Player Quotes - Oregon

The Oregon Ducks handled the Husky defense yet again, putting up a school-record 465 yards on the ground and went on the beat the Dawgs 55-34 at Husky Stadium. Read on to find out the thoughts of the players following their fifth straight loss.

LB Dan Howell

On Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart: "He's a good running back and he makes good plays for his team and you have to counter that by making plays as well. They're a good team all the way around. They have good backs, good receivers and we just have to make plays when we have the chance."

On defending Oregon's offense: "They're real efficient in their offense. They made plays when they needed to and they took advantage of their opportunities and we didn't and that's why they put up the yards they did. We need to make equally as good a plays as they do and we missed our opportunities."

On if Oregon showed them anything different: "They didn't show us anything we weren't expecting. They ran that read-option and that's what they do and a lot of that zone and stuff. They didn't get real tricky with it. We just needed to read our keys and make plays and we didn't do that."

DE Greyson Gunheim

His general thoughts on the game: "That was a tough game. With an offense like Oregon has we really have to stay in our gaps, make tackles and for the most part we did okay at that, but they would break our tackles or someone would get pushed out of their gap and that's where you saw them make the plays. That's a good team, but we made mistakes and that didn't help us out at all."

On the defenses frame of mind: "Right now we've just got to have each other backs. If a teammate loses his gap, you have to cover for him. This team ran the ball on us a lot and that was something that just happened."

On Oregon's cut-blocking: "They didn't cut us (linemen) much, but they really cut the linebackers a lot. You have to make sure you get your hands down to protect your legs and that's all just fundamentals and stuff like that."

DT Jordan Reffett

On the lack of run defense: "Right now, we can't stop anybody and that's disappointing because we've played great teams with great backs and all that, but it's time for the Huskies to start winning and we're going to get it right against Arizona when they come into our house."

On the defensive scheme: "I think the coaches are putting us in the right spots. It's just a matter of making plays and making tackles, me included. I'm a senior on this team and I take full responsibility and we're going to get it right next week against Arizona."

On being frustrated with defense's performance in light of offense's production: "It's frustrating because Jake (Locker) and those guys were doing their best and putting up points, but we just couldn't get the ball back for them."

On what needs to change on defense: "We just need to make plays. We've got guys in the right spot. It's not like they're bigger than us or stronger than us, we just have to make the plays when we have a chance to make them and we're not doing that right now."

WR Anthony Russo

On the mentality of the offense when down 14-0: "When we were down 14-0, nobody panicked we just said ‘alright, it's time to get going' and that's exactly what we did."

On Oregon's team as a whole: "They're a good team, a top 10 team and we knew that they were well-disciplined going into the game on both offense and defense and they put up a lot of yards and a lot of points when they came in here."

On where the Huskies go from here: "We've just gotta keep working hard. Our offense is improving and our special teams are improving every day and we've just got to keep working."

On the team making calls for him: "The coaches put me in a lot of different spots that I wasn't in before and I had a feeling they wanted to get me the ball and I just tried to make as many plays as I could out there."

On his 83-yard touchdown: "They had me in the slot and I basically ran a corner and I stuck it back to the post hoping the safety bit on it and went to the sideline and it worked every time in practice and it worked again today for six."

QB Jake Locker

On the mentality of the team at halftime: "We talked about this week that we weren't going to worry about things at halftime. We weren't going to focus on it. Everybody thought about it, but it wasn't voiced and we were focused on making plays and putting points on the board and today we didn't have that drought that we've been having."

On Louis Ran kin's game: "I thought he ran the ball hard today and how he goes that makes out running game go. I think Louis has run great every game this year and I think the line has done well this year too and today you could see that he didn't go down real easy and he was real determined to make big plays today."

On the running game helping the passing game: "Obviously any time you're able to run the ball that opens up lanes for the running game and that's awesome when we can run the ball like we did today and I think we were really balanced and it helped our offense go today."

On the game being a shootout: "That's a good team. We knew that on offense we needed to put up points to win this game and we didn't put up enough obviously and that's disappointing, but I think we have some things to build on this coming week and we'll do that."

RB Louis Rankin

On his day: "I didn't think things were really that much different, I think it's been like that in the past, but today we got things done a little bit earlier."

On running the ball consistently: "I think today's game was close most of the way so we had the opportunity to run the ball more this game and that's what I think it was."

On the passing game helping the running game: "Oh yeah, that helped us a lot to see Jake and Marcel (Reece) and Russo out there running around and past guys and that definitely took a lot of pressure off of us." Top Stories