Dawgman Predictions Week IV

2-1 and heading out onto the road to start Pac-10 play at the Rose Bowl. I think most Husky fans would've been pretty happy with a 2-1 non-conference record given the schedule that they played. And now comes a real test, as Washington has not been good down in Los Angeles. Here is what my staff thinks will happen Saturday evening.

Chris Fetters, Editor.

Hard to pick against UW in this one, even though it's on the road - and the road is brutal in the Pac-10. But with UCLA in complete disarray, it sure seems as if the Huskies - if they can just stay out of their own way and play basic, fundamentally-sound football - will have more than enough to handle a Bruin program that, at least on the surface, appears to be coming apart at the seams. Washington 28-24

Prediction: Washington 28, UCLA 24
Derek Johnson, Columnist.

Under normal circumstances I would think that UCLA-- fresh off it's face-plant vs. Utah-- would view this week as a must-win situation and come out with guns blazing. But with the Huskies also coming off a humbling loss, they should be looking to redeem themselves as well. UCLA's uncertainty at QB, contrasted with UW's unlimited potential (e.g. Jake Locker), points to a Husky upset in the Rose Bowl.

Prediction: Washington 27, UCLA 23
Scott Eklund, Recruiting and Beat Writer.

The Huskies were dominated on both sides of the ball last week, but still had a chance to pull out a win. UCLA was dominated on both sides of the ball and weren't even close. What does that tell us? Not a lot. However, this week's game will tell us a lot about the psyche of this Washington team. If they storm out and play with a chip on their shoulder it will portend a good season over the next two and a half months. If they don't, like so many recent Husky teams, the bottom could fall out from under the season real quick. I see them rebounding nicely and getting tough, hard-fought win for the first time in 12 years in Pasadena.

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 21
Pat Thrapp, Columnist.

I am not at all discouraged by the outcome against Ohio State. Disappointed, yes. Sure the DAWGs made mistakes. Yet I felt they still fought hard until the end. UW was able to move the ball against a darn good defense. In my unprofessional opinion I believe UW is going to turn into a pretty good football team this season. So much so I think that they will go down to Pasadena and beat the Bruins. It won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. But with some help by others not named Jake, and error free football I believe they will win. Here is hoping this Husky team starts a streak over UCLA.

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 23
David Samek, Publisher.

Dawgman already gave his sentiments on this game in his preview of the UCLA Bruins. Click here to read his overview of what he thinks will go on down on Pasadena on a pleasant Saturday evening. It's a good read because it's positive news for the Dawgs!

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 23
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations.

My Uncle was a bookie in England, and told me that the best bet on the board is always to go with a team that was a favorite the week before that got throttled. UCLA fits that description and I have a bad feeling that Washington is walking into a hornet's nest. Washington will play well but it won't be enough. In the end, the home field will be the factor that leads to the Bruins' to a close home win.

Prediction: UCLA 27, Washington 24
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus.

UCLA has pretty much pushed Washington around over the past decade, winning 8 of the last 10 games between the two schools. In fact, the Huskies' last win at the Rose Bowl came against Purdue, not the Bruins. Remember that one? But the Huskies made big strides last season on the road, showing they are no longer an automatic victory for their opponent when playing away from Husky Stadium. The Bruins are mad after losing to the Dawgs last year, and more mad about their embarrassing loss at Utah a week ago, but this Husky bunch is tough-minded and capable of overcoming a fired-up Bruin team. Look for the Huskies to take a slim lead into halftime and pull away late behind a pair of long touchdowns, one on the ground by Louis Rankin and one through the air on a Jake Locker-to-Anthony Russo connection.

Prediction: Washington 30, UCLA 24
Race Bannon, Columnist.

Race's predictions each week, as well as his wacky satirical outlook on the rest of the college football world, can be found in his weekly column aired exclusively here on Dawgman.com:

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Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 22
Dick Baird, Columnist.

Washington will win their league opener by a decent margin and be tied for first place. Jake Locker will go for over 300 yards with 150 running and 150 passing and 3 touchdowns and the defense will hold on again to get the victory. Defense will get 3 turnovers. UCLA will score at the end to make the total closer than the game actually was. The defense will pitch a shutout in the first half. I was half right last weekend and will be all right this week end. Feelin alright, I'm not fellin too good myself (wrote Dave Mason).

Prediction: Washington 34, UCLA 23
Rick Samek, Columnist.

Rico is away in Las Vegas this week but if he were predicting, I'm betting that he'd pick the Dawgs. Why? Because my older brother has always loved dogs. He loves dogs much more than he ever loved Bruins. In fact, I'm not sure that he ever cared about a Bruin or Cub or any kind of bear. Why, our family even had a pet dog - a worthless Yorkshire Terrier, but a dog nonetheless. We never had a pet bear of any sort, so there you go.

Prediction: Washington 31, UCLA 17
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