Player Quotes - UCLA

It's was a quick and sweet media availability in the bowels of the Rose Bowl after Washington's 44-31 defeat at the hands of the UCLA Bruins on Saturday night. Below are five player perspectives on where this team heads from here...

LB Anthony Russo

On the disappointment from the game: "We definitely felt we had a chance to win that game all the way down to the buzzer. We just needed a few stops on defense and we would have gotten back in this thing because we were moving on offense, I think Jake threw for or five touchdowns in the second half. We didn't come through in the first half and the defense didn't come through for us in the second half and you can't do that."

On the second half connections: "We just started calling plays down the field. We kept telling the coaches that we should throw it down the field because we felt we could go by those guys and we started doing that and we made plays."

On the mentality of the team in the second half: "We don't get down. We know we have to go out and fight. We've got a lot of fight and a lot of character on this team."

On UCLA playing the third string quarterback: "I think anytime a third string quarterback is in the defense wants to get after him and get into his head a lot."

On the psyche of the team: "We know what kind of team we can be. All the coaches know what kind of a team we can be. We have the right players we're just making too many mistakes and ones that we shouldn't be making. It's just execution right now that we aren't getting done."

LB Dan Howell

On UCLA's running backs: "They did a good job of running the ball and getting downhill on us and then finding the open gaps and open spaces and that hurt us."

On the long runs: "It was just a complete lack of discipline on our part defensively. We needed to be consistent and when we weren't consistent they just gashed us and we can't have stuff like that."

On looking forward to the USC game: "We need to put together a good gamplan and then work that gameplan and then we need to be perfect in practice and come out and play our best game next weekend."

QB Jake Locker

On his physical condition: "We've got the week to recover and I felt good coming into this game and I expect to feel just as good for next week's game."

On his accuracy as the game progressed: "We just got into a rhythm as an offense and we got comfortable and just moved the ball down the field. I thought we executed our stuff better in the second half and we were able to put some points on the board where we weren't able to do that in the first half."

On the team's thoughts after the kickoff return: "I don't think it sucked the life out of us at all really. We scored twice after that and we were still in the game and had a chance. That's one thing I think we can take away from this is that we fought until this game was over. No one quit and gave up so that's a positive."

On his youth being an excuse: "I shouldn't be held to any different standards than anyone else. I expect a lot out of myself and, I've said it before, my expectations exceed anyone else's so I ignore that stuff and I'm not happy with the way I played today."

CB Byron Davenport

On his health: "I feel good. I wasn't supposed to play as much, but I was supposed to play nickel and some other packages and at halftime they came to me and asked if I could do it so I got out there and played."

LB E.J. Savannah

On the missed assignments: "The way they run their zone, if you don't get in your gap then they can gash you and you saw what can happen with what they did to us tonight."

On the perceived flatness after halftime: "It's basically the same thing that happened last week. We just have to come out harder. I don't understand what happened, but we have to get it corrected for next week."

On knowing what UCLA was going to do and not stopping it: "We just didn't stop it and I think it was just that they wore us down because we were getting tired and they were staying fresh on that side." Top Stories