Thompson talks recruiting

It's been a while since we've caught up with Kennedy DE/TE Everette Thompson. He's been busy with school and football since the start of September, but was able to catch him after a workout and he talked about his season so far, recruiting and what he said to former teammate Nate Williams after he suffered a concussion against USC.

"Yeah he was a little woozy after that hit," Thompson said with a laugh. "I called him after the game though and he was fine.

"He was a gunner on the punt return and you're always taught to look at the returner and not the ball, but he was looking up at the ball and Rey Maualuga just blasted him. I was like 'so how does it feel to be hit by an NFL linebacker?' and he just laughed and said it was the hardest hit he'd ever taken."

Thompson said he enjoyed his time on Montlake for the Huskies' matchup with USC and that he's hoping to make to more games, but it all depends on his schedule.

"It's weird because we have a lot of Saturday games so it might be tough to go to another one," Thompson said. "They played well though and they had a chance to win -- they just didn't take advantage of their opportunities but they're young and they played SC tough."

Thompson recently narrowed his list of schools to three --Washington, Oregon and Oregon State -- and said he's planning to visit all three over the next few months.

"I've already taken unofficials to all three schools so it's going to be about the official visits and stuff like that," Thompson said. "I've been talking with all the coaches from those schools about setting up an official visit, but nothing has been scheduled yet.

"Coach (Chris) Tormey called me last week and we talked for a bit about things. I feel really close to the Husky program. I grew up watching them, I'm friends with a bunch of guys on the team and they are so close to home so I feel real comfortable there."

Thompson said playing with Williams and former teammate Lonzell Hill would be a nice perk should he decide to go to Washington, but he said that's not going to be the deciding factor.

"It's going to be everything," Thompson admitted. "I want to check out the programs and the feeling I get when I'm there. I want to make sure it's the best choice for me and what I want to major in and stuff like that.

"I would love to play with Nate and those guys, but I'm just going to take my visits and then make my decision shortly after that."

Kennedy is 3-2 on the season with their only losses coming to two out of state teams.

"We got off to a rough start, but we've gotten better and we're hoping to go to the playoffs and then maybe we can get back to the championship game again," Thompson said.

For the season, Thompson has posted five sacks and 33 tackles on defense and on offense he has 10 receptions for 136 yards and three touchdowns.

This weekend they take on Highline.

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