Three take lead for Carroll

McClymonds (Oakland) OL Allan Carroll is one of the top offensive linemen in the Golden State and he's been having a great season individually even though his team has been struggling. He spoke with recently and he talked about recruiting and where his suitors stand at this point.

"Things have been going good as far as recruiting is concerned," Carroll told "Our team has been struggling this year, but we aren't giving up and we're focusing on finishing on a three-game winning streak."

Carroll's status as one of the top offensive linemen on the west coast has given him the opportunity to look at the schools who have offered him and three have taken the lead over the others.

"Washington, UCLA and Arizona are my top three, but I'm still looking at a couple of others as well," Carroll said. "I'm looking to take trips to all three of those and then you can put down Oregon, Washington State, Arizona State and Nebraska as the other ones I'm considering."

Carroll has yet to take his SAT, so he hasn't set up an official visit dates, but he plans to take the test on November 3rd.

"The schools told me that I need to take it before I can set up my visits so that's what I'm getting ready to do," Carroll said. "Washington has said they want me to visit in December and Arizona and UCLA have pretty much asked me to visit in late November and early December as well."

Carroll had this to say about his top three...

Washington - "I talked to coach (Tim) Lappano and coach (Tyrone) Willingham last week and they are really good coaches and really easy to talk to. They are rebuilding up there and they've been playing tough teams every week and they've played all of them close. They have a great young quarterback and their line is coming along and starting to open things up for them and that's a big reason I like them because I think they could make me better. My good friend (Willie Griffin) is also up there and he loves it and he said he wants me to come and join him."

UCLA - "I took a visit there last summer and loved it. They have a lot of great athletes there and they aren't too far from home. Their staff is really nice and down to earth and their location is really beautiful. I like them a lot."

Arizona - "Coach (Tim) Kish and I talk all the time. He said they are continuing to build up their line and they like what I bring in my intensity and my athleticism. They've really struggled this year, but every school struggles at times, so that doesn't really scare me off."

Carroll and his teammates will take on Fremont this weekend.

We'll have more from Carroll in the next few weeks as he begins to schedule his visits.

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