo came back maybe earlier than expected because Russo is motivated to play and have a great season. Said he's a believer of motivated seniors 'setting the table' for the team's success, and the team will only go as far as those leaders will take them.

Asked about Byron Davenport's condition, and Willingham said that their No. 1 job as coaches is to make sure he's healthy enough to where he can protect himself and go full-speed as much as possible. If they can do that, and they feel like he's in good enough shape to play, he'll play.

12:07 p.m.
Here's the UW two-deeps, as announced by UW Media Relations Monday morning.
WR   5  Anthony Russo       5-11  185  SR*
    18  Corey Williams       6-2  195  SR*
LT  71  Cody Habben          6-6  300  SO
OR  75  Ben Ossai            6-6  300  JR
LG  65  Ryan Tolar           6-5  310  SO
    76  Jordan White-Frisbee 6-6  320  SR
    70  Morgan Rosborough    6-6  365  JR
C   58  Juan Garcia          6-3  315  SR*
    64  Matt Sedillo         6-3  300  SO
RG  72  Casey Bulyca         6-6  340  SR
    64  Matt Sedillo         6-3  300  SO
RT  75  Chad Macklin         6-8  300  SR*
    69  Erik Berglund        6-6  310  SR*
TE  86  Michael Gottlieb     6-5  245  SR
OR  37  Johnie Kirton        6-4  270  SR
OR  81  Robert Lewis         6-5  250  SR*
QB  10  Jake Locker          6-3  210  SO
    11  Carl Bonnell         6-3  215  SR*
TB   9  Louis Rankin         6-0  205  SR*  
    24  J.R. Hasty          5-11  200  JR
OR  14  Curis Shaw          5-11  190  FR
OR   6  Brandon Johnson     5-11  195  FR
OR  21  Willie Griffin       5-8  200  FR
FB  30  Paul Homer           6-0  222  SO
    32  Luke Kravitz         6-1  245  SR
WR   3  Marcel Reece         6-3  240  SR
    19  Quintin Daniels      6-0  195  SR*
WR  16  D'Andre Goodwin      6-0  170  SO
    29  Cody Ellis           6-0  185  SR*    

DE  66  Daniel Te'o-Nesheim  6-4  245  JR
    96  De'Shon Matthews     6-4  255  SO
DT  95  Jordan Reffett       6-4  295  SR*
    77  Erick Lobos          6-3  285  SR
    93  Derek Kosub          6-4  295  SO
DT  74  Wilson Afoa          6-3  290  SR*
    99  Cameron Elisara      6-2  275  SO
DE   7  Greyson Gunheim      6-5  265  SR
    85  Caesar Rayford       6-7  250  SR
OLB 34  Dan Howell           6-1  225  SR
    20  Kyle Trew            6-2  235  SR*
ILB  9  Donald Butler        6-1  240  SO
    57  Trenton Tuiasosopo   6-2  240  SR
    40  Mason Foster         6-1  218  FR
OLB 22  E.J. Savannah        6-2  228  JR
    29  Chris Stevens        6-0  215  JR
FS  26  Jason Wells          6-2  210  JR
    39  Nate Williams        6-1  205  FR
    27  Jay Angotti         5-10  180  SO
SS  23  Mesphin Forrester    6-2  205  SR
    15  Darin Harris        5-11  200  SR
CB   6  Vonzell McDowell     5-9  176  FR
    19  Matt Mosley         5-11  190  SO
CB  28  Roy Lewis           5-11  187  SR*
    21  Desmond Davis       5-11  190  SR

Special Teams
P   12  Jared Ballman       5-11  175  JR
    13  Ryan Perkins         6-0  185  JR
PK  13  Ryan Perkins         6-0  185  JR
    12  Jared Ballman       5-11  175  JR
HLD 11  Carl Bonnell         6-3  215  SR*
SNP 49  Danny Morovick       6-3  230  JR
KOR  6  Brandon Johnson     5-11  195  FR
     9  Louis Rankin         6-0  205  SR*
PR   5  Anthony Russo       5-11  185  SR*
     9  Louis Rankin         6-0  205  SR*
And here is Syracuse's two-deeps, as announced Monday morning.
X    4  Taj Smith            6-1  188  JR
    12  Rice Moss            6-2  207  SR
LT  64  Corey Chavers        6-5  295  JR
    77  Tucker Baumbach      6-5  322  FR*
LG  59  Carroll Madison      6-2  310  SR
    70  Ryan Bartholomew     6-3  290  FR*
C   67  Marvin McCall        6-2  292  SR
    60  Jim McKenzie         6-4  280  FR*
RG  75  Ryan Durand          6-5  310  JR
    74  Ryan Ehrie           6-6  287  JR
OR  71  Adam Rosner          6-6  308  FR*
RT  69  Larry Norton         6-3  320  SR
    73  Jonathan Meldrum     6-5  327  FR
TE  80  Jawad Nesheiwat      6-4  251  SR
    85  Mike Owen            6-4  255  SO
QB   9  Andrew Robinson      6-3  222  SO
     2  Cameron Dantley      6-1  218  JR
TB  22  Curtis Brinkley      5-9  203  JR
    34  Paul Chiara         5-11  210  JR
OR  24  Jeremy Sellers       6-0  211  SR
FB  43  Tony Fiammetta       6-1  235  JR
    34  Paul Chiara         5-11  210  JR
Z    1  Mike Williams        6-2  204  SO
    11  Lavar Lobdell        6-3  200  SO
OR  81  Dan Sheeran          6-3  217  FR*

DE  91  Brandon Gilbeaux     6-3  271  SO
    55  Lee Williams         6-3  262  SR
NT  97  Arthur Jones         6-4  289  SO
    95  Nick Santiago        6-3  302  JR
DT  51  Tony Jenkins         6-3  286  SR
    56  Anthony Perkins      6-4  268  FR*
DE  52  Jameel McClain       6-1  256  SR
    90  Jared Kimmel         6-6  252  FR*
SLB 33  Ben Maljovec         6-3  223  JR
    46  Parker Cantey        6-3  216  FR*
MLB 45  Jake Flaherty        6-1  228  JR
    58  Mike Stenclik        6-0  225  SO
WLB 30  Vincenzo Giruzzi     6-3  232  JR
    36  Oliver Fernandez     6-1  220  JR
LC  27  Nick Chestnut       5-11  184  JR
    29  Jason Tanner        5-11  200  SR
SS  17  A.J. Brown           6-0  201  JR
     6  Donta Herrod        5-11  191  JR
FS   5  Joe Fields           6-1  210  SR
    15  Bruce Williams       6-0  200  JR
RC  26  Dowayne Davis        6-0  200  SR
    28  Nico Scott          5-10  180  FR*

Special Teams
P   47  Rob Long             6-4  175  FR
    13  John Barker          5-8  155  JR
KO  42  Patrick Shadle       5-8  201  JR
    13  John Barker          5-8  155  JR
LS  72  Ian Hammond          6-3  272  SR
    57  Maximillian Leo     5-11  210  SO
PAT 42  Patrick Shadle       5-8  201  JR
    13  John Barker          5-8  155  JR
FG  42  Patrick Shadle       5-8  201  JR
    13  John Barker          5-8  155  JR
HLD 13  John Barker          5-8  155  JR
     2  Cameron Dantley      6-1  218  JR
PR  15  Bruce Williams       6-0  200  JR
    21  Ryan Howard          5-8  185  JR
KR  48  Max Suter           5-11  190  FR
OR  21  Ryan Howard          5-8  185  JR
OR  20  Randy McKinnon      5-10  200  FR
OR  35  Mike Holmes         5-11  185  FR

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