Player Quotes - Arizona State

It was yet another somber locker room as the Huskies fell to Arizona State 44-20 on the road after another third quarter meltdown. The Husky players were understandably testy following their fourth straight loss. Read on to see what several of the players had to say...

LB Dan Howell

On frustration of second half problems: "The energy in the locker room is high. We come in and get the adjustments in. It's a matter of us just coming out as up in the second half as we do when we get ready to start the game."

On the loss: "Every loss is disappointing. It doesn't matter if you lose by 40 points or if you lose by three. Especially for me. I like to win and when I don't win I get frustrated."

On his missed tackles: "I definitely had a lot of opportunities for myself personally that I didn't make. I had an opportunity for an interception and didn't read my keys right and I was late and I had a couple missed tackles that hurt us so I take a lot of the responsibility for our loss on me because I need to make those plays. Those long runs are missed tackles and missed opportunities."

On why problems keep happening: "There's no explanation for it. It's a missed tackle. There's no deep underlying reason we aren't making the plays. It's just a missed tackle and those are about wanting it more than they do. It's about getting our feet in the right place and being in position and making the play."

RB J.R. Hasty

On more extended playing time: "I did alright tonight. I missed one blitz where Jake had to roll out and he threw an incomplete pass, but for the most part it was just good to get in there."

On seeing things at game speed: "There were definitely holes there like the read-zone plays and base plays worked. If you get positive yards, no matter what it's going to work, so there were holes there and going back to our base run packages helped us a lot."

On his ankle: "It's probably been healthy this past week and a half and I didn't have to rehab so that was good. It's been frustrating not being able to get out there, but I just have to go out and help my team however I can and try to pull out a win next week against Oregon."

QB Jake Locker

On third quarter woes: "I don't know. It's something we've got to work on and we've got to figure out a way to fix it. That's where we lost the game tonight. We had the ball and had a chance to get some momentum in our favor and we didn't do it and that's something we've got to fix."

On the running game in the third quarter: "We just kind of had a meltdown there in the third quarter. We weren't just not running the ball well, we weren't throwing it well either so we've got to fix it."

On his passing: "We made some big plays, but we didn't make enough of them obviously."

On if he expected to be 2-4 at this point after the 2-0 start: "No. We don't want to be here and we never would have imagined it and it sucks. But this is where we are and we can't look behind us, we need to look ahead. We have a good football team and we have to remember that and we've got to go out and play like that."

On the elbow to the head he took in the first quarter: "I don't think that's special for me. Every team is going to go after the quarterback and when they have a good chance to get a big hit on the quarterback they're going to take it no matter who they are and no matter what situation they are in. Do I worry about it? No. Does it scare me? No. I'm aware of it, but it doesn't change how I play the game."

RB Louis Rankin

On the second half problems: "I don't have anything to say about our second half."

On the frustrations of the team: "We're all frustrated. We feel like this is a game we could have won and should have won, but we just didn't get it done today."

On if this season can be turned around: "Definitely. It can be turned around tomorrow. If we make the right corrections we need to make it can be turned around tomorrow." Top Stories