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SEATTLE - This week's blog is on the rebound. Both UCLA and Washington are licking their wounds, and at the same time hoping like heck to get off to a good start in conference play. So keep it locked here all week for the latest news and notes coming out from Montlake, as well as quarter-by-quarter analysis of the UW-UCLA game, played Saturday at the Rose Bowl at 7:15 p.m.

3 Q Thoughts
Well, not exactly how they drew it coming out of the tunnel for the second half, to be sure, but that first drive by UCLA in the second half sure felt like it was 'definitive' - as in we definitely have control over this game, and as long as we don't beat ourselves, UW can't beat us. Hard to counter that logic.

And note to Pac-10 defensive coordinators; all you're going to have to do to figure out UW's offense is do this - force No. 10 to throw. Jake's got an unbelievable future ahead of him - but he's clearly alone out there when it comes to playmakers, and he's playing like a guy that is trying to do it all. Hopefully he will get settled in and learn some more valuable lessons about life on the road...because it doesn't get a whole lot easier. Saturday
2 Q Thoughts
Again, not much different than the first, except the Huskies let a couple of big plays go, and the Bruins capitalized on one of them. But really, this game so far is about the Bruins beating themselves up with penalties and just dumb luck. The Huskies' only touchdown came after a ball hit a UCLA player while he was on the ground during a punt. Chris Stevens was johnny-on-the-spot and the offense was able to drive the final 26 yards for paydirt.

The biggest flaw right now that I see is the Huskies' inability to tackle like they have up to this point in the season. That has been one of the more fundamental parts of their game that they've taken care of. Against UCLA, I can think of at least four Bruin first-half drives that were extended because a UCLA player was able to break free short of the marker and then earn the first down after a missed tackle. That kind of thing will drive Kent Baer and the defensive coaches nuts.

Here are some quickie halftime stats:
UW 34 total plays for 132 yards, UCLA 41 total plays for 283 yards.
UW had 6 first downs, UCLA had 12.
UCLA had 15:54 in possession, UW 14:06
Locker is UW's leading rusher with 7 carries for 74 yards. Chris Markey is the Bruins' leading rusher with 4 carries for 91 yards.
Locker is 5-13 passing for 33 yards and one score. Pat Cowan is 9-18 for 86 yards.

1 Q Thoughts
Dang, that appeared to be an awfully one-sided quarter, but the scoreboard reads 3-0. The Huskies' O has generated just first down. They have to sustain a drive for a few minutes, just to give the defense a breather. It appears that both teams have settled into the flow of the game, but 4:28 seconds of possession in the quarter is definitely not going to cut it.

But credit the Huskies' D - they gave up over 100 yards rushing and were on the field over 10 minutes that quarter and the Bruins have only a field goal to show for it. Now it's up to the offense to carry their share of the load for the next quarter and beyond...

Kickoff is here!!
The Bruins just came out onto the field, and Washington just comes running out of their end, no huddle or anything. They are greeted with a loud chorus of boos, especially on the south side of the Rose Bowl. Looks like the rain has pretty much stopped. As I thought earlier, Russo, Reffett, Rankin and Howell are the captains, and they will receive to start the game. I'll be back with quarter-by-quarter assessments of how the game is progressing, as well as any other notes I stumble upon during the course of the game.

7 minutes before kickoff
Well, I think the rain has scared off a few fans, but for the most part it's going to be a nice turnout. It's very cool (low 60's, I'm guessing), and while the west part of the bowl is full, I doubt it's going to be particularly loud for the visitors. I'm actually fairly impressed by the UW turnout. Essentially the north end is in purple. I'd guess at least 3-4 thousand, maybe more. Overall, there's probably going to be 60,000 or so for the game, if I had to guess.

The UCLA band already did the national anthem at the 15-minute mark, a rarity. Neither team is out yet, but I expect them shortly.

20 minutes before kickoff
The rain is definitely coming down now, although it doesn't appear that it's much more than a steady sprinkle. The Huskies are heading back into the locker room. Definitely saw a lot of guys like Charles Hawkins and Tony Chidiac working their way into the passing game - we'll see how much of Tim Lappano's thoughts about switching things up in the pass game becomes reality.

40 minutes before kickoff
Ben Olson is definitely not playing in the game. The three QB's the Bruins have at the ready are Pat Cowan, McLeod Bethel-Thompson and true frosh Chris Forcier.

Watching the Huskies warm up, it looks like Zach Gerasin and Robert Lukevich ponied up some dough to come and be with the team tonightl. Based on the Husky Jacks, Anthony Russo, Dan Howell, Jordan Reffett and Louis Rankin were the leaders, so expect them to be the game-day captains.

One hour before kickoff
Found out game won't start until 7:28 p.m....The north end has a nice purple tint to it, and just to the east of them is a UCLA student section, decked in blue. The kicking teams are out for both teams, and players are coming out in their respective groups. Ryan Perkins is trying kicks from 47 yards and showing plenty of leg. The centers and QB's came out, and it sure looks like Matt Sedillo is UW's No. 2 center...there has to be at least 100 prospects and parents on the UCLA sidelines, watching the warmups...just saw UW walk-on WR Charles Hawkins working as a holder on kicks.

4:35 p.m.
Afternoon practice notes
Everyone was practicing, no red in sight. Byron Davenport was working out there during the Huskies' two-minute drill period. I have no idea if he's close to 100 percent, but seeing him out there was encouraging.

Mostly what I saw in the 25 minutes allotted was the defense working on securing the ball - on scoop-and-score drills, passed being thrown to them, etc... Clearly the defensive coaches do not want what happened last week to happen again. Especially when you are in conference and on the road, anytime you can create a turnover you have to take advantage.

Case in point; during the 2-minute session, Jake Locker was moving the team down the field and was inside UW territory. He scrambled out to pass and he threw back to what he thought was an open receiver, but Mesphin Forrester came up with the interception. So good news, bad news. Bad throw, great interception. That's the crux of always having to play against yourself in practice.

3:45 p.m.
Willingham afternoon notes
Said that injury-wise, they look pretty good right now. Said that Dan Howell, Brandon Johnson and Byron Davenport all worked Wednesday and they should be good to go for Saturday night's game.

Asked about the stadium renovation, and he said that it's a huge deal for the program and recruiting. "When you can make things better for the fans, you make things better for the players, because they can feel that emotion, that joy. It's a plus for us."

Asked about preparing for one QB at the beginning of the week (Ben Olson) and now having to prepare for another (Pat Cowan) now, and he said that it definitely is different because one is right-handed and one is left-handed, and that is big when looking at how an offense views the game. With a right-handed QB they may like to run right and pass left - or vise-versa. And with a left-handed QB it might be totally different. "It dilutes some of what you can do (to prepare)."

It's expected to rain Saturday night, and Willingham said that UW should be well acclimated to it.

Asked about playing a team that might feel as if their backs up against the wall, and he said that he doesn't know what they'll do, but he'd like his team to always act like their backs are up against the wall, for a number of reasons. "That way you can only get hit in the front," he quipped.

He has talked about his team being 'road warriors' when they leave Seattle. He said that being a 'road warrior' means you're only focused on one thing - getting the job done. "Nothing else is important."

4:35 p.m.
Afternoon practice notes
Team in full pads today. Houston was the only player in red, but he was working out, even doing the angle tackle drills before their full team period.

Stanley Daniels and Hugh Millen were at practice.

Trying to sort through the mystery that is the backup RB spot, it appeared that Curtis Shaw took the next handoffs in line behind Rankin, followed by J.R. Hasty, but since all the tailbacks after Rankin are wearing scout team numbers, I can't be 100 percent sure.

3:55 p.m.
Willingham afternoon notes
Coach said that Matt Houston was the only player really limited Tuesday. Guys like Byron Davenport, J.R. Hasty, Brandon Johnson, Cody Ellis, Wilson Afoa, Jason Wells, Darrion Jones, Dan Howell, Luke Kravitz - all seemed to be working at least most of practice. Said that Kravitz' situation is such that, as his hand/wrist heals, the amount of bandaging and taping can be reduced, which will allow him to do more things in the run game.

Asked about Davenport, and Willingham said that Bryon knows his own body, and when his body tells him that he's able to go, he'll listen. Asked about Erik Folk, and Willingham said that his condition (back) is getting better, but it isn't going to change the status of the kickers right now.

The maximum number of players UW can take on a Pac-10 road trip is 64, and right now he's planning on taking four running backs.

3:45 p.m.
Wednesday's Scout links
First, from BRO...here is Karl Dorrell's Tuesday practice update. Here is an interview with P.J. Irvin, who will start for the injured Shannon Tevaga on Saturday night. And lastly, here's an editorial by BRO Football Columnist Charles Chiccoa, who gives another perspective on the UCLA-Utah Bruin debacle.

For the Dawgman links, we have Rico's world famous preview.

1:45 p.m.
Kent Baer notes
Said that he really didn't see anything different on film study that he didn't already see during the Ohio State game. Said that since they played a team that played for the national championship nine months prior, he didn't have a problem losing to a team that was just better. But he did have a problem with some of the mental breakdowns, and those will get fixed.

Said that UCLA has speed at the skill positions. Said that when you watch them play Florida State last year, you see their receivers beating Seminole DB's, so you know they are fast. They have two good tailbacks, and it seems like they always have good, skilled talent. Added that when you look at points and yardage, when you rack up over 620 yards on the road (Stanford), that is scary.

He was asked about preparing for the possibility of seeing two quarterbacks (Ben Olson and Pat Cowan) and he said that you really can't adequately prepare for both, you just have to 'do what we do' and make some general adjustments for the right-handed guy (Cowan) and the left-handed guy (Olson) and make sure they know each QB's tendencies, but other than that you can't change too much for what you decide to gameplan for. Added that he's watched a lot of tape of Cowan the last couple of days, so he's familiar with what he can do.

Asked about Vonzell McDowell 'bouncing forward' and Baer said that you have to have a short memory at that position, and when Vonzell came out he asked him if he was OK and Vonzell smiled and said he was fine. Added that he probably didn't have the best technique on that play, but he was one of many, many others that made mistakes out there - his is just the one people are focused on.

Asked about the injuries to Marcus Everett and Shannon Tevaga, and Baer said he wasn't sure how it would affect UCLA's gameplan offensively, but did say he felt Tevaga was probably their best lineman, but because they bunch up their splits so tight on the OL and use a lot of gap-blocking schemes, they probably will be able to go on without a lot of issues.

Said that he thinks the team is upset about some of the things that happened against Ohio State, and he's seen it in practice and the way they've gone about their work. Added that he felt the front 7 was really good at times, especially the front 4, but there were a couple of blocking schemes they didn't recognize at the time, and they've learned from that and have moved on to UCLA.

Asked about the turnovers UCLA had against Utah, and he said that the turnover ratio stat is the most important stat in football. Mentioned Oregon at +8 and how impressive that is. Added that UW was +3 going into the Ohio State game and had their chances to make plays. "That fumble (returned by E.J. Savannah) should have been a touchdown. You've got to make plays. That's your best chance."

Asked about what they've seen so far that would compare to what they'll see on Saturday, and he said that the Bruins are probably closest to Ohio State in terms of personnel group and how they line up and things like that, but they definitely are nothing like Boise State or Syracuse.

12:50 p.m.
Spoke with Byron Davenport
Said that today is the day they will start testing that right hamstring, the one he tweaked right before the BSU game. Said the other one hasn't been a problem for a while now. Said that his grandfather will be at the UCLA game and he's also coming up for the USC game.

Just talking with Davenport - he is just bursting with energy. He's so ready to put the pads on and hit someone, it's sickening. And knowing he's going back to his old stomping grounds - he said that it's just going to be crazy on Saturday night. "They'll be some talking." Asked if he had any information on the UCLA receivers he could pass onto the UW coaches, and he said that there's no need. "They know who the goats are."

Added that "it's time" and it's really important for him to make this road trip - not because he'd be going back to UCLA, but because he was expected to be ready and already playing by now, and it's killing him that he can't be out there contributing.

12:35 p.m.
Spoke with Dan Howell
Said he expects to be ready to go against UCLA. Said that he was frustrated at not being able to play against Ohio State, but he wasn't 100 percent and the coaches were right to sit him. Said that he won't be on kickoff coverage, but other than that he doesn't know if he's on a play count in terms of the coaches giving him a rough nunber they expect out of him. Even though he's wearing a pretty big brace on his knee (which he injured against Boise State), he said that when he's playing he doesn't even notice it.

4:35 p.m.
Tuesday's practice notes
Watched Dan Howell before warmups. He has a big brace on his right knee, but was doing all the drills he was supposed to, and didn't really seem to be favoring that knee at all. He appeared to be pretty fired up about getting out there to practice, so hopefully that's a good sign for the senior LB from Newhall, Calif.

There were 10 running backs in Coach Miles' group today, but only three of them - Rankin, Homer and Kravitz - had on their regular numbers. Everyone else had 'show' team, or 'scout' team numbers on. From what we could make out, J.R. Hasty and Willie Griffin were Kahlil Bell; Brandon Johnson and Brandon Yakaboski were Chris Markey, and Curtis Shaw had on No. 1 - so he was probably showing Brandon Breazell. Austin Sylvester and Tobias Togi were showing for UCLA's No. 1 FB, Trevor Theriot.

Byron Davenport was wearing the No. 3 of Bruin cornerback Rodney Van, so you could take that a couple of different ways. Is he healthy enough to show on scout team, and if he is, wouldn't he be getting ready? Or, he's still behind Vonzell McDowell, and numbers are thin enough that none of the backups can avoid scout duty. I'm sure it's probably the latter.

Sean Douglas was out there, working with the punters again. Since he graduated in four years, Douglas can still work with the team as a student assistant, as long as he's within his five-years to complete four years of eligibility. He still is, so he's helping out for the time-being.

Only player I saw in red today appeared to be Darrion Jones.

3:55 p.m.
Tuesday's links
First, from Bruin Report Online:
Here is Tracy Pierson's take on the Utah game, and the ramifications it may hold for Bruin Head Coach Karl Dorrell. Tracy, as always, doesn't mince words. And here is a link to a story that includes Dorrell's Monday press conference, for those interested in what he had to say to the LA media.

We have a few Dawgman links to share. First is my Willingham piece, where Tyrone makes it clear that the Huskies are not falling for UCLA being in bad shape, even though they just lost by 36 on the road to a team from the MWC. Dawgman also came out with his weekly editorial, which talked about the improvements he's already seen from the Huskies this early in the season. And of course, I can't forget Race Bannon's award-winning Duckfighter Illustrated. I'm just trying to figure out where I hid those awards...

2:50 p.m.
Tim Lappano notes
Spoke with Lappano today about what he saw last week, what he expects to see with UCLA, and also about the status of the different position groups in the offense.

He said that even thought they may be 9th in defense in the Pac-10 right now, that's not the defense he expects to see Saturday. Added that they have 10 returning starters back, and the Bruins got after the Huskies good in the first half last year. Said that Bruce Davis is one of the finest speed rushers in the country. "We have to be aware of where he is at."

Said that UCLA's getting a lot of yards against them in the air, but that's because they always bump you at the line and cover on an island, and when you do that you're going to get blistered with deep balls every once in a while. "You gamble when you play man." Added that UCLA is a 40 percent blitz team, and the Huskies saw 47 blitzes last week on 71 offensive plays, so they are expecting it. He said that he would be looking at last year's UCLA game, as well as the games played this year by the Bruins to see what they could game-plan for, and he expects UCLA to look at Ohio State and Boise State to see what was effective against the Huskies.

Said when he watched the Utah tape he was hoping to see the Utes marching up and down the field, but instead saw that UCLA basically killed themselves with turnovers.

Said when he went back and looked at the Ohio State tape, there were more missed assignments than he realized at first. "We let too many plays slip away."

Asked about D'Andre Goodwin, and Lappano said that they tried to get him going with that reverse on Saturday, and since he is the fastest player on the team he's definitely going to try and incorporate him more into the offense.

Asked about the running backs, and Lappano said they are definitely looking for a second running back to help out Louis Rankin, and he added that they would probably take four running backs to UCLA, and when you do that those other running backs need to help out in special teams as well. Said that in the skill positions, he wants to have fresh guys in there all the time, so they can give maximum effort. Said that, for instance, when you get receivers that are tired out there, it shows up in their route running and concentration, and they have enough receivers that they should be able to have experienced, fresh bodies out there at all times.

Also asked about Curtis Shaw and how well he's recovered mentally from Ohio State, and Lappano thinks Shaw is fine. Said that the team picked him up, and while what he did wasn't what they want to see, it's just another one of those 'tough growing pains' every frosh goes through. Asked if it was important that he get right back out there for the UCLA game, even though he was taken right out after his fumble against Ohio State, and Lappano said absolutely. "We can't be afraid, be on our heels. We committed to playing the freshmen, and he's going to be playing every game the rest of the year. And we have the confidence to put him back in there. But given the circumstances of the game, third biggest crowd in history and all that, I thought bringing him out was the best thing to do for him."

Asked about the offensive line, and he said that they aren't getting out-physicaled at all, it's more mental mistakes than anything...technique, assignments, things like that. Said that the OL and QB are the two spots where mental mistakes are the most glaring.

Asked about the tight ends, and Lappano said that he has not given up on them by any means, and their involvement has directly to do with the game-plan and what their needs are. He was also asked about how Chris Izbicki is coming along, and Lappano is very happy about Izbicki's progress, saying that Chris is tough, a competitor, and scrappy. "He works hard. He gives us a good look on the show team. And he's going to keep getting bigger, faster and stronger and start to resemble those tight ends Washington's been known for in the past, like (Mark) Bruener."

Asked about Jake Locker and how he's assimilating everything into his management of the game, and Lappano said that he's doing a very good job. Said the biggest thing they are talking about with him this week is that it's OK for him to call a timeout if it's warranted. "Hopefully we're running out of all the different situations out there, but I'm sure he's going to find a time where if he doesn't call a timeout, it could be costly. And we run out two-minute offense in practice without timeouts. But there have been situations in the past couple of weeks where he could have called timeout. And he'll learn that.

"But overall, he's running things good. He's got a good command out there, he doesn't panic. And when things go wrong, he doesn't hold his head. He's hard on himself, but he's the kind of guy that wants to go right back out there and get it right. He's about as strong mentally as I've been around. And that's why he's going to be a great player here. "

Monday Scout links and notes
First, we have UCLA's revamped season projection after getting dismantled by Utah on the road. Tracy Pierson of Bruin Report Online has UCLA bouncing back in the comfy comfines of the Rose Bowl.

Secondly we also have a couple of Dawgman links. This is my take on the job the coordinators face as they head into Pac-10 play with a team a liitle young in spots and learning every day. Coach Baird also came out Monday with his Coaches Corner, which talked about his impressions of the Ohio State game and what the Huskies need to do in order to win on the road against UCLA.

We also have some CollegeFootballNews.com links. First is their look back to week three, including their quick analysis of the Ohio State game and what it means going forward. Early on, it looks like they are predicting a win for the Huskies in Pasadena. Jake Locker is mentioned as being on the radar in talking about the top-10 players in the country, and is the only redshirt freshman in the country listed that's not playing for the University of Oklahoma (Sam Bradford and Demarco Murray). Also, their revised bowl projections have the Huskies playing in the Bay Area. And lastly, the Huskies lost four spots in CFN's rankings from 1 to 119.

This week's Pepsi Players of the game, as announced by Tyrone Willingham Monday...
Offense - Paul Homer
Defense - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
Special Teams - Louis Rankin

And this week's Scout team honorees...
Offense - Ronnie Fouch
Defense - Cort Dennison
Special Teams - Marquis Persley

UCLA's two-deeps announced
SE 9 Marcus Everett (6-1, 204, Sr.) (1)  OR 
 26 Joe Cowan (6-4, 219, Sr.**) (2) 
 19 Dominique Johnson (6-3, 209, So.) 
 11 Osaar Rasshan (6-4, 216, So.**) 
LT 73 Micah Kia (6-6, 303, So.) (3) 
 78 Aleksey Lanis (6-5, 319, So.**) 
LG 67 P.J. Irvin (6-5, 308, Sr.**) 
 51 Nathaniel Skaggs (6-4, 299, Jr.**) 
 71 Shannon Tevaga (6-2, 316, Sr.) (3)# 
C 60 Chris Joseph (6-5, 287, Sr.) (3) 
 58 Micah Reed (6-4, 307, Jr.**) 
 50 Aaron Meyer (6-1, 283, Jr.**) 
RG 74 Noah Sutherland (6-4, 295, Sr.**) (3) 
 75 Nick Ekbatani (6-4, 287, Jr.) 
 51 Nathaniel Skaggs (6-4, 299, Jr.**) 
RT 68 Brian Abraham (6-6, 298, Sr.) (3) 
 72 Sean Sheller (6-5, 271, Fr.**) 
TE 86 Logan Paulsen (6-6, 252, Jr.) (3) 
 18 William Snead (6-5, 238, Sr.**) (3) 
 87 Tyler Holland (6-4, 240, Jr.**)^ 
 99 Scott Glicksberg (6-4, 257, Jr.**) (1) 
 83 Adam Heater (6-5, 250, So.**) 
QB 7 Ben Olson (6-4, 227, Jr.**) (3) 
 14 McLeod Bethel-Thompson (6-4, 224, Fr.**)^ 
 12 Pat Cowan (6-5, 220, Jr.**) # 
FB 31 Trevor Theriot (6-0, 229, So.**)^ (1) 
 49 Fred Holmes (6-2, 231, Sr.) 
 46 Chad Moline (6-0, 228, Sr.**)^  
 32 Michael Pitre (5-11, 226, Sr.**)# 
TB 28 Chris Markey (5-10, 210, Sr.) (3)  OR 
 36 Kahlil Bell (6-0, 211, Jr.) 
 42 Chane Moline (6-1, 225, So.) 
 24 Christian Ramirez (6-3, 206, So.) 
FL 1 Brandon Breazell (6-0, 162, Sr.) (1) 
 4 Terrence Austin (5-10, 164, So.) 
 10 Gavin Ketchum (6-5, 202, Jr.) 
 6 Jamil Turner (6-1, 199, So.**) 
 2 Ryan Graves (6-1, 166, Jr.**) 

LE 96 Nikola Dragovic (6-4, 263, Sr.**) (2) 
 56 Tom Blake (6-4, 263, Jr.**) (1) 
 91 Reginald Stokes (6-3, 251, Fr.**) 
 98 Jeff Miller (6-5, 249, Fr.**) 
DT 52 Jess Ward (6-4, 287, So.**) (1) 
 90 Jerzy Siewierski (6-2, 290, So.) 
 85 David Carter (6-5, 259, Fr.**) 
 93 Brigham Harwell (6-2, 299, Sr.) (2)# 
DT 75 Kevin Brown (6-3, 294, Sr.**) (3) 
 50 Chase Moline (6-2, 268, Jr.) 
RE 44 Bruce Davis (6-3, 234, Sr.**) (3) 
 55 Korey Bosworth (6-1, 233, So.**) 
 47 Chinonso Anyanwu (6-4, 219, So.**) 
SLB 54 Kyle Bosworth (6-1, 222, Jr.) 
 53 Joshua Edwards (6-1, 223, Jr.**) 
 42 Aaron Whittington (6-2, 215, Sr.**) (2)# 
MLB 33 Christian Taylor (6-1, 220, Sr.**) (3) 
 12 John Hale (6-4, 226, Jr.) 
 45 Tobi Umodu (6-0, 231, Fr.**) 
WLB 51 Reggie Carter (6-1, 220, So.**) (2) 
 53 Joshua Edwards (6-1, 223, Jr.**) 
 8 Shawn Oatis (6-0, 218, So.**) 
LC 23 Trey Brown (5-9, 189, Sr.**) (3) 
 22 Michael Norris (5-9, 180, Jr.**) (1) 
 28 Matt Caldwell (6-3, 185, So.**)^ 
SS 14 Chris Horton (6-1, 216, Sr.**) (3) 
 25 Bret Lockett (6-2, 209, Jr.) 
 35 Matt Culver (6-2, 200, Jr.**)^ 
FS 11 Dennis Keyes (6-2, 199, Sr.**) (3) 
 27 Aaron Ware (6-0, 193, So.**) 
 18 Matthew Slater  (6-0, 198, Sr.**) 
RC 3 Rodney Van (6-0, 175, Sr.) (2) 
 1 Alterraun Verner (5-11, 178, So.) (2) 
 30 Chris Meadows (5-11, 180, Jr.**)^ 
PK 15 Kai Forbath (6-0, 192, Fr.**) (3) 
KO 37 Jimmy Rotstein (5-11, 166, So.**)^ (3) 
P 17 Aaron Perez (6-4, 223, Jr.**) (3) 
LS 52 Christian Yount (6-1, 240, Fr.) (3) 
 64 Brian Rubinstein (6-0, 259, Sr.**)^ 
H 17 Aaron Perez (6-4, 223, Jr.**) 
 14 McLeod Bethel-Thompson (6-4, 224, Fr.**)^ 
PR 4 Terrence Austin (5-10, 164, So.) OR 
 1 Alterraun Verner (5-11, 178, So.) 
KOR 18 Matthew Slater  (6-0, 198, Sr.**) 
 36 Kahlil Bell (6-0, 211, Jr.) 
# indicates injured
**indicates utilized redshirt year
^ indicates non-scholarship player
( ) indicates number of games started in 2007


Washington's two-deeps

Here are UW's two-deeps, as announced by UW Media Relations...

Washington Offense
WR 5 Anthony Russo 5-11 185 ^Sr.
18Corey Williams 6-2 195 ^Sr.
LT 79 Ben Ossai  6-6 300 Jr.
OR 71 Cody Habben 6-6 300 So.
LG 65 Ryan Tolar 6-5 310 So.
76Jordan White-Frisbee    6-6 320 Sr.
C  58 Juan Garcia 6-3 315 ^Sr.
64Matt Sedillo 6-3 300 So.
RG 72 Casey Bulyca 6-6 340 Sr.
   64 Matt Sedillo 6-3 300 So.
70Morgan Rosborough    6-6 365 Jr.
RT 75 Chad Macklin 6-8 300 ^Sr.
69Erik Berglund 6-6 310 ^Sr.
TE 86 Michael Gottlieb    6-5 245 Sr.
OR 37 Johnie Kirton 6-4 270 Sr.
OR 81 Robert Lewis 6-5 250 ^Sr.
QB 10 Jake Locker 6-3 225 So.
11Carl Bonnell 6-3 215 ^Sr.
TB 9 Louis Rankin 6-0 205 ^Sr.
24J.R. Hasty  5-11 200 Jr.
OR 14 Curtis Shaw 5-11 190 Fr.
OR 6 Brandon Johnson     5-11 195 Fr.
FB 30 Paul Homer 6-0 222 So.
32Luke Kravitz           6-1 245 Sr.  
WR 3 Marcel Reece 6-3 240 Sr.
19Quintin Daniels 6-0 195 ^Sr.
WR 16 D'Andre Goodwin   6-0 170 So.
29Cody Ellis 6-0 185 ^Sr.

Washington Defense
DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim   6-4 245 Jr.
   96 De'Shon Matthews   6-4 255 So.
DT 95 Jordan Reffett  6-6 295 ^Sr.
77Erick Lobos 6-3 285 Sr.
93Derek Kosub 6-4 295 So.
DT 74 Wilson Afoa 6-3 290 ^Sr.
99Cameron Elisara 6-2 275 So.
DE 7 Greyson Gunheim   6-5 265 Sr.
85Caesar Rayford 6-7 250 Sr.
OLB 34 Dan Howell 6-1 225 Sr.
20Kyle Trew 6-2 235 ^Sr.
ILB 57 Trenton Tuiasosopo 6-2 240 Sr.
OR  9 Donald Butler 6-1 240 So.
40Mason Foster 6-1 218 Fr.
OLB 22 E.J. Savannah6-2 228 Jr.
29Chris Stevens 6-0 215 Jr.
FS 26 Jason Wells 6-2 210 Jr.
39Nate Williams 6-1 205 Fr.
   27 Jay Angotti 5-10 180 So.
SS 23 Mesphin Forrester 6-2 205 Sr.
15Darin Harris 5-11 200 Sr.
CB 6 Vonzell McDowell, Jr. 5-9 176 Fr.
18Byron Davenport 5-11 195 Jr.
CB 28 Roy Lewis 5-11 187 ^Sr.
19Matt Mosley 5-11 190 So.

Washington Special Teams
P  12 Jared Ballman 5-11 175 Jr.
13Ryan Perkins 6-0 185 Jr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins   6-0 185 Jr.
   12 Jared Ballman 5-11 175 Jr.
KO 12 Jared Ballman 5-11 175 Jr.
   13 Ryan Perkins 6-0 185 Jr.
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell 6-3 215 ^Sr.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick   6-3 230 Jr.
KOR 6 Brandon Johnson   5-11 195 Fr.
   9 Louis Rankin 6-0 205 Sr.
PR 5 Anthony Russo 5-11 185 ^Sr.
   9 Louis Rankin 6-0 205 Sr.

^ indicates fifth-year senior

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