The Fifth Quarter - UCLA

At the Fifth Quarter, we pick up all the loose ends from Saturday's game, including full stats, players and coaches of the game, turning points and other opinions on UCLA's 44-31 win over Washington at the Rose Bowl.

The final full statistics of the game can be found here.

Offensive Player of the Game - Anthony Russo. Five catches for 106 yards and two scores is good enough this week, especially given when those scores occurred. He also had two punt returns for 40 yards. Runner-up: Jake Locker.

Defensive Player of the Game - E.J. Savannah. The leading tackler on the day, Savannah was all over the place, piling up 15 tackles, two for loss and 13 were solo stops. Runner-up: Dan Howell.

Turning point - Chris Markey's run. After Washington scored to trail only by seven, 24-17, McLeod Bethel-Thompson came in to take over from an injured Patrick Cowan and that's the time the Huskies should have been smelling blood in the water. The Bruins were going to protect their walk-on QB by running ball, the Huskies knew it - but couldn't stop them anyway. Markey's run, right up the middle of the UW defense, was a true heartbreaker.

Play of the Game - Matt Slater's 85-yard kick return. The Huskies didn't intent to kick it that high and that short, but the ball did hit the ground - a real no-no if you are on special teams. But the ball bounced perfectly into Slater's hands while he was in full gallop, and Washington didn't know what hit them. Every time Washington had a chance to get right back in the game, the Bruins countered, and Slater's return was the biggest answer of the night.

Unit of the game - The Receivers. Jake Locker threw for 216 yards, and whenever a receiver could get his hands on a ball, they usually made the catch. They accounted for four touchdowns as well, so they had strong productivity when they did make the catch.

Assistant of the game - Luke Huard. Every time Locker would come to the sidelines - after a good or bad play - Huard was right there with something to say - something to keep the redshirt frosh's head in the game. And eventually Locker did settle down and throw four scores.

Fan 'o meter - From 1 to 10, we give it an 2. 72,124 fans at the Rose Bowl, and Dawgman photographer Kim Grinolds swears it's the quietest 72, 124 fans he's ever seen before. "They never heckle you or anything," he said. "They were really nice." Sorry Bruin fans, that's code for 'uninteresting'. I think Grinolds liked it better when he was being flipped the bird in Syracuse.

Stat of the game - 333 yards rushing tells a lot of the story. The Huskies couldn't fit the run when they started the game, and they couldn't fit it when they knew the Bruins were going to run. Having a dependable run game is all about attitude, and UCLA had the attitude Saturday night.

Note of the game - Both Lorenzo Romar and Tia Jackson - head men's and women's basketball coaches at Washington - were on the sidelines Saturday night. Romar and Jackson both coached at UCLA as assistants earlier in their career. Top Stories