Recruiting Blog: 9/26

This time of year it can be tough to reach prospects because between homework, school and practice they hardly have time to talk to websites covering recruiting. However, this week we've been able to speak with several players on Washington's radar and they talked about their seasons and how recruiting is coming along.

Recruiting heats up for Green

Central Catholic (Portland) QB Nick Green is off to a great start this year leading his team to a 2-2 record and throwing for 1,006 yards, 10 touchdowns and two interceptions while also piling up 250 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

There were some concerns with Green heading into this season because of a season-ending knee injury that forced him to miss his entire junior season. Green said that he's done his best to show the teams that have shown him the most interest that his knee is fully back to 100-percent.

"I've been putting my highlight tape together to send out to a bunch of schools and I think I've shown it's back healthy and ready to go," Green said while driving home from his visit to Idaho last weekend. "We're having fun, we've been pretty successful this year and I'm excited to just be playing again."

Green said he expects to send his tape out to schools like Arizona State, Purdue, Washington, Idaho and Air Force among others and that the Huskies have started to pick up their recruitment of him over the past few weeks.

"Coach (Randy) Hart calls me all the time and we talk a lot," Green said. "They've really been showing me a lot of interest and they said they just want me to be patient while they continue to evaluate guys.

"He said they really like me a lot though and that they are looking forward to my tape."

Green was at Washington's game against Ohio State and hopes to be in attendance for this week's game with USC.

"They've looked really good and the way they use (Jake) Locker is pretty cool," Green said. "They played tough against one of the best teams in the country and I think they'll keep getting better and keep improving."

On Friday, Green and his teammates will take on Barlow.

Sampson hopes to set up UW visit soon

One of the top offensive lineman in the state of Colorado is Overland (Aurora, Co.) T Andrew Sampson and while Arizona State has risen to the top of list of schools recruiting him, he said that could change if things fall the right way.

"The reason they are number one right now is because they are the only school I've actually seen," Sampson told recently. "They have a good school and a new coach and weight room that's pretty cool, but I need to see the other schools recruiting me to really know how they are different."

One of those schools is Washington and Sampson said he's been in recent contact with the Husky tight ends coach Bob Simmons.

"Coach Simmons called me last week actually," Sampson said. "He just wanted to check in on me and see how my season was going and how I was doing. He said they are still pretty interested in me and wanted me to know they wanted me to come up for a visit in December.

"I'm going to be setting that up with them pretty soon, but right now I'm really focused on our season. We're 3-1 and we really need to get focused so we can make a run at the playoffs."

Sampson just picked up an offer from Kansas bringing his total number of offers to five – Washington, Colorado State, Arizona State and UNLV are the others.

He said all of the schools have talked to him about playing tackle, but that he could play almost anywhere along the line.

"I play tackle for us, but I think I can play anywhere along the line," Sampson said. "Washington has the need for linemen so that makes them pretty interesting and they have a great program and they're in a big city and I'm from a city so that makes it pretty appealing."

Sampson and his Overland teammates will face off against Boulder High School on Friday night.

Edwards' leadership is key to Kentridge success

We've been following Kentridge OL/DL Le'Roi Edwards' progress for two years and he's helped to lead the Chargers to a 2-2 record early in the 2007 season. So far, the leader of the offensive line hasn't had much recruiting attention thrown his way, but he's readying his senior highlight tape for distribution soon.

"Coach (Mike) Denbrock came to a couple of our games," Edwards said. "I haven't really spoken to him, but he was there and we did pretty well. I also went up to the Boise State game and the Ohio State game."

Edwards is the ASB president for Kentridge and has a lot of off-field responsibilities so he's unsure how many more games he will be able to make it to and if he can make it to other schools – Washington State and Oregon State – who have also expressed interest in him.

"I'm going to get my tape together and send it out to the schools in the Pac 10 recruiting me and schools like UNLV and Columbia," Edwards said. "I'd really like to go to the Ivy League if I don't get a Pac 10 offer so we'll see what happens."

Turner leads Kentridge attack

Edwards' teammate, ATH Brandon Turner, has seen the interest from UNLV increase recently with the Rebels' coaching staff contacting him once a week for the past three weeks.

"They are really getting pretty serious about things with me," Turner said. "It feels like they're getting close to offering me, but honestly I'm not sure right now.

"We're all getting our senior tapes ready to send out to schools and I'm going to send it out to half of the Pac 10 and UNLV to see where things go."

Aside from UNLV, Eastern Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Stanford, Arizona State and the local school – Washington will get a tape.

The Huskies were at a couple of Turner's games this year and he said he feels as if he's shown them what he can do even though it's mainly at a position he won't be playing.

"It's been tough playing quarterback, but I'm making the most of it," Turner said. "Coach Denbrock showed up for the second half of our game against Tahoma and I'm glad he showed up for the second part because the first half I didn't do too well.

"In the second half he got to see me score two touchdowns and make some plays on defense."

Turner said all the schools recruiting him are recruiting him as an athlete with some looking at him as a receiver mainly while others are looking at him as a safety.

Edwards, Turner and the rest of their teammates face Decatur on Saturday.

Johnson is the man in the middle

Arguably the top offensive lineman in the state of Colorado is Mullen (Denver) C/G Alec Johnson. The big man from the Rocky State said he's interested in the Huskies, but it appears that Washington has cooled on him.

"They offered me a while ago, but I haven't heard from them in a long time," Johnson said. "I was really interested in them, but right now I can't consider them as a school because they don't seem interested in me.

"If they were to start calling me, then I would definitely start looking at them again. It isn't about attention, it's more about knowing if they still want me or not."

Johnson said that his official visit to San Diego State has vaulted the Aztecs to the top of his favorites list and that his time on campus was a lot of fun.

"They beat Portland State and so the trip went really well," Johnson said. "I hung out with a couple of the redshirt offensive linemen – Kellen Farr and Leo Grassilli – and we all just hung out and talked and had fun.

"Their coaching staff is really cool and I liked them all. They are my leader right now, but I haven't seen any other schools yet to compare them to so I'm going to take a couple more visits before I do anything."

The other schools vying for Johnson's services are Arizona State, Colorado State, Kansas and Utah.

Mullen (4-0) takes on Eaglecrest on Friday night.

Bronson hoping to take in day on Montlake

The state of Washington's top running back committed to the Huskies back in August, but Kentwood's Demitrius Bronson has yet to speak with head coach Tyrone Willingham about his commitment.

"I haven't been able to talk to him yet," Bronson said. "I've left him one message, but we just haven't talked. I think they've called me, but I'm not sure because my phone was messed up for a little bit.

"I'm going to try and get up there for their game against USC this weekend, but it might be tough because I'm taking the SAT course on Saturdays," Bronson said. "I want to get up there though so that I can go to a game, stand on the sidelines, sit in the stands and then talk to coach Willingham about me playing at U-Dub."

So far this season, Bronson has wracked up over 850 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground and he said he's feeling like this could be a great year for he and his Conqueror teammates.

"We have a chance to be really special this year, but we just need to focus," Bronson said. "We beat Kentridge and that's our rival, but we also just need to focus on the next game ahead of us."

That next game comes on Friday when they take on Thomas Jefferson on the road.

We'll have more updates in the near future on other prospects the Huskies are after. Top Stories