Player Quotes: USC

For the third week in a row the Huskies were on the short end of the score, losing to USC 27-24 and the players afterwards could do nothing but lament the missed tackles and opportunities to win the game. Read on to get the players' thoughts and comments following the game...

Jake Locker

On USC's defense: "They're a really good defense. They have some really good athletes and they move well to the ball and they just play really hard."

On his accuracy issues: "I just missed things tonight. I don't know what it was. I was a little more accurate as the night went along, but there were a couple of drives there that I had the chance to make plays and didn't. I was sailing things a little tonight. My release was bad."

On the bye week: "It will be nice to get healthy, but I'm going to be working with my receivers and get things fixed because that had a huge impact on things tonight."

On some of the hits he took: "Everybody at this level is big and fast and strong so if they wanted to intimidate me with the hits they were putting on me it didn't work."

Quintin Daniels

On the frustration of not scoring when in the red zone: "Of course we're frustrated with not scoring down there. That's going to be frustrating because you're right there and one play can make that difference, but you have to move on during the game because if you sit there and dwell on those times then the game will pass you by."

On playing with the number one team in the country: "I know everything about this team so to say that SC is going to come in here and beat us it just wasn't going to happen in our book, but it was kinda like we said we were going to meet them out there and everyone was going to play hard and let the best team win and that's what happened today."

On the physical USC defense: "Everybody knows about their front seven, but their DBs can hit too and they'll make plays and they're real physical and being number one in the country they think they're going to come in here and intimidate us, but this is our house and them being number one in the country didn't intimidate us and we just have to eliminate our mistakes and we'll be all right."

Juan Garcia

On the mood of the team after three straight losses: "I think right now we're a little down because we lost this but we know we have a good team. We just kept fighting and we had a chance against the number one team in the country and we're going to take positives out of this because we kept fighting."

On USC's mistakes: "I'm telling you, when we play hard as hard as we can play and play Husky football no one can stop us. We were out there and we were playing as a team, but we were making mistakes and that's the thing that killed us."

On the bye week: "I feel like the bye week is good, especially when you have a 13-game season, but we're going to be able to heal up a little bit and get focused, but it's tough because we're coming off a loss and now we have to wait two weeks now so that's a little frustrating. Now is the time when we have to make a push because we're 2-3 now and we've got eight games to go because I'm trying to go to a bowl game so it's time to get re-focused and get back to it."

Mesphin Forrester

On his interception and touchdown: "All I saw was green. Once I caught it, like I said, this whole week we've been focusing on turnovers and scoring when we get them so when I caught the ball I just knew I had to score on it."

On staying with USC: "I'm real proud of my teammates because we fought hard all night, but we just didn't get our ultimate goal which was getting the ‘W'."

On USC's offense: "They're a really good football team and they have good backs and receivers. We just had a lot of missed tackles and mistakes and against a team as talented as that you can't really make those kind of mistakes so we have to go into this bye week and get things right."

Dan Howell

On USC: "SC is SC and they're very consistent. They do the right things all the time and that's why they're ranked number one. I mean, we knew what they were going to throw at us and we weren't surprised, but they still made plays."

On stopping the run and tackling better: "It's all about will. We're not doing tackling drills at bedtime, but it's about will and doing it right. You know what you're supposed to do so just go out and do it."

On the improvement of the team: "There's always improvement. I know we're a lot better than we were last year, but we're still not where we're supposed to be and that's the bottom line. We're sitting at 2-3 and we're losing right now and we aren't happy about it so we're going to go out and work hard and try to get some more wins."

Roy Lewis

On the mentality of the team: "It is frustrating because we know what we're capable of doing and at times we just don't execute and we don't play to our full potential and that's hard because when you know you have a team on the ropes and you have the momentum and all we have to do is turn that corner – something always happens. So no it's about getting past these hard times and working hard and concentrating on making those plays when they're there to be made."

On the blocked punt: "All I know is that we needed a big play. The defense was still rolling and the punt return team knew we could get one and I knew I had a chance to block it and the coaches made a good call so I made a play on the ball and tried to score and it ended up setting up a score."

Jordan Reffett

On stopping the run: "We gotta buckle it down. We've got guys on this team that take pride in stopping the run, myself included, and the coaches put us in the right spot, but we didn't make plays and they got some long gains out there, but we can't give up big plays like that and be happy about it."

On being disappointed in the tackling: "I think this is the second week in a row that we didn't tackle very well and that's on us. You can't blame anyone out there but the guys on the field and it doesn't matter how good their backs or blockers are, you still have to make the play."

On his confidence in the offense: "I always have confidence in this football team. It doesn't matter what's happening in the game, I have confidence in our offense that every time they have the ball they're going to score. It was a tough go today for them and also for the defense, but you have to take your hats of to USC because they did what they had to do to win." Top Stories