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One and Oh! What a great start for the Huskies. Although they beat a terrible Syracuse team, they did it with style and conviction. Now a real test will come in the form of Boise State, a well-coached team that has the nation's longest winning streak. Here is what my staff thinks will happen in sunny Husky Stadium on Saturday.

Chris Fetters, Editor.

I know Boise State has played in some rough environments, but I don't think they've seen anything quite like Husky Stadium. And with all the shifts and formation changes and everything else they do, communication is paramount. I have a feeling Washington fans are going to have a negative effect on those communications from a defensive standpoint. They won't shut BSU down, but a key offsides or illegal formation penalty may have disastrous consequences coming down the stretch. From an offensive standpoint, Washington needs to get out to a fast start. They can't do what they did against Syracuse and only expect to be behind 3-0 to Boise State. That being said, I honestly believe that there's some great chemistry working between Jake Locker and the coaches in formulating a game plan he has confidence in, and that should really help. As in all titanic struggles in the game of football, it's going to come down to special teams, turnovers and injuries - and since I can't predict hardly at all what's going to happen in those three areas, I'll give the home team their three-point 'Husky Stadium Advantage' in a nail-biter.

Prediction: Washington 31, Boise State 28
Derek Johnson, Columnist.

If this game were being played in Boise, I would pick the Broncos by a bunch. However, with the game taking place in Husky Stadium, the home field advantage is worth 14 points. It figures that Boise State will light up the Husky secondary, but it also stands to reason that UW's Jake Locker can lead a ball-control offense that keeps BSU's offense off the field. The Dawgs eek out a win to go to 2-0.

Prediction: Washington 31, Boise State 27
Scott Eklund, Recruiting and Beat Writer.

The Huskies got off to a rousing start with a 42-12 thumping of Syracuse on the road and now they return home to what promises to be a rabid crowd. The problem? About 10,000 of those fans will be rooting for Boise State. In order for Washington to pull this one out they absolutely must stop Ian Johnson from running wild on them. Luckily, the Dawgs defensive front seven is going to be very good this year and they need to be at their best this weekend. If Washington can get the Broncos into third-and-longs that will force their young quarterback to make some plays and that can only is a good thing in the long run. Locker and Rankin need to continue to do their damage when the Husky offense is on the field and I look for some longer throws from Washington's young quarterback as well. Huskies win a shootout on the lake.

Prediction: Washington 31, Boise State 27
Pat Thrapp, Columnist.

Awesome DAWG football in Syracuse I thought. UW was running the ball. So this week they have to contain Ian Johnson, and make the QB throw the ball. Then UW has to still be productive running the ball, too. Play some keep away D & score some points while at it. Give Jake a hand winning these games.

Prediction: Washington 33, Boise State 27
David Samek, Publisher.

Syracuse was even worse than I thought they'd be. Slow, and not able to get off blocks or tackle very well. Boise State will be much better coached and will be much tougher on both sides of the ball. This will be one of the best offensive lines the Huskies may face this year in terms of experience and talent. However Washington has Jake Locker and a renewed Louis Rankin. I expect it to be a score fest and I expect the Huskies to not make any huge mistakes and wind up an upset winner. They'll score in the 40's for the second straight week, and they'll need every point this time.

Prediction: Washington 42, Boise State 39
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations.

Is Washington that good or is Syracuse that bad? I think Husky fans will get a better idea this weekend but won't know for sure until the following week against Ohio State. I'm not a Boise State believer. The Broncos have never won a road game against a BCS conference team. Expect UW to be able to move the ball. If they can pressure the rookie Boise State QB, they should be able to pull it out.

Prediction: Washington 31, Boise State 23
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus.

Montlake Jake wowed the country on national television on Friday, and appears to be the real deal. It was the funnest Husky game to watch in five years, but will that momentum be enough this week against high powered Boise State? I don't think so. Look for Boise State to exploit the Dawgs' inexperienced secondary, and for the Huskies to be playing catch-up from the first quarter on. Locker will play well, but the Dawgs don't have the horses quite yet and will fall in their home opener.

Prediction: Boise State 34, Washington 23
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-4.

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Prediction: Washington 48, Boise State 35
Dick Baird, Columnist.
The homer is 1-0 after one game, just as I was last year. And I have every reason to believe that Washington will win in an upset, because they EXPECT to win. They believe it, and they have been practicing like it all week. They will be a bit healthier going in as well. Watch for Rankin to go over 100 yards, but perhaps more importantly, expect Ian Johnson to be held under 100 yards of rushing as the Huskies double up on the Broncos and end their 14-game victory streak on a sunny day in Seattle.

Prediction: Washington 34, Boise State 17
Rick Samek, Columnist.

While I'd love to join the thousands of others who are suddenly beaming in purple and rekindling their early 90's euphoria, I'm of the ilk that this is a team that will still need to learn how to beat the good ones – it's been some time since they've done that. And speaking of "doing that" – Boise State has been there and done that. Locker was near-perfect in his debut, and will likely be pumped for his first home start. He's bound to give the smaller Broncos all they can handle. But while QB Tharp is only making his second collegiate start, he's a senior and doesn't figure to rattle (unless the stadium rocks so loudly that the players begin to resemble those little jumpy plastic players on a toy electrical field). And who knows what BSU will throw at the Husky defense? I think there will be highlights galore, but in the end I think it's going to be a Bronco win. But hey, it's a merely tune up for Ohio State, right?

Prediction: Boise State 42, Washington 31
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