Hasty back with the Huskies

SEATTLE - It didn't take long - one game, to be exact - but it was enough time for J.R. Hasty to realize his future was back on the field turf of Husky Stadium. After leaving the Washington Football program roughly a week ago, the former Bellevue Wolverine is back on the team after UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham hinted at it Monday afternoon during his radio show.

Dawgman.com spoke with Hasty, who confirmed reports that he was going to rejoin the Huskies.

"I think the air has been cleared," Hasty said, acknowledging there was a meeting between himself, his parents and the UW coaches this past weekend. "I know what needs to be done and what I have to do. I have to practice hard. I just have to step it up even more.

"I just want to show everyone that I'm still here and I want to play."

Hasty, the former state high school Player of the Year, admitted he had a tough time watching his teammates lose to Arizona 48-41. "It was real hard," he said. "At the time I wanted to leave the team, but I wanted to see all of them win and play hard. It was disappointing to see them lose."

At the time of the announcement of Hasty's departure, Willingham hinted at the 'perception' of playing time may have been at the heart of J.R.'s decision. For his side, it just sounds like Hasty needed a take a break to make sure all sides understood where things stood.

"I just needed to take care of my mental edge," he said.

So after leaving and coming back, what will Husky fans see from a rejuvenated Hasty? "I gained more knowledge of the whole thing, how the whole system works," he said. "I know what I need to do."

Hasty, in two games so far this season, has six carries for 18 yards. Hasty said he is not sure if he'll be available for travel this weekend against Stanford, but he will be at practice Tuesday.

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