Player Quotes - Ohio State

It was a somber media room on Saturday following Ohio State's 33-14 thumping of Washington at Husky Stadium. Read on for the thoughts of several players who said they plan to bounce back next week against UCLA.

DT Jordan Reffett

On the mentality of the defense after Curtis Shaw's fumble: "Mentally, it was ‘we gotta get a stop'. I mean you have to stop the bleeding. It's like the 10-game losing streak for the Mariners. They have to get a pitcher out there to get a win. It's one of those things where we've got to get out there and make a big play and we have to make something happen. Give Ohio State credit because they played soundly – we couldn't get a turnover and we couldn't really get a stop. When it's a day like that, it's tough."

On his animated display on the sideline: "I just told my guys on this team to just dial in and play one play at time and give it your best and go as hard as you can. You know, don't let things effect you that you can't effect the outcome. The last play is the last play. I look in their eyes and when we look around the room we count on each other. I think that we did that, but I just think we were outplayed today."

On if the team was shell-shocked by Ohio State's quick scores: "There's no shell-shock on this team. We've got some great athletes and some great players and some great leadership and great seniors, but we just got a rough patch today. They had a couple quick touchdowns there to make it 17-7 and that's tough and we had a couple turnovers and a couple penalties and when stuff like that happens you just have to pull together and see if you can make better things happen.

On if Ohio State is the most physical team they've played: "I don't think so. I think that Boise State was more physical up front than this team and I think that this team played better today than we played. I think that we could play a lot better. I'm not worried at all about this team. I think we're going to go out there and work hard and head down to play a tough team in UCLA and play a good game against them."

QB Jake Locker

On the half-time adjustments: "They did a lot of the same things in the second half. We moved the ball and got down into the redzone a couple times, but we turned the ball over and you just can't do that."

On preparations for UCLA: "It's going to be the same things. Just go out and focus and focus on the Bruins for next week."

On the mentality of the team after scoring the touchdown right before halftime: "I felt like after we scored the touchdown we had the momentum and then we came out and we didn't score on that first drive there and that's on our offense because we stalled out there and we weren't able to put it in the endzone and if we score there it would have been a different game."

On the interception off the shovel pass: "(James Larinaitis) made a great play. I was two feet away from him. I don't know how he got it, but I went to flip it and he tipped it up in the air and made the catch. That's a great player making a great play."

On the athleticism of Ohio State's defense: "Oh yeah, they had good players at every position and they got to the ball fast. They reacted to the pass fast. They're a great defense."

CB Vonzell McDowell Jr.

On his state-of-mind: "I've got a lot of emotions going through my head right now. I gave up some plays and could have played better, but that's how it goes."

On where he goes from here: "I'm just going to grow from it. I'm going to get ready for UCLA and have good practices this week and work on the little things and just get better all around this week."

On if he was expecting them to challenge him in the second half: "I kind of had a feeling they were going to come to me, just because of the way things happened. I could have played it better, but I just have to learn from things."

RB Louis Rankin

On the confidence in the running game: "I felt we could have run the ball on this team. That's one of the opportunities we just didn't get to take advantage of, but I felt like the holes were really there."

On the momentum shift: "They got some breaks. They scored 14 points pretty fast and whenever a team does that it's going to be difficult to fight back. I feel like we didn't take advantage of that today, but you should look for us to capitalize on that in the future."

On the mentality of the team: "I feel like this is a totally different team and we're going to bounce back. We're not going to dwell on the loss. Normally, we'd dwell on the things and say ‘we could have done this' or ‘we should have done that', but we're not going to think about that and we're going to come in tomorrow and look at our mistakes and correct them and come back even stronger next week."

WR Anthony Russo

On Ohio State: "That's most definitely a great football team. They have a great defense, but we feel like we really did in ourselves."

On the character of the Huskies: "I feel like we have better character on this team than we've had in the past. We're not going to let this game get us down. We're going into Pac 10 play next week against UCLA and we'll get ready for them."

On the drops of the receivers: "I don't think we're still on that learning curve. We're comfortable with Jake, we just need to make those plays plain and simple that's on us. There might be a couple of plays where he throws it behind us, but if it hits both of our hands we have to make the catch."

On the senior leadership: "We need to let them know we still have got their back and that we believe in their abilities. I mean, they're starting for a reason and they're playing for a reason so we just have to keep them going. I don't think (they young guys) are down at all and they have a great attitude."

LB E.J. Savannah

On the defensive struggles: "Right when they got the fumble recovery, I think that that change of possession we should have jumped on them, but they ended up taking advantage of it and got back to back touchdowns and I think that was a momentum shift at the beginning of the second half."

On the incomplete pass that looked like a turnover: "I thought it was a fumble and I picked it up and started to return it. It looked like a fumble, but it was real unfortunate because that could have helped us a lot emotionally and given us a lot of momentum."

On missed interception opportunities: "That hurts you too. Anytime you know you should have had a pick or picked up a fumble that hurts you and it takes a lot of the morale of the defense and you just have to keep fighting."

On missed opportunities in general: "I think that we just didn't make the routine plays today and the coaches talked all week about making the routine plays and I think we didn't do that this weekend."

On this game being a learning experience: "We missed way too many tackles. I think that they really got us ready to go into the season. Physically, they kicked our ass and I'm not going to say anything else."

LB Donald Butler

On the difference in the game: "It all comes back to those routine plays. It's real frustrating, you gotta give Ohio State credit, they won today, but there were definitely some things that we could have done differently and they ended up capitalizing on our mistakes."

On the mentality of the team at halftime: "We were ready to go. The offense had just put up seven points. The defense was ready and the offense was ready and when we got back out there they drove right down and just some routine stuff that we didn't take advantage of and that's why we lost."

On whether the defense wore down: "No I don't think so. I still have energy right now. They were big up front so I'll give them credit for that and some of the blocking schemes were a little different, but we made adjustments on the sidelines and I guess it was just a little too late though." Top Stories