Boyles is 'livin' on a prayer'

The Washington football program got some tough news at the end of July when it found out two of it's top playmakers failed to receiver qualifying scores on their ACT and SAT tests. WR Anthony Boyles was one of those two (the other was WR Devin Aguilar) and he's been preparing hard for the ACT this weekend. spoke to him recently and he said the power of prayer will get him through.

"Man I'll be praying tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night and on Saturday morning," Boyles said with complete and total seriousness. "I'm asking everybody to say a prayer for me because I want to be a Husky and Washington is the only school I want to go to."

Since he's had a lot of free time on his hands, he's been meeting with a tutor five days a week and working out several times a day.

"Studying and working out, that's about it," Boyles said. "That's my life right now and that's what it will be when I get there."

Boyles said, unlike his previous tests, he's set up to view his scores on a computer so he expects to get his results within three weeks.

"If I can get it in two weeks or around that, then I can enroll for classes with everyone else," Boyles said. "It's all set up and now it's just up to me to get the job done."

So has Boyles learned any lessons from his struggles to enroll in college?

"I learned that life isn't a game, it's serious and you need to take everything seriously or else you can miss out on things you've worked hard for," Boyles said. "I love to play football and I worked hard at that, but I didn't work as hard in the classroom so all my work on the football field could end up going to waste, but I'm going to fight to get there."

On the field, Boyles has been watching his hopefully, soon-to-be teammates in their first two games and he plans to hustle home from his ACT test on Saturday to watch them in their big game this weekend against Ohio State.

"Since the game starts at 12:30, that's about when the test ends so I can get back home real quick and watch them play," Boyles said. "They're playing real tough and I love Jake (Locker) and what kind of a player he is.

"It would be cool to watch them throw it down the field a little more, but I'm sure that will come with experience."

We'll have more from Boyles in the coming weeks as he waits patiently for his results. Either way, he'll be praying he's in Seattle very soon to take advantage of the opportunity that's in front of him.

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