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SEATTLE - This week's blog is holding on for dear life. Washington's football team is clearly not sure what they are, and at the same time get to play the number-one team in the country this Saturday. The perfect ketchup-and-mustard storm, perhaps? Keep it locked here for the latest news and notes, as well as quarter-by-quarter analysis of the UW-USC game, played this Saturday in Seattle.

8:50 p.m.
The game is over
As I was watching the final eight minutes on the track by the west end zone, I saw a bunch of former players - like Spencer Marona, Wil Hooks and many more - and they were going nuts after Roy Lewis blocked the punt. They told me flat-out that they hadn't wanted to come out to games in years' past, because it just wasn't fun anymore. And even though Washington lost by three, they were thrilled. They talked passionately about the heart the Huskies displayed and how they stood toe-to-toe with the No. 1 team in the country. And if it hadn't been for a couple of self-inflicted errors, they might have had an excellent chance of winning the game.

Moral victories don't count in the record books, and I'm not claiming UW should take a moral victory from this game. But what they should realize is that they can play with the best teams in the country when they play up to their capabilities, and I'm sure many out there will claim that they didn't play very well at all and STILL had a chance to win.

My point exactly. Folks, this team is right on the cusp of doing some solid things. It's ironic that some of the fundamental aspects of the game - catching punts, catching balls thrown to you, etc... are things that ultimately did them in.

7:50 p.m.
3 Q Thoughts
Once again coming out of halftime, the offense has deserted the defense. The defense is giving up yards, but they aren't letting the game get away. At the end of the quarter, OC Lappano has to be just pulling his hair out, because they had a reverse to Goodwin perfectly set-up, and D'Andre can't come up with the handles and actually loses 9 yards as a result. Endemic of what has happened all year long - when up against good competition, and the Huskies have a chance to do something in the second half, they become their own worst enemies. They have to step up and put points on the board with this drive to earn some respect from the Trojan defense.

7:10 p.m.
Halftime Quickie Stats
USC leads in total offense 268-124
USC leads in rushing 159-76
USC leads in passing 109-48
USC has thrown two interceptions, one returned for TD, UW has thrown one interception
USC has lost one fumble, UW none
UW leads in time of possession 15:44-14:16
USC has 8 penalties for 75 yards, UW 5 for 39 yards
Locker has 11 rushes for 49, long of 13
Rankin has 6 rushes for 14, long of 4
Locker is 7-14 for 48 yards, long of 14
Reece has 3 catches for 8 yards, long of 5
Russo has one catch for 14
Rob Lewis has one catch for 13
Cody Ellis has one catch for 10

6:50 p.m.
Halftime Thoughts
As what everyone expected, the Trojans are amassing a lot of yards and are moving the ball pretty much at will. Here's the difference; when the Huskies are forcing USC to make mistakes, they are taking advantage in a big way. Erick Lobos' fumble recovery and Mesphin Forrester's pick-six were really big plays, and give UW some much-needed momentum going into halftime.

The bad news is, if the Huskies continue to tackle like they have no arms, it just won't matter. Stafon Johnson and Chauncey Washington are already making them pay, and the Trojans have five or six other backs they could put in to really give the hometown 11 fits. But if they can wrap up, sit in their gaps and watch the cutbacks that USC loves to exploit, they might have a chance. And the crowd has to get back into getting to the point where the Trojan huddle can't hear. It worked in the first half, and it can work again.

Offensively, the Huskies got off to a very solid start, and capitalized when down in the USC red zone. Jake Locker is learning as he goes, but he is taking some wicked shots for his trouble. Hopefully Washington will be able to exploit the middle a little more in the pass game and get some run support from Louis Rankin.

The rain is once again coming down, and it looks like it's coming down in a way that makes it seem like it might be here for the rest of the game. Who does that favor? You got me. All I know is that USC comes out with the ball and a three-point lead to start the half, and I know the UW coaches would like nothing more than to shake off their second-half troubles and make a huge defensive stand.

5:50 p.m.
1 Q Thoughts
Just like the Ohio State game, the offense is finding it's legs, just not taking advantage of opportunities when they are presented with them. The defense is playing very well, and the crowd is affecting the USC OL a lot. Alatini Malu and Matt Spanos are in at right guard and center respectively, and Malu's two false start penalties in a row are just going to egg this crowd on more. It's been like watching the New York Football Giants play at Qwest Field.

5:00 p.m.
15 minutes before game time
I'd say there were 75-100 recruits on the sidelines during warmups. I saw Sililo Pale from Pac-Five, and it looks like there are some other players that came with him. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Aaron Tipoti made the trip, and he's just a beast.

Other players I was able to spot from the press box were Demitrius Bronson (Kentwood), Luther Leonard (Evergreen), Corey Laufasa (Evergreen), Alameda Ta'amu (Rainier Beach), Ronnie Hamlin (Timberline), Drew Schaefer (Eastlake), Taylor Lappano (Eastlake), Jermaine Kearse (Lakes). There were obviously a ton more prospects out there, and I saw jackets from Curtis, Evergreen, Lakes, O'Dea, Eastlake, and many others.

Juan Garcia, Anthony Russo, Jordan Reffett and Dan Howell came out to lead the team in Husky Jacks, so expect those four players to be named game-day captains.

The USC Band has already played 'Tribute to Troy' about 10 times, so I'm just getting settled in. If you hear it a lot tonight, that means the Trojan defense has really bottled the Huskies up. If not, that means Washington's offense has been able to generate some first downs and hopefully some red zone success as well.

4:35 p.m.
Afternoon football Notes
Only Michael Houston was in red today. The defensive coaches were definitely coaching up the turnover play early on, emphasizing 'scoop and score' and catching the ball when it came to them. Those that didn't did pushups.

The DB's were working on getting a hand in the way of the receivers when the ball was thrown their way. Byron Davenport came up a little gimpy on one such drill, but it didn't look like anything serious.

While the team worked, the PA blared 'Tribute to Troy' - the same theme that the USC band plays after a big defensive play. I'm going to have that song going in my head when I sleep, no doubt about it.

3:35 p.m.
Willingham Afternoon Notes
Asked about injuries, and he said that the only player that could be considered questionable for Saturday would be Matt Houston.

Asked about the situation with Devin Aguilar and Anthony Boyles, and he said that the day before classes started was the last day anything could have been done this quarter, so if they do pass their tests, they would have to wait and enroll in the winter.

Asked about Cody Ellis and his gold shirt, and he said that even thought Cody didn't make a catch against UCLA, he did all the other things very well, like understanding his position, knowing what to do at all times, and also the blocking aspect of the position. "If you do all those things well, you have a chance to get a gold jersey."

Asked about USC's running backs, and he said that the way to stop any potent offense is to have a lot of people flying around and pursuing to the ball. They also need to have their front guys beating their guys at the point of attack. "Everybody has to be involved."

Asked about walk-ons or scholarships that might have been awarded, and Willingham said that nothing has changed in either regard yet, but they haven't made any final determinations.

Asked about long-time announcer Lou Gellerman hanging up his microphone after 40 years, and Willingham said that he was kind of surprised at the news. "It came as a shock. He's become an institution, and it's almost like you can't do something there without him being around. He will be missed. He's added a great deal to the football atmosphere at the University of Washington."

4:45 p.m.
Afternoon practice notes
Same players in gold - Homer, Howell, Ellis and Russo, and the same guys in red - Savannah and Houston. Savannah took off his red jersey near the time we had to leave, so that has to be seen as a positive sign.

The 'W' in the middle of the field was re-painted, and it had a barricade around it for the time the team warmed up. Once the actual practice started, the barricade was taken down and things went back to business as usual.

For those looking to check out the Legends Center this weekend - the weekend it was supposed to be unveiled - it's not going to happen. The 1960 national championship team will get a tour through the center, but it appears right now as if the earliest it will be open to the public will be the weekend of the Arizona game (October 27th).

Did get a chance to see a very small part of the WR/DB's one-on-ones, and Roy Lewis nearly came up with an interception on the first throw. Tyrone Willingham and J.D. Williams were watching and were very vocal in this particular period.

I also got to see Cody Ellis get separation and make a nice catch.

3:35 p.m.
Willingham afternoon notes
Asked for injury update, and Willingham said that E.J. Savannah and Matt Houston were the only two yesterday that were limited, but they expect those two to progress and practice more as the week goes on. No determination as to what their status is for Saturday.

Asked about the DB rotation with Davenport, McDowell and Mosley, and Willingham that if those guys are all playing well it's a great positive, because they are building up experience and depth at that position.

Because today is the start of school, Willingham was asked about walk-ons getting scholarshipped, and he said that it was in the works, and there was a 'strong possibility' that some could be put on scholarship, but they have to look at how it affects next year's numbers and everything else before they proceed with that.

He was asked about the Mike Gundy incident and his own characterizations of his players as 'young men', and he said that if you wanted to get really technical, they are 'part-time football players'. He also went on to say that some in the media have started to look at college players like professional players, and the two 'aren't remotely close'.

1:35 p.m.
Kent Baer Thoughts
Spoke Wednesday afternoon with Coach Baer, and he said that reviewing the tape, things were showing up that had never happened before. "When you give up five plays over 24 yards, you just aren't going to win games." He said that he showed all five of the plays to the defense, and showed how they were also easily correctable. "I think they were just mental lapses." Also said that it wasn't just one guy, but it applied to everyone across the board. Said that the positive is that - as bad as they played they still had a chance to win the game.

Said that it just appeared as it they didn't match UCLA's level of intensity. "But it's all correctable and we move on from there."

Asked about how they matched up physically with UCLA, and Baer didn't think the physical aspect of the game was the problem. "On the reverse pass, it's not physical. On the draw plays, it's not physical." Also said that since some of it was due to the players trying too hard to make a play, the coaches have stressed the idea of just doing what they are supposed to do, and nothing more. "There's nothing wrong with the effort, we just have to be more disciplined."

Asked about the corner rotation of McDowell/Mosley/Davenport, and Baer said that they are just trying to find the best combination that gives them the best chance to win. Said Matt Mosley did some good things starting, but also saw on film where he needs to play better. "We just need to play at a more consistent level." Also said that all will play, but he couldn't answer whether or not he felt that all three of the players in question would be in competition the rest of the year. "You'd hope they wouldn't be. The competition is going to make all of them better, but you'd like to settle in on one group, so they can communicate better."

Asked about USC, and he said that the QB (John David Booty) is a lot better than last year, a lot more veteran, and that their offensive line is really good. "That's the strength of their team. They are very well coached, strong and athletic. They are pretty good."

1:20 p.m.
Spoke with USC safety Taylor Mays
Taylor was on a teleconference Wednesday afternoon, and he talked a little bit about the game, and also about choosing USC over Washington. He said that he's expecting a loud crowd in Seattle, with a lot of entusiasm. "We have to come out fast and execute."

Asked about coming back to his hometown, and he said that it's going to be nice to come home and play in a stadium that he's familiar with. "It's just five minutes from my home." Said it's also going to be nice to take in some Seattle air, instead of LA, but he's not going to try and let anything take him out of his game on Saturday.

He was asked about the differences between Pete Carroll and Tyrone Willingham in the recruiting process, and he said that he has a tremendous amount of respect for Willingham and his coaching philosophy, but Carroll's enthusiasm ('how loud and wild he is') appealed to him more. "I could relate to it a little more. He also liked the idea of being in a place where he knew he would have the best chance of being the best player he could be.

Asked about his 40 time, and he said that he ran a 4.35 and a 4.25 at 239 pounds in the spring. "I'm 229 now, they wanted me to lose weight. I was struggling a little bit with my side-to-side speed."

12:20 p.m.
More Links du Jour...
First we have Mr. Pac-10's weekly review, courtesy of CollegeFootballNews.com.

SCPlaybook.com has a few links to share. USC Head Coach Pete Carroll had a few things to say after practice on Monday. Here is a practice report from Tuesday, as well as thoughts from Carroll.

Lastly, this should be of some interest to those looking for an alternative to the BCS. Former UW Head Coach Don James is involved with the Master Coaches Survey.

4:35 p.m.
Afternoon practice notes
Four in gold this week - Paul Homer, Anthony Russo, Cody Ellis and Dan Howell. E.J. Savannah and Matt Houston were in red.

Chris Tormey was really coaching up the LB's today, getting them to really focus on tackling sound, because the USC ballcarriers have a tendency to try and use the spin to get out of tackles. Mike Denbrock was really vocal with his guys when they were working the sled, and Charlie Baggett was throwing footballs all over the place to give his receivers the feel of what it's like to quickly look back and find the football in the air and adjust accordingly. They seemed to do a nice job with this drill.

1:55 p.m.
Spoke with Tim Lappano
Asked about USC safety Taylor Mays - son of former UW player Stafford Mays - and Lappano said that when they were recruiting him two years ago, they didn't have guys that looked like that when he was coaching with the San Francisco 49'ers. "And we definitely didn't have anyone that fast back there."

Asked about last year's 26-20 game, and he said that the execution was pretty good, but the red zone conversions were only 50 percent, and they have to be a lot bettter than that when playing a team the caliber of USC. "You don't have to go so far as to say you have to play a perfect game, but you definitely have to be on top of your game."

Asked about the continued education of Jake Locker, and Lappano thinks Jake is still feeling his way through some things, but the way they scored in the fourth quarter made him feel a little more comfortable with the way he's picking things up. "31 points in the Rose Bowl is good, but we just didn't execute. There were a lot of mental mistakes in the run game."

He went onto say that the mistakes the offense is making right now aren't little errors. "When you leave a guy unblocked, that's not a little thing," he said. He added that the frustrating thing for the coaches right now is that these aren't new plays or looks either. "There are some plays we've run for the last three years and we've seen some of the same looks a thousand times." Added that because of the lack of consistency and execution, they are probably going to pare things back and keep things as simple as they can, while at the same time trying to gameplan for a team the caliber of USC.

Asked about the communication that goes on between the players and coaches during the game, and Lappano said that he definitely trusts these players and he always asks them at halftime what they are seeing and what's going on out there. "I learned that from playing." Added that there have been times in the past - he used Chad Johnson at OSU as an example - of guys getting on the phone and telling Lappano to get them the ball, but he trusts these guys to tell it to him straight. "You've got to make sure they aren't being selfish, but I trust these guys."

Asked about Locker and taking hits, and Lappano said they are definitely making sure Jake is aware of the needless hits he's taking. Added that they've shown him film of guys like Dennis Dixon and Isaiah Stanback, and how they've utilized the slide for self-preservation. "I think he's at the point where he's starting to believe me (about hits). You know, I joke with him, but this isn't the Caribou League anymore."

Asked about the running back rotation, and Lappano said that they are leaning toward giving Louis Rankin some rest - which goes counter to what Louis wants, of course. He feels he's at his best when he's getting 15+ carries, like he did against Syracuse. "I don't know what we're going to do, but we'll probably have a different rotation."

Asked if he felt good about the 'shake up' he talked about last week in regards to the receivers, and Lappano was very happy about it. "Flea (D'Andre Goodwin) had 22 plays, and we ran 71 total, so he was in there a bit. And Cody (Ellis) played well. I think it helped to keep Marcel (Reece) fresher. That helped us in the fourth quarter."

Asked about USC's defense, and Lappano said that they run a Cover-2 shell, which means they put a lot of pressure on their front 7 alone to stop the run. "It's tough on them to get the big play, but hopefully we'll be able to find other ways to exploit that defense."

Asked about Anthony Russo emerging as a go-to guy for Locker, and Lappano said he saw it happening in fall camp, even when he was hurt, because Russo would take mental reps, and when he could take physical reps, he always would. "I'm seeing consistency and I'm seeing how competitive he is. You can definitely tell in the way he's returning punts. He almost broke one last week. That takes courage. He wants the ball."

1:25 p.m.
Spoke with Juan Garcia
Juan was on fire today, had all sorts of good things to say. We asked him about the end of last year's USC game and he said that if we asked him about that, we'd get him in trouble. So we moved onto this year. He did, however, say that - even during the UCLA game - there were times when the umpire would ask him to stand up before the clock would start and he said 'no'. "I learned my lesson on that one. I wasn't touching the ball, but I wasn't going to stand up either."

He said that he knows people are jumping off the bandwagon, and that's fine - but there's going to be a game where they put it all together and they'll be back. "It's frustrating. It's not so much what other teams are doing to us, but what we're doing to ourselves. But we've got to keep going, we've got to start fast."

Said the main difference between the first two weeks and these last two weeks have been execution. "We're not as consistent as we should be." Added that when you play tough teams like USC, it can 'redeem you'. "We have to come out strong and we have to come out hard, ready to play."

9:45 a.m.
Warehouse O'Links and notes
Here are the relevant Scout.com links pertaining to this weekend's USC-UW matchup, which will be played at 5 p.m. at Husky Stadium.

First are the national links. CollegeFootballNews.com has a couple of links. This one is a wrap of Week Four in the Pac-10, and here is Matt Zemek's take on why the Huskies were not able to bounce forward against UCLA. And CFN still has the Huskies going to a bowl game.

Here's a couple of links from SCPlaybook.com, Scout.com's USC site. This link is a report on the Trojans' Monday practice. And here is a story about a USC fan with cancer (presumably from the state of Washington) that went down to the WSU game, and will be on the sidelines of the USC-UW game Saturday. His name is Jesse Price.

And finally, the Dawgman links. Coach Baird talks about what he saw at UCLA, and how the Huskies have a chance to shock the world on Saturday. And Dawgman hit the nail on the head, and he expounds on something I talked about on Sunday - effort minus execution just won't cut it. And the Huskies had an incredible opportunity to get a leg up on the Pac-10 race, but just weren't able to convert when the Bruins were seemingly vulnerable.

I wrote a story for Tuesday about the 1960 Washington football team, and the ceremony that will take place at halftime of the USC game honoring their national championship. It took 47 years to get it done, but like Chuck Allen said Monday, the honor seems a lot more important to the members of that team now than it did when it happened.

Also, there was nothing earth-shattering coming out of Tyrone Willingham's press conference Monday. As has been the case so far every week this year, Willingham doesn't know the severity of any possible injuries accrued during the game the weekend before, so it will probably be at least until Wednesday that we get any names, let alone the specific injury or their actual status. So it's become a guessing game, and your guess is as good as ours.

The Pepsi Players of the game were: Anthony Russo (Offense and Special Teams), and Dan Howell (Defense). The Scout Team Players of the Week were Charles Hawkins (Offense), Jovon O'Connor (Defense), and Cort Dennison (Special Teams).

Willingham was asked about the status of Jordan Murchison, and he said that nothing had changed. Murchison was sentenced on September 21st to one year in jail with all but two days suspended for fourth-degree assault in King County Superior Court on Friday. The two days have already been served. He was also ordered to perform 224 hours of community service and complete an anger-management course.

With the start of the fall quarter on Wednesday, Willingham did say that he would be expanding the roster with some more walk-on players, but it wouldn't happen until the end of the week.

Official USC two-deeps for their game against Washington. And no, the eight tailbacks listed are not a typo.
USC Offense
SE   9 David Ausberry        6-4 225 Fr.*
    48 Brad Walker           6-2 215 Sr.
    14 Garrett Green         6-2 205 So.
    80 Brandon Carswell      6-2 175 Fr.
LT  79 Sam Baker             6-5 305 Sr.*
    71 Charles Brown         6-6 290 So.* or
    68 Butch Lewis           6-5 280 Fr.*
    56 Alex Parsons          6-4 285 So.
LG  53 Jeff Byers            6-4 285 Jr.*
    70 Alatini Malu          6-4 330 Sr.*
C   61 Kristofer O'Dowd      6-5 300 Fr.
    53 Jeff Byers            6-4 285 Jr.*
RG  66 Chilo Rachal          6-5 315 Jr.*
    74 Zack Heberer          6-5 300 Fr.*
RT  60 Drew Radovich         6-5 305 Sr.*
    71 Charles Brown         6-6 290 So.*
    77 Thomas Herring        6-6 300 So.*
    67 Michael Reardon       6-5 265 Fr.
TE  83 Fred Davis            6-4 250 Sr.
    89 Dale Thompson         6-4 255 Sr.
    86 Anthony McCoy         6-5 255 So.
    88 Jimmy Miller          6-5 250 Jr.*
    40 Rhett Ellison         6-5 235 Fr.
FL   1 Patrick Turner        6-5 220 Jr.
     7 Vidal Hazelton        6-3 210 So.
     8 Ronald Johnson        6-1 190 Fr.
    17 Travon Patterson      5-10 175 So.
QB  10 John David Booty      6-3 215 Sr.*
    6 Mark Sanchez           6-3 225 So.*
    16 Michael McDonald      6-2 185 Sr.*
    15 Aaron Corp            6-3 185 Fr.
FB  31 Stanley Havili        6-1 225 Fr.*
    45 Adam Goodman          6-2 235 So.*
    35 Jody Adewale          6-0 230 Sr.*
    37 Jordan Campbell       6-0 225 Fr.
    39 Alfred Rowe           6-0 205 Fr.*
TB  23 Chauncey Washington   6-1 220 Sr.* or
    13 Stafon Johnson        6-0 210 So. or
     2 C.J. Gable            6-1 195 So.
    21 Allen Bradford        6-0 225 So. or
     4 Joe McKnight          6-0 180 Fr. or
    22 Desmond Reed          5-9 185 Sr.*
    34 Hershel Dennis        5-11 200 Sr.* or
    26 Marc Tyler            6-0 215 Fr.

USC Defense
DE  96 Lawrence Jackson      6-5 270 Sr.*
    97 Alex Morrow           6-6 270 Sr.*
NT  49 Sedrick Ellis         6-2 305 Sr.*
    99 Averell Spicer        6-2 290 So.*
    44 Christian Tupou       6-2 275 Fr.
DT  75 Fili Moala            6-5 295 Jr.*
    90 Derek Simmons         6-4 275 Fr.*
    98 DaJohn Harris         6-4 270 Fr.
DE  84 Kyle Moore            6-6 275 Jr.
    93 Everson Griffen       6-3 265 Fr.
    81 Gerald Washington     6-6 260 Jr.*
SLB 10 Brian Cushing         6-4 240 Jr. or
    47 Clay Matthews         6-4 240 Jr.*
    41 Thomas Williams       6-3 235 Sr.*
    46 Michael Morgan        6-3 220 Fr.*
MLB 58 Rey Maualuga          6-3 250 Jr.
    41 Thomas Williams       6-3 235 Sr.*
    52 Luthur Brown          6-3 230 So.*
    54 Chris Galippo         6-2 235 Fr.
WLB 55 Keith Rivers          6-3 235 Sr.
    43 Kaluka Maiava         6-0 225 Jr.
     6 Malcolm Smith         6-2 215 Fr.
CB  24 Shareece Wright       6-0 180 So.
     9 Mozique McCurtis      6-1 225 Jr.*
FS   2 Taylor Mays           6-4 225 So.
    27 Marshall Jones        6-0 185 Fr.
SS   4 Kevin Ellison         6-1 225 Jr.
    26 Will Harris           6-1 205 So.*
CB  28 Terrell Thomas        6-1 200 Sr.*
    24 Shareece Wright       6-0 180 So.
    23 Vincent Joseph        5-10 180 So.

USC Special Teams
P   44 Greg Woidneck         6-0 200 Jr.*
    25 Billy O'Malley        6-1 190 Fr.*
PK  18 David Buehler         6-2 225 Jr.
    30 Joe Houston           5-8 160 So.
SNP 50 Will Collins          6-2 230 Sr.*
    48 Brad Walker           6-2 215 Sr. or
    63 Christian Putnam      5-11 210 So.*
HLD 16 Michael McDonald      6-2 185 Sr.* or
    44 Greg Woidneck         6-0 200 Jr.*
    14 Garrett Green         6-2 205 So.
KOR  2 C.J. Gable            6-1 195 So. or
    23 Vincent Joseph        5-10 180 So.
    22 Desmond Reed          5-9 185 Sr.*
     8 Ronald Johnson        6-1 190 Fr. or
    13 Stafon Johnson        6-0 210 So. or
     4 Joe McKnight          6-0 180 Fr.
PR  22 Desmond Reed          5-9 185 Sr.*
     4 Joe McKnight          6-0 180 Fr.
     8 Ronald Johnson        6-1 190 Fr. or
    13 Stafon Johnson        6-0 210 So.

UW two-deeps, as announced by UW Media Relations...
Washington Offense
WR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11 185 ^Sr.
    18 Corey Williams        6-2 195 ^Sr.
LT  79 Ben Ossai             6-6 300 Jr.
OR  71 Cody Habben           6-6 300 So.
LG  65 Ryan Tolar            6-5 310 So.
    76 Jordan White-Frisbee  6-6 320 Sr.
C   58 Juan Garcia           6-3 315 ^Sr.
    64 Matt Sedillo          6-3 300 So.
RG  72 Casey Bulyca          6-6 340 Sr.
    64 Matt Sedillo          6-3 300 So.
    70 Morgan Rosborough     6-6 365 Jr.
RT  75 Chad Macklin          6-8 300 ^Sr.
    69 Erik Berglund         6-6 310 ^Sr.
TE  86 Michael Gottlieb      6-5 245 Sr.
OR  37 Johnie Kirton         6-4 270 Sr.
OR  81 Robert Lewis          6-5 250 ^Sr.
QB  10 Jake Locker           6-3 225 So.
    11 Carl Bonnell          6-3 215 ^Sr.
TB   9 Louis Rankin          6-0 205 ^Sr.
    24 J.R. Hasty            5-11 200 Jr. or
    14 Curtis Shaw           5-11 190 Fr.
     6 Brandon Johnson       5-11 195 Fr.
FB  30 Paul Homer            6-0 222 So.
    32 Luke Kravitz          6-1 245 Sr.  
WR   3 Marcel Reece          6-3 240 Sr.
    19 Quintin Daniels       6-0 195 ^Sr.
WR  16 D'Andre Goodwin       6-0 170 So.
    29 Cody Ellis            6-0 185 ^Sr.

Washington Defense
DE 66 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim    6-4 245 Jr.
    96 De'Shon Matthews      6-4 255 So.
DT  95 Jordan Reffett        6-6 295 ^Sr.
    77 Erick Lobos           6-3 285 Sr.
    93 Derek Kosub           6-4 295 So.
DT  74 Wilson Afoa           6-3 290 ^Sr.
    99 Cameron Elisara       6-2 275 So.
DE   7 Greyson Gunheim       6-5 265 Sr.
    85 Caesar Rayford        6-7 250 Sr.
OLB 34 Dan Howell            6-1 225 Sr.
    20 Kyle Trew             6-2 235 ^Sr.
ILB 57 Trenton Tuiasosopo    6-2 240 Sr. or
     9 Donald Butler         6-1 240 So.
    40 Mason Foster          6-1 218 Fr.
OLB 22 E.J. Savannah         6-2 228 Jr.
    29 Chris Stevens         6-0 215 Jr.
FS  26 Jason Wells           6-2 210 Jr.
    39 Nate Williams         6-1 205 Fr.
    27 Jay Angotti           5-10 180 So.
SS  23 Mesphin Forrester     6-2 205 Sr.
    15 Darin Harris          5-11 200 Sr.
CB   6 Vonzell McDowell Jr.  5-9 176 Fr.
    18 Byron Davenport       5-11 195 Jr. or
    19 Matt Mosley           5-11 190 So.
CB  28 Roy Lewis             5-11 187 ^Sr.
    19 Matt Mosley           5-11 190 So.

Washington Special Teams
P   12 Jared Ballman         5-11 175 Jr.
    13 Ryan Perkins          6-0 185 Jr.
FG/PAT 13 Ryan Perkins       6-0 185 Jr.
    12 Jared Ballman         5-11 175 Jr.
KO  12 Jared Ballman         5-11 175 Jr.
    13 Ryan Perkins          6-0 185 Jr.
HLD 11 Carl Bonnell          6-3 215 ^Sr.
SNP 49 Danny Morovick        6-3 230 Jr.
KOR  6 Brandon Johnson       5-11 195 Fr.
     9 Louis Rankin          6-0 205 Sr.
PR   5 Anthony Russo         5-11 185 ^Sr.
     9 Louis Rankin          6-0 205 Sr.

^ indicates fifth-year senior

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