Player quotes from yesterday

The Pac-10 race has officially begun and the Washington Huskies find themselves 0-1 after a difficult loss to the California Golden Bears. The Bears were able to bottle up the run and were the recipients of two turnovers deep in Husky territory and took full advantage, leaving Husky Stadium with a 34-27 upset win.

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson: "We wound up being one-dimensional. We found a little more balance in the first half but we didn't feel like there was much productivity in the running game. It looked like there were some throws there but in the third quarter when they jumped out on us, we had our hand forced to try and catch up."

"Come on. We fumbled one off the goal line, and we threw a pick at the goal line and put our defense in impossible positions. That's not our defense's fault, that's on us as an offense. That's been a problem for the past four weeks and it's costly. If you are going to turn the ball over excessively you are going to pay for it. It is the most meaningful statistic and the most meaningful play in football and when you do it like we've done it, it will cost you. Big time. I mean, we hand the ball off like we've done a million times and our back drops it. I just have no idea. Cody's throw was ill-advised but there was pressure because we blew a protection."

Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley: "Most gimmick plays are successful because somebody loses discipline. That's what happened on the first one. On the fake screen throw to the tight end, Roc (Alexander) wasn't in there. We had a freshman in (Nate Robinson) and he bit on the screen. The tight end ran a sail, and voila, touchdown."

"You have to have awareness. All of their gimmick plays are usually run off of screen fakes, play action. Those shouldn't have been as big of issues as they were. They used some three wide out, two-back sets that hurt us a couple of times structurally. The difference in the ball game was that after we turned the ball over, we have to stop them. We didn't. That is the bottom line. We had two chances at the nine and we didn't stop them either time. If we hold them to six instead of 14, we win that game 27-26."

Was the flea-flicker something they had seen before on film? "It doesn't matter, it wasn't a big enough play to make that kind of result. Whether or not you've seen it should not be a factor on that play. You have to trust your eyes and be responsible. No one in our backfield felt that it should've happened."

LB Ben Mahdavi: "When Boller sets his feet, he has a cannon. I wasn't surprised at his talent because he's been a starter for four years and he has a pretty good line in front of him. I wasn't thinking about this loss or the streak until the seconds ticked off of the clock. We ended the streak (17 in a row at home), but we start new ones, right? We move on, it's the only thing you can do."

"I think for the most part we are stopping the run and the little plays, but we're not doing as well on the tricks or the big plays. If you think about it, did they do much else than those big plays? I don't think so. They only completed 13 passes. But we didn't stop them. We need to make sure that we bounce back. A couple years ago we lost our Pac-10 opener at Oregon and we had a pretty good season. We are the Huskies and we have a lot of pride – we bounce back."

WR Pat Reddick: "We didn't fight through them holding us. If you don't do that you lose. You can't get every call, you still have to play even if you aren't getting calls. I don't think we didn't execute, we played a bad game. You have to give them credit, they won, but we need to step up."

"When Reggie is doubled, other guys have to step up and get it done when teams do that. Now we regroup and keep battling. This is gut check time. When you lose, it teaches you a lesson, and you see how tough you are. If you go out and stick to the game plan and play Husky football, you'll win. Today we didn't do that."

S Jimmy Newell: "Cal played really well today. Kyle Boller and Joe Igber have been giving us fits, I'm glad they are out of here (both are seniors). They proved it against Michigan State on the road and today here. They will win a lot of games, but that doesn't make today's loss feel any better."

"One of our goals was to stop the big play, something that we didn't get done. They didn't just line up and pound it on us, it was screens, draws, a flea flicker, things like that hurt us Obviously it worked."

"Where do we go from here? We beat Arizona. That is the next step. We'll come out here Monday and have a great practice."

TB Braxton Cleman: "We have a bunch of talented backs. Unfortunately Rich couldn't come in here and contribute because his ankle is bothering him. We'll get it rolling. When I get healthy I feel like I can push these guys. We'll get it taken care of, that's for sure. It's a weird feeling, losing here. It's a different atmosphere pulling an "L" here at home. We'll pick it up on Monday and have a great week of practice"

"Cal has some great linebackers that flew around. The runs that we had could've been more, but Cody is a great quarterback. Coach Gibly is a smart guy so we'll stick with him (smile). This was a tough loss. Cal was determined this week, came in, and played a great game. When we come back Monday we'll be on the right track."

WR Reggie Williams:, who was double-teamed and mugged all afternoon by Cal's defensive backs. "I think (the refs) were cock-eyed. I don't know what they were looking at, whether they had cataracts or cock-eyed, maybe both. It's our home stadium and we can't get a pass interference call, but we'll be OK."

"I can't say we are too one-dimensional but we definitely need to run the ball. We have to have a running game, we just have to get better on offense. We'll bounce back and be all right. It's just one loss, we still have the rest of the season left."

"We are disappointed that we didn't come out and perform our best. We lost at home and that's the worst thing that can happen. We have to come back and get focused to play Arizona. On Monday, I'll be thinking about beating the Wildcats. Period."

"We just didn't capitalize on the opportunities that were presented to us, and it kicked us in the butt."

"Defenses will probably try to go for my head a lot but I want them to all come on. Come on! Come see me, who cares?"

On the one-handed catch: "I caught that, I was robbed. The ref on the sideline called it a catch and then I don't know who said it was incomplete. We just got hated on all day today. They should've just watched the HuskyTron and they would've seen it."

OL Khalif Barnes: "What it boils down to is that I take a lot of responsibility for what happened out there today. Cody is one of the best QBs in the country, the kid has a great arm. In order for his arm to work we have to give him time. We didn't do that today. He took some shots he shouldn't have taken and I take responsibility for those. I have to get guys revved up to go against a good defense and I didn't do that today. It's mind blowing, man, because you prepare for a team like this all week and we didn't play our best. They came out ready to play, my hat is off to Cal, and I wish them luck the rest of the season."

"If you are going to be a good offensive line in the Pac-10, you have to be dominant at both run and pass blocking, end of story. You have to do whatever it takes to get your team into the end zone and we didn't do that today."

Cody Pickett: "I'm fine, it's just a physical game. I just have some bumps and bruises. Cal played well today, but we kind of shot ourselves in the foot again. I threw two picks and you can't do that in the Pac-10. We fumble once on our own goal line, you cannot do things like that if you want to win. There are things we have to fix."

"We felt like there were calls that we could've had, but you can't worry about that. You can't dwell on a loss, we have to get a lot better. We can get better at running the ball and at passing it."

"We were ready, but you just can't turn the ball over like we did. That's giving the game away. Take those two turnovers away and it's a different game. We have to stop that. I can't force the ball like I did." Top Stories