Player Quotes - Arizona

It was another somber day for the Husky players as they absorbed their sixth loss in as many weeks. Read on to get their thoughts about the 48-41 loss to Arizona at home and where the team goes from here.

S Mesphin Forrester

On Arizona's offense: "We knew they were a passing offense going into the game, but we've just got to get better at defending it. We weren't confused at all. We got the call and we just have to play better in the secondary – 510 yards is just ridiculous. That should never happen here at the University of Washington or our secondary. It's embarrassing."

On giving up so many yards in so many different ways: "That's the frustrating thing about it. We just have to fight through this adversity and keep getting better. Every loss feels the same to me no matter who it's to. This loss feels as bad as the USC loss. A loss is a loss."

On the mood of the defense: "We're frustrated, really frustrated. But we have leaders on this defense like Jordan Reffett and Greyson Gunheim and Dan Howell and myself and we're just going to knuckle things down and get things going for Stanford.

LB Trenton Tuiasosopo

General thoughts: "Obviously the defense couldn't help the offense when we had some turnovers with three-and-outs and we couldn't get the turnovers. It was a grind, but Arizona just came out on top."

On Arizona's offense: "They didn't get a lot of yards running it, as you saw on the board, but the long bomb passes as the short stuff really hurt us and we just couldn't get the stops when we needed to."

On how much this loss hurts: "It hurts because both programs are struggling and we needed this win, but the season's not over and we need to finish out the season. Even when we won one and two games, we still had to finish out the season and play hard and that's what we're going to do."

On the mentality of the defense coming out for the second half: "We just talked about coming out and dominating in the second half and we were up and all we had to do was finish it and we didn't and that's frustrating. We gave them too many passing yards and opportunities."

Jake Locker

On the loss: "It's tough. Any time you lose it's tough. Obviously it was a close game and we had an opportunity to put this one away and win it, but no loss is different than any other one. We needed this one as much as we needed any other one."

On the difference in the game: "I said it earlier, it was the turnovers. It keeps a team that you have on the ropes in the game. When you turn the ball over they can do that and that's what they were able to do. They stayed in the game and won it in the fourth quarter."

On the approach to the rest of the season: "I think every goal we set (at the beginning of the season) is reachable. If we win the last five games, we'll be over .500 and we'll be able to go to a bowl game and finish this thing off right. I don't think we approach this week any different than we have in the past and I don't think we should."

DT Jordan Reffett

On the loss being tough to take: "This is probably one of the most frustrating losses I've been a part of. It's been tough and it's pretty quiet in that locker room today."

On what they can take away from this game: "I thought early on there were signs we could play really well together. At one point we were up 41-26 in the fourth quarter and you can't give up a lead like that. I take my hat off to Arizona because they played well, but I hold us accountable for this one."

On the young guys playing: "Those guys have been rotating in and playing a lot this year and I think they're doing a heck of a job. It's just one of those things where they're growing up fast and these are big games that they've been playing in."

DE Greyson Gunheim

On being tired of losing: "You can't be any more tired of losing than we are right now. We had the game and we were making plays and then things turned around and we weren't able to finish and that's the biggest disappointment."

On Arizona's offense giving Washington trouble: "Their quarterback was getting it out fast and the line was giving him enough time to get it out there and with their short routes their receivers were able to get open and I think that's really what happened for us."

On the youth on defense being a factor: "I'm sure it is a factor. They've never been in this situation before. As you get more experience you know what to expect, but they're talented and they're playing for us so they've got to be good. They'll come along and help us as we come down to the end of the season."

On his final five games of the season: "It's huge. I mean, if we win these last five, we're eligible for a bowl and we seniors have had that goal the whole time and we just aren't going to start pointing fingers and if we put together a good game and finish strong and I think we can get those five wins."

WR Marcel Reece

On the loss: "They're always tough and when they keep coming they get tougher and tougher. A loss is the worst part of this game. I hate going through it and I don't plan on doing it anymore this year."

On the frustrations the team is feeling: "We can't get frustrated with the defense. We get frustrated at ourselves. Why not be up four touchdowns? That would have prevented a lot of things."

On his 98-yard touchdown: "We practice it every day and we got a chance to run it and we went for it. It was a great pass by Jake and our line gave him time. It's exciting, but it would probably feel better if we had won."

On Jake's game: "I'm always impressed with him. He never ceases to amazing me. He's going to do what he's going to do and he just keeps amazing me all the time." Top Stories