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OK. The Huskies have beaten the two teams on their pre-conference schedule that most thought they could. Boise State was a bigger test than the Syracuse one, but they have passed both with flying colors. And now comes the "A" game on the docket, The Ohio State University. Here is how the staff sees it going.

Chris Fetters, Editor.

Washington is ready for the Ohio State University. The Huskies offense was not totally unveiled against neither Syracuse nor Boise State, but the Buckeyes will feel the entire wrath of Tim Lappano's playbook. And trust me, the Huskies will need every page to score against this defense of Jim Tressel's. The Buckeyes' defense is fast, big, and extremely tough. These linebackers that Rankin and Locker will face are the best they'll see until USC brings their trio of future NFLers into Seattle. Still, I feel that this will be the greatest win in the Tyrone era to date, and Washington will come out on top of a defensive battle.

Prediction: Washington 17, Ohio State 9
Derek Johnson, Columnist.

For all the relative hell the Husky diehards have endured the past few years, it feels great to feel optimism again. It's hard to believe that the Dawgs haven't been 2-0 in six years, but it is what it is. Where we stand now is face-to-face with Ohio State. My one concern doesn't stem from the Buckeyes' massive offensive line, but rather from their defense. In seeing Boise State shut down the Husky offense by crowding the line of scrimmage, it makes me wonder how the Huskies can fare against a really good defense. That's why, despite an entertaining game, the chips will ultimately fall in Ohio State's direction.

Prediction: Ohio State 24, Washington 16
Scott Eklund, Recruiting and Beat Writer.

Logically the Huskies and the Ohio State Buckeyes is a pretty even match up. The Husky offense versus the Buckeye defense will tell the tale of the game. If Jake Locker can lead the Dawgs to some points and if they can muster any sort of a threat on the ground, they have a chance to control the clock and the pace of the game. On defense, the Huskies will get after Josh Boeckman and pressure him more than they tried to last week while hoping to contain Chris Wells. Logic tells me the Huskies should lose a low-scoring affair, but what the hell does logic know? Dawgs win a squeaker and Husky Nation proclaims they're back from the dead.

Prediction: Washington 23, Ohio State 20
Pat Thrapp, Columnist.

Normally I have been pretty conservative in my picks. I think the Big 10 as a whole is overrated this year. So I am going to go out on a limb here, and say our Washington team is going to handle Ohio State. Sure they have a good defense. Yet that is against some lightweights. Sure they are a well respected program. Yet history does not win games. I just think UW is better right now. This game will be another blemish on the Big 10 slate. How good is that!

Prediction: Washington 23, Ohio State 17
David Samek, Publisher.

I am very excited to see what will happen on Saturday. Ohio State has a sophomore quarterback that has been less than stellar so far, so I expect Ohio State to try to smash the Huskies in the face between the tackles on offense, and on defense their linebackers will obviously take away Jake's legs and make him beat them on the strength of his arm. The Buckeyes will give Locker all kinds of new looks in the secondary that will likely lead to some mistakes, but Washington has the defensive speed this year to not only compete with the Buckeyes, but hold them down enough to beat them. In a tough ground-oriented game, Washington comes out on top and leaves the game nationally ranked.

Prediction: Washington 17, Ohio State 14
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations.

Jake Locker is the most exciting Husky football player since Marques Tuiasosopo was back calling the shots. Jake is fast, big, strong, and still extremely young. This will be the first time in his career where a defense will be fast enough to take away his running game, and trust me, Ohio State will be scheming to take away his rushing attack as well as keying on Louis Rankin. Their linebackers run so well that they can do both, and will hand the game to their secondary to shut down the Husky receivers. Washington is getting better, but they aren't quite ready to win a game of this magnitude.

Prediction: Ohio State 24, Washington 10
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus.

The Buckeyes travel to Washington for the first time since 1994 - think Eddie George - and bring with them the No. 10 ranking in both polls. If there was ever a game to gauge exactly where this program is at, contender or pretender, THIS IS IT. Washington will need to slow down Buckeye's running back Chris Wells, play mistake-free football, and move the ball on the ground behind Locker and Rankin to have a chance. And with the Husky Stadium faithful sure to be its loudest since the hated Hurricanes came to the Pacific Northwest seven years ago, I think it'll be a day to celebrate for Montlake Jake and company.

Prediction: Washington 28, Ohio State 24
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-4.

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Prediction: Washington 42, Ohio State 7
Dick Baird, Columnist.
Washington wins again this week in another upset. What did you expect from me? The skilled players account for 4 big break-aways and the defense holds the Buckeyes to 2 touchdowns and a field goal and adds a defensive score. Washington loses the statistic battle but wins the game by being error free and winning the kicking game. Locker and Rankin both run for over a hundred and Washington's defense hangs on again for the victory. So it be said, so let it be done.

Prediction: Washington 27, Ohio State 17
Rick Samek, Columnist.

It has to help the Huskies that Jake Locker has been up against better competition than Todd Boeckman, and might be better prepared for the quickness of the game. One wonders if tOSU will employ some sort of spy on Locker, keeping him in between the hashes and daring him to throw to beat them. The Washington ground game will no doubt get its sternest test of the young season. Offensively, Ohio State hasn't scared anyone with their performances against two inferior opponents, and they might find trouble on the road against an improving – and FAST - Husky defense. Last week was surprisingly low scoring, but this week would surprise me if the points start piling up. It's an early call, but I think Washington will get to 3-0.

Prediction: Washington 23, Ohio State 13
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