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The Defense Never Rested
Race Bannon

When Jake Locker dragged half of the Boise State defense over the goal line on the Huskies' first possession of the game, the remodel of Husky Stadium almost began as the roofs were raised and the place almost came down to the ground. The young apprentice had set the physical tone for the day and his teammates were eager to follow his example. The Broncos understood that they were in for a ball game.

The glorious first half featured the long promised Return of the Dawgs and had jaded fans buzzing over the obvious improvement of the ball club. Marcel Reece contributed to the physical play by shrugging off two Boise defenders, including an All-American Safety, then jetting the rest of the way to the house. Reece is a talent that has plain been missing around here for too long. The Huskies also gave Boise a taste of their own medicine with a nifty trick play half back pass for a TD.

Meanwhile, the oft maligned Kent Baer had his defense thoroughly prepared and ready to go against the high flying Boise attack, that had beat Oklahoma in a bowl game, in case you had not heard. The Purple Gang were flying to the ball and hitting harder than in recent years. The Huskies also employed some ball hawking playmakers, who came up with big turnovers to stop Bronco drives.

The Huskies employed some soft coverage to protect young defensive backs and it worked. Rainier Beach legend Vonzell McDowell Jr. was burned early but came back late with a game clinching interception. Roy Lewis fought through pain to make big plays. The entire effort was noteworthy as the Husky offense went south in the second half and it was up to the defense to keep Boise out of the endzone and away from closing the score.

It was a great win that left the coaches with plenty to coach as the Dawgs continue their quest to improve each week and to win every game. So far, so good.

Next up for the Montlake Maulers are the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bucks haven't won in Seattle since #1 rated OSU rolled into Husky Statium on Oct 4th 1969 and beat down the Dawgs 41-14. Current Husky coach Randy Hart was a member of that team led by all purpose QB Rex Kern. The Buckeyes went undefeated that year beating USC in the Rose Bowl.

Fast forward to 2007. Like Boise, OSU probably thought they had what looked like a good year to break their current two-game losing streak in Seattle, but it became much more problematical with the arrival of Jake. Before the games fans mock our Jake and after the game they join the believers. We don't convert with the sword; we do it one first down at a time.

Ohio State is yet another step up in competition and intensity for our stalwart warriors and not many people will pick the Huskies, or expect them to win. Jim Tressel runs a great program, clean as a whistle, with very few players getting caught getting paid by boosters. Note to Buckeye readers, if we don't insult you, you don't matter.

The Huskies don't have Florida speed but they do have enough speed to cause problems for the lumbering Big 11 squad. And they have a rediscovered home field advantage and a newfound confidence that they can win football games again. And for that we credit Coach Willingham.

Big House Shocker! Part Deux!
Lloyd Airplane

Editors Note: Mallard N. Moore was still drunk at deadline so we use this story from a Michigan writer.

As if losing to Appalachian State wasn't bad enough, the Michigan Wolverines turned around and pulled an even more embarrassing stunt by losing to an unknown Oregon team from somewhere out west. The Ducks? Who would call themselves Ducks?

Well those Ducks waddled into the Big House and installed another nail in Lloyd Carr's coffin with an easy 39-7 whipping of the Maize and Blue.

"I apologize to Michigan fans everywhere for this totally unacceptable loss," intoned a moribund Lloyd Carr as he consulted the yellow pages for a real estate agent. "We simply cannot lose to a D1AA team two weeks in a row at home."

Meanwhile the visitors acted like they had never been there before because they hadn't. As Oregon coach Mike Bellotti posed for a picture in front of the scoreboard, Jonathan Stewart accidentally hit him with a sledgehammer that he was swinging at the Big M in the middle of the field. Stewart then tweaked his hammy carrying the hammer off the field.

Prediction: Fresno State – 27, Oregon – 31
The Trojans are under siege!
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The USC Trojans spent the week finalizing the depth chart with a spirited fall scrimmage and found their #1 ranking under assault by Oklahoma and LSU. All because the Trojans took it easy on Idaho and didn't run up 70 points on them. USC only hangs 70 points on SEC teams and you can look it up, Les Miles.

` Oklahoma once went 33-3 over three seasons in the mid 80's and all three losses were to the Vaunted Canes of Miami, who established their claim to Team of the 80's with those wins. The players all said it was meaningless, but Coach Stoops understood that those red clad fans in the stands that may not go in much for book learnin' but pay his multi million-dollar salary, cared a lot. So the Sooners hung fitty on Miami and showcased their own brilliant red shirt freshman quarterback, who threw for 5 TDs.

LSU welcomed Virginia Tech into the snake pit known as Death Valley and did their Saturday night special on them. LSU does have a marvelous defense, but they have yet to face a real quarterback or a diverse Pac 10 offense. And that really cool eye in the middle of their field is bitchin.'

` So the national experts are blathering on about whether USC should be #1 or not, putting the well paid Trojan players' national championship bonus checks at risk.

Look for the Trojans to remind the country who the 5-time virtual national champion. It should be a prime time destruction of the team formerly known as Nebraska. I do admire those old school helmets of the Cornhuskers though. The "N" stands for knowledge.


The Rest: Cincinnati blasted Oregon State in a prime time embarrassment…don't count the slow starting Beavers out just yet…let's see if they can bounce back against Idaho State…. BYU finally lost a Pac 10 game to the UCLA Bruins…Mike Bellotti posed at mid field in front of the scoreboard – the legend of Mike lives on…The Bruins face Utah in a tune up for their game against Washington…ASU proved they don't play intramurals by pasting the Buffs of Colorado…Erickson's guys kept the personal fouls under double digits…Cody Hawkins looked more like a case of nepotism than a quarterback…ASU gets San Diego State next…the Aztecs just dropped a heartbreaker to WSU…Hawaii survived Louisiana Tech and look eminently beatable to this grizzled scribe…Notre Dame lost to Penn State and hopes to get well against the worst Michigan team in the last 80 years. Who would've thought that a game between Notre Dame and Michigan would be such a porker?…South Florida shocked SEC power Auburn, further bolstering Les Miles' case. I've always thought a person's name says a lot about who he is. Les Miles' parents named him perfectly.…

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