The Fifth Quarter - BSU

SEATTLE - There's plenty to talk about during the Fifth Quarter of Washington's 24-10 win over No. 20 Boise State Saturday at Husky Stadium? Who were the players of the game? When was the turning point? How were the fans? Well, Kim Grinolds, Scott Eklund and Chris Fetters deliberated Saturday night and came up with these winners.

Offensive Player of the Game - Jake Locker. He didn't get a helmet sticker from the ESPN guys for nothing. He was a steadying force despite his two turnovers, and his explosiveness was never quite held in check by BSU in the first half. Ended up with 277 yards total offense. Runner-up: Marcel Reece.

Defensive Player of the Game - Roy Lewis. Roy kept bouncing back after getting thrown at by BSU all game long. And every time he got hurt, he was always back in the next play. His pick in the fourth quarter was really key toward steadying the Washington defense. Runner-up: E.J. Savannah.

Play of the Game - Vonzell McDowell's interception. Once McDowell had that pick, the game was signed, sealed and delivered for the Huskies. And it was poetic justice for the frosh from Rainier Beach, who had been tested and tested again all day long by the Boise State offense.

Turning point - Taylor Tharp's fumble. Tharp's fumble - recovered by E.J. Savannah, led to Washington's second touchdown, and really gave the Huskies a lot of confidence early in the ball game. If it hadn't been for Locker's fumble on UW's next possession, they could have easily put another score on the board and put the game out of reach before it had really began.

Unit of the game - The Defense, no question. Two sacks, three interceptions, a fumble recovery, and they held back an incredibly potent offense to no second-half points, and 10 points overall.

Assistant of the game - J.D. Williams. The secondary may have looked similar to what Bobby Hauck ran during the Rick Neuheisel years, but the main difference is that Williams has his guys making big plays despite their relative lack of game experience.

Fan 'o meter - From 1 to 10, we give it a solid 8. The players and coaches were all talking about the input the fans provided throughout the game. The only reason the fans don't get a higher score here is the fact that a majority showed up late and we also know that Husky Stadium can get louder than that.

Stat of the game - Turnovers told the story. The Huskies had four, BSU had two. Anytime you finish plus-2 in the turnover department, it's a huge deal. Add to that the timing of the thefts, and they become even bigger.

Note of the game - Senior defensive end Greyson Gunheim posted his first career interception midway through the second quarter. It also happened to stifle a nice BSU drive at a time when the Broncos had scored on their previous possession and were trying to climb their way back into the game

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