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Arizona comes limping into Seattle looking for a win against a Husky team that has suffered too many losses in a row. Here is how the staff feels the game will go in what should be a pretty sunny Husky Stadium tomorrow.

Results after Week 7
Dawgman, 4-3:
Grinolds, 6-1:
Fetters, 6-1:
Eklund, 4-3:
Baird, 2-5:
DuckFighter, 3-4:
Thrapp, 4-3:
Rico, 3-4:
Johnson, 6-1:
Kaiser, 4-3:
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David Samek, Publisher, RECORD: 4-3 (.571)

I really thought that we would be Arizona State. That was an inflated ASU squad that has not beaten anyone of substance. UW exposed them for a while but then the linebacking crew reverted back to bad angles, and slow safeties once again showed that if a back gets into the secondary, unless they trip and fall, its going to the house. Arizona has no rushing attack and will rely on Willie Tuitama to do the damage. This is a game that Washington really outta win. If they don't, this team will really be questioning their direction. Jake Locker is an amazing leader, an amazing athlete, and even more important, and amazing kid. However he needs some help. A win this week might provide some much needed good feelings around a program that hasn't won in a month and a half. Make it so.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 23 - ARIZONA 21
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations, RECORD: 6-1 (.857)

Thank God Jonathan Stewart is gone. He embarrassed our defense, but take nothing away from him, he is a fine back. But I think we maybe made him look even finer. Jake is progressing nicely, that's been fun to watch. It's too bad he's being asked to do so much because some of the things he's improved on will get lost in all of the ineptitude on offense. And that's a shame. This week, I have a bad feeling. I feel almost identical vibes as I did before Stanford last year. Watch for Arizona to run on the Dawgs with success and Washington not stopping the run usually leads to a loss.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 21 - ARIZONA 23
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-Chief, RECORD: 6-1 (.857)

I've been really torn on this game. This is a game UW should win 6-7 times out of 10, yet they haven't shown anything over the last five games to show that they can close the deal when things get tight. My heart is telling me that UW will close the deal Saturday, while my head is telling me not to trust this team until it actually does so. Probably against my better judgement (and it's weird to think that this 'going out on a limb', considering how well UW has played Arizona the past two years) I'm picking Washington in a close game. Tim Lappano genuinely feels that Jake Locker turned a corner in many ways against Oregon, and he'll have to continue his maturation process. Same with Louis Rankin. When both are running well and making good decisions, they can allow the Huskies to control the game. If they beat UA in the time of possession battle, they should win handily - but that's been a big struggle of late.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 35 - ARIZONA 28
Scott Eklund, Columnist, RECORD: 4-3 (.571)

Now that the Huskies are through with their "gauntlet" of ranked teams they get a bit of a breather as the reeling Arizona Wildcats come to town. QB Willie Tuitama puts up yardage, but he hasn't been able to get the team into the endzone with any type of consistency. The Arizona defense has been a huge disappointment this year ranking 43rd in yards allowed. Last week, Jake Locker gave fans a glimpse of what is to come with his best day as a passer and I've got to believe he will do that again this week. Huskies will win in a shootout, but fans will be gnawing on their finger nails until the final gun.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 36 - ARIZONA 33
Dick Baird, Columnist, RECORD: 2-5 (.286)

My prediction for this week is simple. Washington beats Arizona in a thriller. People, it's time to get a win. I don't care how, just any win of any kind, and this is a very beatable team that visits Seattle tomorrow. Take it by 1, but 4 will be the score. The downtrodden defense responds with two picks off of Tuitama and a fumble recovery will pay dividends as well. Jake runs wild and the game starts at a reasonable time.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - ARIZONA 20
Race Bannon, DuckFighter Illustrated Publisher, RECORD: 3-4 (.429)

Washington and Arizona face off in the Hot Seat Classic at Husky Stadium. The Wrong Stoops looks to break his two game losing streak to 'Right Guy Ty' and live to finish the season. Coach Willingham will load up his b-b gun as he waits for his bullets to arrive and try to end the 5 game slide the Huskies find themselves in. UA is unranked and UW is favored. Is the perfect storm our beloved locals need to win? Can any Huskies start for UA? Why not.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 24 - ARIZONA 21
Patrick Thrapp, Columnist, RECORD: 4-3 (.571)

I believe we will win this week. It won't be easy, but I like our chances. Arizona is not as good a team as we have seen the last 6 games. At least that is my thinking. So I got to believe this is a very winnable game. There shouldn't be a collapse in this game. I hope. Rankin has been hitting the holes harder. Jake is getting a bit more accurate in his passing. Bottom line - I am calling for a win.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 31 - ARIZONA 24
Rick Samek, Columnist, RECORD: 3-4 (.429)

I predict that the earth will be swallowed by a throbbing, angry sun in approximately 1.7 billion years ... Global Warming will be replaced by Global burning, and still Washington will struggle to stop the run ... and that UW will beat Arizona on Saturday. Nothing else matters.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 17 - ARIZONA 13
Derek Johnson, Columnist, RECORD: 6-1 (.857)

We've got two desperate teams who are playing poorly. Both are losing and both are underachieving at an alarming rate. However Washington has Jake Locker and the home field advantage, and those two things give the Huskies the slight edge in this game that both teams really need to win.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 27 - ARIZONA 21
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus, RECORD: 4-3 (.571)

Two wins followed by five losses. A lot of people predicted these kind of results when looking at the schedule before the season started. But I'm not sure anyone expected that the Huskies would have a chance to win against Ohio State, UCLA, USC, Arizona State, and Oregon. They did, however, and squandered every opportunity to steal a win. Finally, in the eighth week of the season, the schedule lightens up with a home game against Arizona. But do the Huskies have any bark left in their bite after five straight losses? Is there any confidence remaining? The short answer--there better be! Look for the Huskies to handle the Wildcats in a high-scoring affair. Jake Locker will throw for two touchdowns, one to Anthony Russo and the other to Cody Ellis, and run for two more as the Huskies outscore the WIldcats in a shootout.

Prediction: WASHINGTON 38 - ARIZONA 27

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