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Viliamu Kuaea is a 6-3, 295-pound lineman from Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes, and Kuaea's senior season is going just how he was hoping it would. He's having a blast opening up holes for Akeem Anthony and Anthony Russo, and the Lancers are racking up some outrageous numbers. But he knows they can't rest on their laurels as they have their toughest test to date this Friday.

"I'm having a fun season," big 'V' told Dawgman.com last night. "We're puttin' it down on the field." Lakes plays Chehalis tomorrow, and it's one the Lancers have circled. "They shut down the number one running back in the state (Jonathan Stewart), so we have to give them our best shot. We have to be ready to play."

Kuaea has been splitting time on both lines. Everybody is recruiting 'V' as an offensive lineman, except for Oregon State. They are recruiting him as a defensive tackle. While the team goals are being achieved so far, Vili is still working hard toward his individual goals. "My individual goals are to just keep getting better," he said. "I have to get faster, get my feet quicker and get stronger. That way I can be nice and strong when we're playing for the championship."

One thing that has motivated Kuaea, as well as the other Lancer defenders, is something new that Coach Dave Miller put in place. "We have this thing called the 'Hammer Hit'," he said. "It's for the biggest hit in a game. I've gotten it 3 or 4 of 'em already. When you get it, you get a blue hammer sticker for your helmet and you also get an actual blue hammer. It helps inspire everybody to hit their hardest. There's always a battle every week for the 'hammer'."

On the recruiting front, there's just a handful of schools that have been contacting Vili, but they have all been very serious inquiries. "Coach (Randy) Hart calls from U-Dub, Coach (Gregg) Smith from Oregon State and a coach from Arizona, I can't remember his name," he said. "They've been calling the most. They just want to make sure I'm keeping my grades up. Coach Hart came to see me play in our second game against Evergreen. He called me up to tell me how good I looked and I told him I had to make sure I could get downfield to take care of those linebackers." (laughs)

Hart recruited Vili's brother, Kose, before the elder Kuaea decided to attend Nevada.

Vili knows that there's a pact in place with certain teams. It's a mutual agreement. "They've been telling me that once my grades are settled, they'll have pen and paper ready for me on February 6th," he said. "Once I take care of my part, they'll take care of theirs." Those schools are Washington, Arizona and UCLA.

The Huskies hold Vili's top spot. "Washington is just a good team," he said. "They are young, so they'll be good for a while. And there's lots of Lakes guys there, like Reggie (Williams), Aaron (Butler), Felix (Sweetman) and Matt (Griffith), so it's like I'd be going to a familiar place. And it's the local school too."

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