Player Quotes - Boise State

After a big 24-10 victory over Boise State the Husky football players were all smiles in the media room. Here's a feel for what they had to say and what they were thinking following their big win and what the crowd meant to them throughout the day.

QB Jake Locker

On the lack of production offensively: "Obviously we were a little disappointed in that. Obviously our defense won this game for us and they played well today. They kind of put us on their backs and they got that victory for us. We just couldn't get anything going in the second half. We had a couple of big plays and we just didn't put drives together."

On Boise State's defense: "They were able to get a lot of pressure. They disguised their blitzes well and their defensive plan was a good one I think."

On pointing to the stands: "That was for the little guy – Kyle (Roger) – that came to the stadium and had the tumor in his brain. He said he was going to be here today and I promised him that I'd point up to him after I did."

On the focus of the team: "It was a great victory. We were all really excited in the locker room, but now our focus is on Ohio State who's a perennial power and they're coming in next week to play here so we have to be focused and we have to bring our A-game."

On the lack of offensive production: "I definitely don't expect to have up and down games. I think we definitely didn't play to our potential offensively today. We made some plays but we need to put the ball in the endzone more consistently and be able to put drives together that are scoring drives. I fumbled the one time and threw the interception so we have to clean that up. Obviously turnovers can lose games for you and that kind of gave them the momentum that fumble that I had and they went right in and scored on it. We need to get rid of those and I need to take care of the ball."

CB Vonzell McDowell Jr.

On not being that confused with Boise State's offense: "It was just going over a lot of film on those guys and just staying focused. I made a couple of mistakes in the game, but I just tried to stay focused and on top of it throughout the game."

On the big cushions for the Boise State wide receivers: "I wasn't even sure that I was back that far. I thought I was back about eight yards, but when I came off my coach corrected me and I aligned to the right position I was supposed to be at the next time."

On his interception: "It was so unexpected – I caught it twice. I'm still really excited about it right now. It's my first college one and I can't even really think of what to say right now. It just happened so fast and I made a play on it and I'm just really happy right now."

On the fans: "Oh man. The fans were crazy. The whole stadium was crazy and that's Husky football. The fans love us and we play hard all the time."

K Ryan Perkins

On the first field goal of his career: "It felt good. It was a breeze. It was just one of those kicks where I don't really look at where I am on the field, but I just lay into the ball and it came off my foot and it went right down the middle. It felt good though."

On the blocked field goal: "We'll have to see on film what happened. It could be a case where the spot was a little forward and I was on the upswing or it could be the case of just a ‘flub-up' but we'll need to see it on film."

On how far he's come back: "After all the knee surgeries and the recoveries it's just nice to get it done with. It felt really good."

On the big win: "It feels great. We're a work in progress and this season will show people the work we've put in and the good product we actually have and we'll go out and beat top-ranked teams and we ourselves will be top-ranked and we'll go against a team like Ohio State and show people how far we've come.

WR Quintin Daniels

On his touchdown reception: "Actually I don't even think I was supposed to be in, but I ran in and ran the play and we ran it properly and Louis (Rankin) through a great ball."

On his mindset coming out of the huddle when the trick play was called: "I was comfortable with it because we rehearse it every day in practice and it was just natural for me. We work on it a lot. We ran a lot of screens last week and we knew they would bit on it and it worked."

On the struggles on offense: "Their defense didn't do anything in particular it was more our offense stopping us. I think we kind of took it easy because we were up and our defense kept us in the game. It was a terrible performance by the offense and we need to work hard this week and execute and step it up because that won't happen very much.

DE Caesar Rayford

On the atmosphere at Husky Stadium: "It felt good. It was just feeding off the energy form the crowd and getting all that energy we just brought it in and got after it and made plays so it just rejuvenated us."

On not being able to rest with Ohio State coming to town: "(The Boise State game) is just one of the stepping stones. Now that we've beat Boise now we've got Ohio State coming in and it's another great opportunity."

On playing against All-American LT Ryan Clady: "It was a great challenge to go against a good tackle like that and when you go against someone good like that it kind of brings out the best in you and my mindset was to get out there and get after it and give him my best."

On the defense picking up the offense: "That's why we're a team. When one side of the ball is struggling the other side has to pick it up and we just had to get after it because there'll be days when the defense is struggling and the offense has to pick us up and this was just kind of something where we had to step it up for the team."

DT Jordan Reffett

On the toughness of the game: "It was tough going out there. They're a great football team and they've got some tough guys up front and they brought it today. It's a good feeling to get out of there with a win because they're a great offensive football team."

On Boise State's offensive line: "I think they're an experienced front. They've got some real experienced and tough players up front and they got after us. They did some different things – moving around and cutting us – and that really helped them out because they had a new quarterback in there and we were trying to get after him and they did a good job of protecting him."

On his blocked field goal: "I hadn't yet blocked a kick and I felt like every once in a while I could get a hole and get in there and it's big to get a shutout in the second half and I was having a tough day inside there getting after the quarterback so I needed to do something, but I was happy to get out there and get a piece of that kick. It's a big play because it's a momentum killer and that's a big shift in field position and it's a great feeling to know I could help out like that today."

On the crowd at Husky Stadium: "The great thing about it is these young guys have never been around this stadium when it's full and when you go out there and you look and there ain't a darn seat that's open it's a great feeling to know that your fans are behind you and they believe in you and we just wanted to go out and show our fans that we're for real."

On the defensive game plan: "I think a lot of it was just about buckling down. They throw a lot of different things at you and it's tough to get a feel for what they're doing, but when you get down in the redzone and our half of the field it kind of shortens it and it makes it easier on us and we defended them well in the redzone and we made a couple of big plays and interceptions so we tightened it up down there."

On building off of this win: "I think we can. We've got a lot of big games here at home coming up. This is one of those schedules where every week we've got a big time game and it's a good feeling to know that we're going to start getting ready for the Buckeyes tomorrow. Bring it on we're ready to go."

RB Louis Rankin

On his touchdown pass: "I was smiling when they called it, but I was thinking if (Quintin) didn't get open I was going to run the ball, but Q ran open and I knew they were going to come down on me because we ran one earlier in the day and we got a good gain off of it so it was open and I hit him."

On getting the win: "We feel like we made a statement because we beat a ranked team, but on the other hand if people don't notice it and they don't give us our credit we don't worry about it and we'll just go out there and play football."

On relishing getting a win as the underdog: "It's good when people write you off going into games and they're saying ‘oh you're going to get beat by 30 or 40' and now when people come in to play us they know they have to play some football so it's a good time to make teams think about us and that we can play with them."

On the lack of a running game: "It really wasn't what their defense did it was more of what I did. I was running a little bit timid and babying a little twisted ankle I had (suffered in the second quarter of the Syracuse game) and I was being too careful with it. The line opened some holes and I just didn't capitalize on them."

On the defense keeping the Huskies ahead: "The defense definitely came through for us today. Anytime we can score only 24 points and get the win, especially against a team like Boise State, I think that's only going to help us in the future."

LB Dan Howell

On the win today: "Last year they had a good quarterback who did some good things for them, but no matter who you go against, it doesn't matter what they're ranked, because at the end of the day whoever has the most wins and losses will be on top."

On the statement the Huskies made today: "I definitely think we made the statement today that we can play some defense. I think that we were able to keep ourselves composed and disciplined. We showed that we can be very composed and very disciplined against a big opponent."

On the win for the fans: "I think it shows our fans that we're something they can believe in and that they can stick with so they don't have to be iffy about us like ‘can the defense play?' or ‘can the offense put up points?' Having a big win like this at home in front of our fans is big for us and for them." Top Stories