Moss about to pull the trigger?

Durrell Moss is a 6-1, 190-pound running back from Orange, California and Moss just got back from his official visit to the University of Washington late Sunday night. It's been noted that Moss has the Huskies high up on his wish list and that they have offered him a scholarship to play football there. With his Mother with him, he checked things out and found things to his liking. So did he feel an urge to make a commitment right then and there?

"I definitely thought about it, a few times," Moss told "I know they treat you like royalty when you're up there, so I needed to come back home and think about it. My Mom totally loved it. That's where she wants me to go. It was cool. Just seeing the game, hanging out with the team...getting to see the walkthrough. I got a really good feeling for what gameday is like. It's the first big game I've ever been to. That stadium is unbelievable. It's packed and it's loud. I did a tour of the campus and checked out the academics...the same things I would expect to see on any other visit."

His host was freshman running back Shelton Sampson. "He was cool," Durrell said of his host. "He didn't treat me like a recruit. I felt like I was a friend, like one of the boys."

It was time spent with the team that Moss called the 'highlight of the trip'. "Just hanging out with the guys," he said. "They told me the coaches are unlike other coaches. You can actually go and talk to them about anything."

Moss spent quite a bit of time talking with Brent Myers and Rick Neuheisel. "We just talked about everything," he said of his conversation with Washington's Head Coach. "Sure, he talked about UW and all that stuff, but then it was just like hanging out. It was great. And Coach Myers too. They are big-time coaches. It was like I was just kickin' it with them. They kept telling me to make sure that it was right for me."

So on a scale from one to ten? "Oh, it was a 10," Durrell said of his visit. He doesn't have any other trips set up. "Well, the reason why I went up to Washington early was because I had a game on Thursday," said Moss. "I don't want to miss any games. And besides, I was really tired when I got home." (laughs) I just want to be smart about that, not just set up a trip to go somewhere."

Durrell has a tentative date of December 7th to visit Colorado State. "They've been there since the beginning (of the recruiting process, so it just seems right to go check them out," he said. Contact lately has been coming strong from Oregon, Arizona State, Cal and USC. "I've been talking to them a lot. They've been asking for tape."

His current offers include Washington, Colorado State and UNLV. "The funny thing about UNLV is that they don't keep in contact at all," Durrell said. He also intimated that, while he's not sure about taking other trips, he could very well commit to Coach Neuheisel the next time he calls.

Through four games for Orange, Moss has carried the ball 111 times for 749 yards.

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