Husky player quotes - post Arizona game

The atmosphere in the Husky locker room was 180 degrees different than last Saturday. After their 32-28 win against Arizona yesterday, Washington was relieved and looking forward to taking that momentum with them as they head out onto the road to take on USC in the Coliseum.

CB Nate Robinson: "I was proud. Today was both thinking and reacting. Think slow and react fast. That's all you have to do."

"In high school it's really slow, a lot of guys wouldn't be as fast as me. In college EVERYBODY is as fast as you. You have to have lateral movement, you have to have vision, and you have to play hard and play smart."

"I didn't want to get embarrassed in front of everybody so I just said, ‘I'm not going to let him catch the ball. Don't worry about the pick, just stand my ground man to man and make sure that I wasn't the one that was embarrassed. I watched his eyes and when the ball came I just jumped as high as I could and tried to knock the ball out of bounds."

"All the guys were depending on me when DJ went down. I had to take care of business and get my job done. We knew what they were going to do, we practiced it. Last week I let the team down so I told them that I was going to make up for it. I was going to play the best I knew how and have fun. That's what I did. Now we have to go out and get the job done and play together."

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson: "The ball went where it was supposed to go. What you saw was two guys making a big play. It was just an automatic route when you see that coverage. I'm not going to give you our game plan (laugh), so I won't tell you what it's called. (mockingly) I just made the call from the box and said, ‘tell everyone that we want to win.'"

"Their DBs jumped down on the run because of the type of throw it was. (Reggie) came out and got between them, and it was done. It was a GREAT play by Reggie, not just a good play. We tried our best to balance, for four quarters. We still need to get better at it, but it won't be because we won't try."

DT Terry Johnson "We got more pressure and we contained him. The whole game we were up in his face and around him but in the first half we didn't contain as well so he got to run sideline to sideline. The second half we were more conscious of keeping him in the pocket. We got after him in the second half. Next week, we have to keep Carson Palmer in the pocket. Any time you give a guy a chance to make eye contact with his receivers and they come back to him, they're going to be good. As long as we keep him inside that small area, he'll have a hard time against our defense."

"We can get more pressure with our front four. We're getting off blocks now but we need to get better and better because it will get harder every week. We'll be fine."

The amount of passing yards that the Huskies are giving up is shocking. "Shocking? NO. It does make me mad though. Our corners are really good, some are a little banged up but they all can play well. The main thing is that if those guys start making more big plays on the ball, we're going to be a really successful team."

LB Ben Mahdavi: "Basically we go into every game with the expectation that we have to stop the run. It always starts there. When we stop that and they go to the pass, and it's pretty successful, that is everyone's fault. The defensive line doesn't get there in time and the secondary can only cover a receiver for so long. Basically we have to work on pass rush and staying on top of the receivers. The linebackers have to work on the underneath drops."

"Our pass rush was good, I was satisfied. It was a statement game. We can come back in the fourth quarter. We were excited to play football, I mean, you couldn't find a more beautiful day."

"It's big. You have to stop the run first or you will melt down. If you give up a lot of rushing yards, you are going to lose. It shows a lot of respect for our run defense that teams are throwing so much. I'd rather not drop back into coverage, I'd rather come forward and attack the line of scrimmage, speaking as a linebacker."

Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley: "That's Arizona's style. For us, we would've stopped the first drive if we just contain the football. We covered well on three separate occasions, if we stay where we're supposed to be and don't let him break the pocket. We didn't contain. Then we had a chance to pick off a ball in the end zone and that was a tough break. Take away those and Arizona only scores 14 points. Heck, then they can throw all they want. You can't win every situation, they have good players, and to only give up 14 points would've been great, you win going away then."

"Everybody has skill guys in this league. Everyone has good receivers. Just look at the scores in the conference. A lot of guys can get up and down the field throwing the football and people spread you out. They won't let you gang up on one or two receivers. There's a lot of mano-a-mano stuff, me against you. I win and you lose."

"We play man and zone. You saw us show everything today. They hit a lot of six-yard turn outs where our outside contain guys should be able to make a play on the guy. If he catches the ball and goes for 25 yards, that means someone didn't make a play on the ball."

"We had good pass rush after we fixed the containment issue in the third quarter. In the fourth, they had to max protect (two TE's), and then we had to cover."

When Nate Robinson and Sam Cunningham entered the game due to injury, it didn't phase Hundley. "It wasn't scary at all. We have what we have, and that's who's going to play when Derrick goes down."

Arizona QB Jason Johnson: "Man, what a game. It was great to come home and play in this environment. Saturday afternoon in the northwest, you can't beat it. Give kudos to the Huskies, they earned it. We just ran out of time. Bobby Wade is a great friend and a great football player all rolled into one. He makes my job so much easier."

Arizona coach Scott Pelleur: "It's always nice to come home but it would've been nice to have gotten a "w". We lost our starting free safety in the third quarter so we were playing with a bunch of new guys but we'll figure it out down the road."

S Greg Carothers: "(Jason Johnson) is a good quarterback. I'm sure he's got a lot to prove because he's from Puyallup. There are great quarterbacks and great skill positions throughout the whole league, that's what makes it so fun to play in this conference. The thing that Arizona's receivers do so well is that they come back to the ball. They run routes and they are aggressive in coming back to get it."

"I'm excited. I've talked to Sam (Cunningham) a lot, and I think Nate is really starting to come into his own and really play well. I told him that he could be a great corner if that's what he wants to do. He's really starting to play well."

"Playing linebacker, it's a little switch, putting me up closer for the run and it puts Massey back there because he's quicker in coverage. He's faster than I am, and it gives us a little more run support."

"The crowd is huge for us. If we get the crowd into it, it really helps us get on and start flustering the offense."

"There was a lot of talk out there today. I have to learn not to do that, we have to learn not to make mistakes like that," on the personal foul.

"USC has all kinds of guys that can hurt you, and their defense is playing well."

CB Chris Massey: "We knew that they weren't going to run at us anymore. We knew that they had to go to the air. We were pretty much ready every play. On the first interception we were in a cover two and I had three guys on my side. I was in between two of them and the quarterback made a bad throw. The guy tipped it right to me, it fell right into my hands. I didn't expect it."

"On the second one, I had it. I'm not sure, I had it in my fingertips and someone knocked it out. I'm not sure who did it and unfortunately it landed in the receiver's hands for a touchdown. Bad luck."

On the nickel and dime packages, Massey has a new position. "I'm in the safety position. Greg moves to linebacker, but we only really do that in passing situations."

"Today we were in a lot of zone and you have a natural cushion. I don't really understand a couple times what happened when Wade got so open. I think we played well today though, and I think we did a great job because when it mattered, we stopped them. At the end of the game, third down, fourth down, we stopped them."

Secondary coach Bobby Hauck: "I thought (Chris Massey) did a great job today playing the ball. It's a shame when he didn't get his second interception when another one of our guys knocked it away right to their receiver. Chris played a lot today and did a good job. His focus was really good and he did the things we asked him to do, which was to play the football better. He's getting better and better."

"If you are on top and teams are running the 17-22 yard roll away routes, as the ball stretches down the field the cushion has to be bigger. I'll have to take a look at the film, but I think our safeties and twin stuff probably have to get their drops a little deeper on some of those late breaking routes."

"When you are playing freshman and sophomores across the board it will get interesting. I was really pleased with how Sam (Cunningham) came in and got after it. He's getting his game together and doing a nice job. That's probably a step forward for him. Nate did a nice job, too. When they throw the deep ball when we press, the best guy is going to win. In that case, Nate won it."

"I thought in the first half we did some good things but we needed to contain the quarterback when we're in a four-man rush. Our underneath drops need to get better and we need to locate guys. We need better breaks on the outside."

WR Reggie Williams: "The officials were great today (laughs). We won, so there are no problems."

"On the last TD, Cody audibled to me. I caught it and saw that it was me against number 33, and I wasn't going to let him catch me. Once I broke away from the first two guys, I saw the last guy (#33) coming up. He had been running his mouth off all game so I wasn't going to let him catch me, if anybody. They had their linebackers inside their corners, so it was a great check."

"I don't know about the personal foul. I should've just given the ball to the referee, but that's how it goes. I was a little surprised. I just brushed my shoulders off, it's nothing. Coach Neuheisel didn't say much, he just told me ‘Don't do that.'"

"Cody was definitely on the money today. He's a great quarterback."

"After they blocked that field goal and got that lucky touchdown, I just told everyone that it would be alright and that we'd get the ball back. I wasn't worried."
Notes: Warren Moon was on the sidelines yesterday taking in the action.

As the Arizona team ran off the field from pre-game warm ups, they scanned the sideline for recruits that were visiting Husky Stadium and yelled, "Be sure to visit Arizona." It was funny. Top Stories