In this issue: Huskies slam Orange all over the field - Cougs lose as expected Ducks shock Houston - Wacky Broncos are the next victims.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Race Bannon

Let's get one thing straight right away. I am not worthy to write about Jake Locker. However, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John are not walking through that door anytime soon. So it is left to your humble correspondent to chronicle the good news of Jake Locker's arrival at the University of Washington.

Jake Locker, or Jack Lockner for our readers along the eastern seaboard, arrived at UW two years ago with the kind of fanfare usually reserved for saviors of mankind or 3-year old golfers on the Mike Douglas Show. As the Huskies stumbled and bumbled through last season, many turned a wistful eye to the scout team where young Jake toiled and learned the lessons of football. Be patient we were told, for when Jake is loosed there will be goodwill for all Huskies once again upon the earth.

How could one man make such a difference, some non-believers wondered? Whether he is a red shirt freshman or a true sophomore, he had never taken a snap in anger in a D1 football game. Surely he would struggle and the Huskies would too.

And so it was, as Jake took two series of three and outs to figure out this college football. He was throwing high hard heat and he was hit hard and he said it was good.

Then Jake made a first down and he liked it, so he made another one and he liked that, and so he made a touchdown and he liked that, so he made 4 more. Then he looked at the end of the third quarter and he was pleased with what he had done. So in the 4th quarter, Jake rested.

The entire Husky team looked to be an improved bunch in Coach Ty Willingham's critical third year at the helm of the program. Some unexpected bulletin board material helped the Huskies and fired up the troops prove the naysayers wrong.

"Someone said that I shouldn't expect the same kind of third year success that some of my predecessors have and that we could win 3 or 4 games this year but still be improved," said an obviously angry Coach Willingham in his post game press conference. "It's not important who that individual was, but hopefully he will understand that the players and I are planning to win each game we play and to win a bowl game this year. That is progress."

In an unrelated development, Athletic Director Todd Turner formed a committee to see what this winning stuff is and why it has everybody so jacked up.

Or Jaked up, if you will.

A hearty tip of the DFI cap to Coach Willingham and his staff for changing the offense to fit the incredible talents of Jake Locker. The last time we had a coach do that we won the Rose Bowl.

And congratulations to all of our oft-maligned players who played so hard and so well in bringing home this great victory.

Who's got next?
Boise State is next
Race Bannon

The Washington Huskies are used to small time Johnny come latelys hanging around and talking smack. This week we get the latest bunch of would be kings of the Northwest coming to the throne room at Husky Stadium, full of themselves and ripe for an old fashioned beat down in front of filled seats at the old rust bucket by the lake.

The Boise State Broncos were last year's feel good story as they beat a disinterested and sleep walking Oklahoma team without benefit of the replay booth. By the time the Sooners woke up and easily took the lead back, the Broncs had the mojo working and used a half dozen trick plays to trick whip the unstudious Sooners.

That was then and this is the Jake Locker era and the boastful Boise boys are about to feel the wrath of Jake and the pent up emotion of long suffering Husky fans.

Boise will test our untested and green secondary and they will score. UW will score more.

PREDICTION: UW – 48, Boise – 35
Ducks 1-0 and headed to Ann Arbor
Mallard N. Moore

The high flying Oregon Ducks head to the Big House, where nobody walks in and beats Michigan, fresh off of a dominating win over the Houston Oilers. The Ducks held Houston to just under 600 yards of offense in a great effort. Houston was only able to run for 300 yards or so.

Dennis Dixon, who had to play all 4 quarters, unlike Jake Locker, rushed for more yards than Locker and showed off his scatter arm as well.

A pleased Mike Bellotti noted, "There will always be unknowledgeable people who question my greatness but we're 1-0 and I don't see how our record could be any better than that at this point of the season."

Now about those Wolverines, where even 12 men on the field can't win at the Big House. The Big Blue opened up with a game against a D1AA foe and the results were unavailable as we went to press but we all know that there was no way in hell that Michigan lost that game. No way. And Lloyd Carr is the toast of that town, really.

So the Ducks will be playing a top 5 team on the road without our replay officials. This will be a daunting task for the Mallard Gang. Michigan has shown itself to be vulnerable to tricky spread offense schemes and the Ducks will be able to score points in bunches. However, the Ducks are vulnerable to any kind of offense and Michigan has one.

UO – 31, UM – 52
The worst of the Rest: WSU nearly matched their "closer than it looked" blow out loss to Auburn last year with another "closer than it looked" blow out loss to Wisconsin…next for the Cougars is the Bi-Mart Two-for-One Special game at Qwest Field against San Diego StateBYU continued to make Mike Bellotti look good as the unable to compete with the Pac 10 Cougars beat Arizona…maybe Bellotti was thinking of the WSU Cougars…Mike Stoops hot seat at Arizona has turned into the Towering Inferno…ASU crushed San Jose State in Dennis Erickson's debut…Erickson denied rumors that he was interested in the Michigan job…Next for ASU is Dan Hawkins' Colorado Buffaloes…this is division 1 football, not intermurals…no way to sugar coat it – Charles Weis and the Fighting Irish stunk up the joint in the worst home opening loss in history …it's better to have Jesus on the field than on the wall…and of course, the Cal Bears got their long sought revenge over Tennessee in a scintillating performance at Tree Hugger Stadium, but how about the view from those trees, huh? Wow…Pac 10 speed prevailed over SEC human growth hormone…and a national television audience got to see real live hippies up close as they live in the trees surrounding the stadium…way to represent ya'all…college football is back and so is DFI.

Thanks for Reading! – Race Top Stories