No decision yet for Wesson

It happens every year. Rumors start to spread about a possible commitment from a certain recruit and the message boards light up like a Christmas tree. This week the player that was rumored to be a Washington commit is Dominguez (Compton, Ca.) DB Manoah Wesson but he said there isn't any truth to the scuttlebutt, however he did say the Huskies still hold the top spot on his list of schools.

"When I saw that last week I was like 'what are they talking about and where did they get that?'" Wesson told regarding a blurb in a story from the Long Beach Press Telegram that said he was committed to Washington. "I like Washington a lot and they're a really good school, but I'm not committed to anyone yet."

The "yet" in Wesson's denial might be the key word. The Huskies and Utes of Utah have both offered the talented corner and he's starting to hear from Arizona, Kansas State and Washington State as well, but he has an affinity for the Washington football program and their 2-0 start hasn't hurt their chances.

"Coach (Trent) Miles called me a couple of weeks ago (September 1st) and told me they are a different program from the past couple years and that's definitely true," Wesson, who's teammate and friend Brandon Johnson, is a true freshman with the Dawgs. "They won one or two games a couple of years ago and last year they had a tough year but still won five and so far this year they've played really well.

"I'll be watching the Ohio State game this weekend with some of my friends and see how they do. I know that they like to play freshman because that freshman corner (Vonzell McDowell Jr.) has been out there all year. That's really encouraging because I want to come in and play right away and make a name for myself and if I have a chance to compete and earn some P.T. then that's a huge factor for me."

Also playing in to things is the fact that Johnson is a Dawg and he's pumped up the Husky program to Wesson.

"Oh he loves it up there," Wesson said. "I haven't talked to him since the season started, but I know he loves the city of Seattle and all of the stuff that is around there and how the program is really on the rise again."

Wesson said Washington State has been talking to him about an offer and have even intimated they wanted him to take a visit soon.

"I'm actually supposed to set something up with them in the next week or so for a game to come up on an official visit," Wesson said. "I don't remember what team they talked about me coming up to watch, but they said it was going to be a 'big game' so I'm going to work on setting that up.

"Arizona told me they like me a lot and they wanted to come and watch one of my games so they are starting to heat up and then my coaches said Kansas State has called for my transcripts and film."

Wesson and his Dominguez teammates face off against arch rival Crenshaw this weekend.

The Dons are off to a 1-1 start and Wesson said he's scored a touchdown on offense and has 12 tackles and an interception on defense.

We'll have more from Wesson in the coming weeks.

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