Coach's Corner

I have to admit I temporarily lost my usual optimistic attitude Saturday night when the third quarter began to unravel our Washington Huskies again. What is that all about? How can this group of kids always play so well in the first half only to let every thing slip away in the third quarter?

Every game for the last month or so, it's been the same thing.

Ahead or close against some of the best teams in the country only to revert back to being what they have been for the last five years now – a not so good football team still searching for its identity.

This time they just wore me out. I went from disappointment to disgust to devastation all in about a half hour. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I was getting very sick of reliving yet again Groundhog Day. It was a great game plan and a well executed effort for one half that was completely wiped out by another series of calamities and absolutely unbelievable poor plays resulting in yet another collapse of major proportions.

Whatever they are doing at half-time is not working. Maybe they should just stay on the field at the break and do jumping jacks, or run plays against each other at the break, because once they go in the locker room the games quickly go downhill.

At times it seems as though they are just waiting for the roof to cave in as soon as the second half starts - and inevitably it does. It seems contagious because as soon as something goes bad, both the offense and the defense respond with bad decisions. It was right after Jake Locker's errant throw – was it a lateral or flip of the ball, I'm not sure - resulted in their first turnover of the game. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, went south. The punter went from great to poor, the defense forgot how to tackle and how to take correct angles to the ball, the receivers forgot how to catch, the offensive line forgot how to block and the quarterback turned from spectacular to absolutely awful.

How can a whole team just fall apart on such a regular basis? Then one of our corners threw a punch at the end, resulting in a personal foul. And THAT was the bright spot.

At game's end, our equipment for the post-game show went out, we got lost on a freeway to nowhere only to fall into bed for three hours of forced sleep and then stood for eternity in the airport security check only to have my toothpaste absconded by an over zealous guard determined to save our plane from a tube of Crest.

I finally called my wife and asked, "Aren't you glad I'm not still in coaching?" I couldn't even imagine how I would be feeling in their shoes because I couldn't even walk in mine. I ran into Coach Lambright at the airport and all we could do is shrug at each other and shake our heads. If it hurts this much to be a fan what would it be like to still be coaching?

When is this all going to swing back? When will they win a game in the second half again? When will they go to the Rose Bowl again? Heck, any bowl for that matter.

When will this program get a little luck? When are the Football Gods going to give these kids a break? When will they quit missing tackles? When will they just do the simple things like throw and catch again? So many questions and so few answers but will someone please give us a break.

No question the players and coaches want to win games. No question they are putting in long hours. No question they can compete with anyone, at least for a half, they've proved that. Goodness, four straight losses by the exact same script.

How to pick up the pieces and try to beat the Ducks is the most pressing issue. I will promise you the "Quackers" will hang 60 on these Dawgs if they don't some how learn to play in the second half.

So there you have it. I am reduced to hoping for some breaks to go their way. I just have to vent and somehow hope that it helps shake out my own negative feelings. I am so sick of this losing crap that I almost lose sight on the reality that I am a tremendously gifted and blessed man with a great family and a wonderful place to live. I have gotten to ride out my passion for the game of football for over 50 years and will always be thankful for what the game has done for me and my life.

At times it's difficult to remember all of that because of how sick I am of losing and how much I care about this program I put so much into.

There. I let it go. It's now out if my system. I'm good to go now and know it will eventually happen. We will win again, but for my own mental health, it might be better if we do it sooner rather than later. How about Saturday against a hated rival?

If not, maybe I can beat my wife at scrabble. Not counting on it though. Top Stories