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2-2 and in comes the best college football team in the land. Washington really should've won in the Rose Bowl last Saturday evening. How will they rebound? Here is what the staff thinks will happen Saturday evening in Husky Stadium.

Chris Fetters, Editor.

As much as I'd love to predict a Washington win here, I just don't see how I can. USC is just too good on both lines, and that's where the game will be won. The Huskies will have to play mistake-free football, but if they can't get the Trojans out of their game it won't be close. Playing the No. 1 team while honoring a former No. 1 team means there should be a really good vibe in the house Saturday night, but USC just has too many weapons. USC 52-28

Prediction: USC 52, Washington 28
Derek Johnson, Columnist.

For some reason that defies logic, I feel like the Huskies are going to hang tough for at least two quarters, before USC calls in the cavalry and destroys the Dawgs in the second half. Are we at the point where that is considered a moral victory? I don't know. Searching for moral victories goes against the very fiber of my being, but it is what it is. Maybe the Dawgs will surprise us... But the task of them beating USC is akin to paddling a bathtub across the Pacific.

Prediction: USC 48, Washington 27
Scott Eklund, Recruiting and Beat Writer.

Last week was tough to watch from a Husky fan's perspective. The Dawgs had several chances to take the momentum in that game, but defensive and special team's malfunctions allowed UCLA and their third-string walk-on QB, who didn't throw a pass in the final 18 minutes of the game, to run away with the game. Now the beloved Huskies face-off against, arguably, the most talented team in the country and one that will beat on them for 60 minutes. Jake Locker will be running for his life most of the night and Louis Rankin will find nary a hole to squeeze through. John David Booty will pick on a porous Husky secondary while the talented Trojan line will allow the SC backs to gash the Huskies mercilessly. This one won't be close folks…

Prediction: USC 49, Washington 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist.

I know this won't be popular with some, but I just don't think we have the horses, nor the experience to stay with USC this season. USC is just such a powerhouse right now.

Prediction: USC 44, Washington 17
David Samek, Publisher.

This is a USC defense that may be the best one Pete Carroll has ever had. When this group has the chance to hit Jake Locker, they are going to do it. This group does not take ANYONE lightly this year, they are playing every game like a bowl game. They aren't going to take Saturday off, and they are going to crush a Washington team that has had trouble stopping the run and has a secondary that cannot cover the USC receivers. USC's defense has probably four 1st round NFL picks on it, and they will show why on Saturday. Did anyone see what they did to Nebraska before putting in their subs? Lord.

Prediction: USC 51, Washington 21
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations.

This will be a tough one. UW is smarting after a tough loss at UCLA. USC is on a mission to win a national Championship and they remember that last year's game came within one play. I expect UW to play better than they did against UCLA but at the end of the day, Washington just can't hang with the team on a mission.

Prediction: USC 42, Washington 17
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus.

If Ohio State was the alarm clock, UCLA was the wake up call. Yes, Husky fans could collectively hit the "snooze" button after the hard-fought loss to the Buckeyes--after all, there was much to be excited about in that game. But the putrid performance against the Bruins last week was like a splash of water in the face. The message to Husky Nation was loud and clear--the Huskies aren't back, not yet at least, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. USC rolls into Montlake atop the national rankings yet again, with game breakers at every position and a senior quarterback among the best in the country. There's always the remote chance Washington finds a way to hang in there and somehow pull out a win in the final minutes, but more than likely this one is gonna get ugly folks. The most important thing for the Huskies will be preventing Montlake Jake from getting injured. If that means less quarterback scrambles for a week and more handoffs to the tailbacks, then that's what the Dawgs will have to do.

Prediction: USC 44, Washington 10
Race Bannon, Columnist.

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Prediction: Washington 34, USC 0
Dick Baird, Columnist.

What do you expect from me? I can't allow myself to ever think the team will lose. My brain does not work that way. I also don't give a hoot about my credibility as a predictor so you can always count on me to always pick the Huskies to win. That sounded like a slam on the team, didn't it? Sorry. That said, Washington can win this game by simply playing perfect. No turnovers, solid kicking game, and an over confident USC team will be necessary. Jake throws like he did against UCLA in the fourth quarter and the Huskies win on a field goal in overtime. Either that or 27 USC players get kicked off the team for going to Deja'vu the night before.

Prediction: Washington 27, USC 24
Rick Samek, Columnist.

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Prediction: USC 41, Washington 17
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