Romar talks about Overton

SEATTLE - News that Venoy Overton had been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse was met with obvious enthusiasm on Montlake, and outside of Overton, no one person was more thrilled to have the 5-foot-11 point guard from Franklin eligible and ready to go than Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar.

"As I said when he signed, he (Overton) is a leader, a winner, a hard worker," Romar said Tuesday. "Those are definitely qualities you want to have in your program."

Overton was cleared Tuesday afternoon. "We made sure that if he was cleared, he'd be ready to go," Romar said, noting that he's got the classes that he needs and he will be going to class just like any other student-athlete, starting Wednesday.

Overton will need to pass his physical before he can officially practice with the team. The Huskies have been conditioning, weight lifting and individual work since September 15th, but Romar doesn't think that Overton will lose all that much from the time missed. "He's one of those guys you don't have to worry about," he said. "He's pretty self-motivated."

And how was Overton when Romar passed the news along? "He was pumped up," Romar said. "Apparently he was with a couple of the other freshmen...the next I knew, someone else was on the phone, because he was so excited."

So Overton's enrollment means that Washington's 2007 class is officially complete. Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Darnell Gant and Justin Holiday are the other three pieces to the puzzle, and Romar is going to give them every opportunity to help the team out right now.

"We have never recruited someone and told them that they would redshirt their first season," Romar said. "Never. All four of those guys have a chance to make an impact on the team just like anyone else."

Clearly we'll see how the newcomers do when the games roll around, but Romar is very excited at the intanglibles the 2007 brings to his team. "Every one of those guys is very athletic and they are not spoiled in any way," he said. "They want to come in and work, they don't feel like the game owes them anything. And that's a great thing to have. They just want to come in, be a part of a team situation and give you everything that they have." Top Stories