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Head Coach Jeff Tedford, left, and assistant coach Ron Gould of the California Golden Bears yell directions to their team during the game against the Michigan State Spartans on September 14, 2002 at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan. California beat the Michigan State 46-22. (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Getty Images)

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54 48 I feel this game has the potential to have the highest point total in the Pac 10 this year. We have 2 high powered passing games and 2 very weak defenses. I predict a UW victory by, say, 54- 48. 12 point spread is too much.
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48 28 Too much O not to pick high scoring game. Defensive secondary for DAWGS is suspect. If secondary is as talented as we are led to believe, Bears do not get 4 tds. However, the corners must prove themselves, if not expect Boller to throw 50 times and 4 tds from the Bears. DAWG O is unstoppable from the perspective of the Cal secondary; and Cody will continue streak of 400+ yards. Expect RW and ET with 100+ yards!
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48 42 Now you go and start believing again. I had an idea to proclaim that this would be the week that the Husky D shocks the world and silences the critics - but I wimped out. You'll see tomorrow that my prediction is 48-42 for the Dawgs.
That's only due to my great respect for the Cal offense, nothing against our D, mind you. Afterall, Tedford was the brains in Eugene.
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45 17 For the Bears it only gets worse from here on out. This is the beginning of the end for Cal and will seal the fates of the coaching staff while destroying the egos of the players.
Huskies look real good and become the PAC10's darling of the week as USC loses to Wazzu 28-17.
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44 31 Pickett runs for one and passes to Reggie for two. Alexis leads the team one more time in receptions, but runs for over 100. The defense gets picked apart in the first half but redeems itself in the 3rd and 4th quarter with a few 3 and outs.
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42 17 So what will I win??
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42 28 As far as I know, they still have the same one as last year. The Cal secondary is highly suspect and going against the far and away passing leader of the pass happy Pac-10. Seems to me this will be a shootout, and I'd put the UW defense above the Cal defense at this point making the difference.
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41 21 Cal gets a late score to make it a little more respectable as the Husky D shows up for 58 minutes this week.
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41 28 Think that Cal will play us tough. Both Boller and Cody will throw for 300+ yards - cha-ching, cha-ching. Igber will be a factor early until the D shuts him down. Dawgs will finally play 4 quarters of ball....all in the same game.
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38 24 Pickett goes for 300 again and ET and the running game both over 100 yds a piece.
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38 28 Offense keeps rollling and defense does its usual.
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37 24 This is a hard pick, because flankly I think Cal has EVERY reason to beat you guys. Cal has nothing to lose; a new gameplan; an unpredictable fire; and a deadly offensive game. Can your defense step up?
However, I'm still picking you guys...
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37 34 I see lots of predictions of victories by two touchdowns or more. While we may have beaten Cal for more years in a row than I can recall, the last few years the games have been very tight. And that was when Cal stank. They're good this year. Sure, we're better, but so is Cal.
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35 27 Finally, a real football game… A reason to have butterflies in your stomach on game day. A reason for the fans to show up on time with their game faces on! Huskies jump out early to a 2 touchdown lead. But here comes Cal! Game tied at halftime 14-14. The Dawgs explode in the 3rd quarter, but then need a late score and some stops to hold on.....wait for it.....35-27! C'mon Dawg fans, let's raise a ruckus this Saturday!!! Woof, Woof, Woof!!
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35 31 Pickett and Boller both have huge games. UW offense is a bit better than Cal's as UW's defense behind the crowd will make a stand late to seal the victory.
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34 21 Just another quack fan with his/her ignorant opinion. Although, since we've slamming our D's play the last 3 weeks, who can blame the quacker with the "weak" defense comment. UW 34, Cal 21. Homefield advantage and I think our D will make some big plays. By the way, I haven't seen UofQuack play stellar D against some cupcakes, so we'll just wait and see who's considered weak by November.
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34 24 UW 34 Cal 24 if UW has 2 or less turnovers.
UW 34 Cal 31 if UW has more than 2 turnovers.
I'm not betting against the streak, and despite the # of turnovers by the Dawgs, they find a way to win at home.
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34 28 Cal will give the Huskies a scare but the Husky offense and defense will come up with some key plays to seal the deal.
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34 41 ...Cal will end the streak!!!
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33 28 Go Dawgs! Jeff
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33 38 This isn't the same Cal team as last year. *EVERYONE* rolled over them last year.
With a new coach, new offensive scheme, and a tougher QB, they won't have any problems putting points on the board.
If UW allowed Idaho to post 28pts, image what Cal will do.
Good luck hat-racks!
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31 13 Not the high-scoring affair many predict as the Dawg defense makes a statement. UW offense finds the going a bit tougher in Pac-10 play.
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31 20 I've been waiting for a game like this for a while....I think it's safe to say we all have. The Bears are no cupcake, and the dawgs know that. That is why the huskies win. Preparation. They know Cal is good (at least better than last year), but so are the dawgs. And unfortunately for Cal, the dawgs are better.
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31 21 Last time Cal beat the Huskies, wasn't Carter in office. I'll say it again, Cals own DBs admitted after the game they didn't have enough people to cover WSU's receivers. UW, if Reggie is healthy, provides a similar problem. Translation: The streak continues over a much improved Bear team
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31 27 Pickett throws for 300 once again leading to a 31-27 victory.
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31 28 Dawgs in a squeaker
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31 38 Boller and Igber are solid and will give the UW offense fits all day long. Pickett throws an interception late to seal the victory for the bears.
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28 27 Cal jumps out to a 27 - 7 halftime lead, scoring on its first two possessions. The Dawgs roar out midway through the third quarter scoring once, and then twice in the 4th quarter.
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27 30 Home or away, Cal won't lose 3 straight.
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24 21 Tight game with the D stepping up when needed.

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