The Fifth Quarter - Ohio State

At the Fifth Quarter, we pick up all the loose ends from Saturday's game, including full stats, players and coaches of the game, turning points and other opinions on Ohio State's 33-14 victory at Washington.

The final full statistics of the game can be found here.

Offensive Player of the Game - Jake Locker. 102 yards rushing and 255 yards of total offense, Jake was the only consistent offensive threat against a very, very good Ohio State team. Runner-up: Anthony Russo.

Defensive Player of the Game - Donald Butler. The leading tackler on the day, Butler was everywhere, racking up 11 tackles, one for loss and a couple of pass breakups. Runner-up: E.J. Savannah.

Turning point - Curtis Shaw's fumble. After giving up a bomb, the Huskies needed to recover with an offense drive, and instead their frosh returner - pressed into action because of Brandon Johnson's bruised ribs - coughed up the rock. There was no indication it was going to happen either, as Shaw had a 35-yard return to start the second half. But when Beanie Wells waltzed into the end zone two plays later, it was 17-7 Ohio State, and the Buckeyes laid the hammer down.

Play of the Game - The 68-yard touchdown pass from Todd Boeckman to Brian Robiskie. The Buckeyes were moving the ball up and down the field, but in the first half basically had nothing to show for it. And then, all it took Ohio State was two plays to start the second half - with the bomb to Robiskie - to light up the scoreboard in the Buckeyes' favor.

Unit of the game - The Offense. They amassed nearly 350 yards and 20 first downs against the statistical No. 1 defense in the country. They just couldn't convert when they had a chance in the red zone. Even so, there's a ton of learning and positives the offense can take from this game moving forward.

Assistant of the game - Mike Denbrock. Clearly the key to offensive success this season is going to be the health of Jake Locker, and at least when he's in the pocket, his health is in the hands of the offensive line. There were definitely some hurries and knockdowns that the OL will want to clean up before hitting the road to Los Angeles, but for the most part they kept Locker upright and mobile. The Huskies also had 142 yards rushing against a run defense that had only allowed 88 total rush yards in their first two games. So give Denbrock some kudos, but he'd be the first to admit that the OL has a long ways to go before truly being competitive at the way the coaches need them to be.

Fan 'o meter - From 1 to 10, we give it an 8. Just by the number alone - 74,927 - I'd give it a 10. And with the early false start penalty that forced Ohio State into settling for a field goal, it was easy to see that the noise was making a difference. But when the team needed the fans the most, they weren't there. And just like the team is lacking strength in numbers in certain positions, it wasn't fun watching the aisles with about eight minutes to go. Purple lemmings is the thought that comes to mind...

Stat of the game - Turnovers told the story again. Four to zero is not something Tyrone Willingham envisioned heading into the game, and he said after the game there were four chances to gain turnovers on their end they didn't capitalize on. Missed opportunities was the name of this game.

Note of the game - Husky senior defensive tackle Jordan Reffett blocked a field goal for the second consecutive Saturday. Prior to his block versus Boise State last Saturday, the Huskies hadn't blocked a field goal since Larry Tripplett blocked one in 2001. Top Stories