Player Quotes - Stanford

For the first time in six weeks the players got to talk about a win instead of a loss and the mood was jovial for the players following their first Pac 10 win of the season. Read on to see what several had to say about their 27-9 victory over Stanford.

DT Jordan Reffett

On the difference this week: "We had guys out there doing their assignments and doing what they're supposed to do and that's important when you play teams in the Pac 10 because anyone can get you at any time and I think that guys were just out there doing the right thing all the time and that's how you get wins."

On the defensive line getting after the Stanford quarterbacks: "We always try to get to the quarterback and we did a good job of that today as a front-four. It's a good feeling to get to that quarterback and hit him and hit him hard and he was a little shy in the pocket after we hit him."

On causing the fumble at the one yard line: "The first thing in my mind was to stop him, let alone get the ball out. It was a huge stop by Trenton (Tuiasosopo) who pulled that ball out and I tell you what those were huge plays for us in the game and that was a back-breaker for the Stanford team and it was a real boost for us."

On seeing the Husky fans cheering for them following the game: man, that was awesome. I almost started tearing up and I'm a big tough guy. I haven't felt like that after an away game since Syracuse so I got to go over there and grab my baby and sing the fight song. It feels good and these guys on this football team know it feels good so we want to keep it going."

Casey Bulyca

On the OL performance: "We finally came off the ball hard and started working some guys over. It was a whole lot of fun moving the ball like that. We worked hard in practice and we decided we were tired of losing and we decided to do something about that."

On if he was surprised by Rankin's big day: "I wouldn't say that I'm surprised, but it's definitely nice to have coach calling running plays because that means he's confident that we're going to be able to move the ball."

On the mood in the locker room: "It was fun. It was nice to finally go in there with the win. We know we all played hard and fought together. Stanford played hard too, but it was a lot of fun to see our hard work pay off."

S Mesphin Forrester

On the "revenge-factor" with today's win: "Yeah you could call it that I guess because they embarrassed us. It was 20-3 last year at our house so it feels good to come in here to their house and get the big win."

On the win helping them stay focused on their goals: "We're not going to get ahead of ourselves. We're just going to take it one game at a time, but this ‘W' gets the ball rolling."

On the differences for the defense: "We just had a team meeting as a defense and we just wanted to go out there and play some good football and show people that we can beat somebody and that's what we did."

On the defense getting on a roll: "It helped. We had a couple of stops and that helped to get our swagger going a little bit and that felt good as a unit out there and our defensive line getting pressure like that with Jordan Reffett, Erik Lobos and Greyson Gunheim, that makes our jobs in the secondary a lot easier."

DE Greyson Gunheim

On how fresh the defense felt: "I just felt fresh. We had a lot of energy. Me and some of the other guys on the defensive line just talked about how great we felt and we had a really good week of practice, probably our best week of practice and it was nice to get the win."

On beating Stanford: "Any team in the Pac 10 is good. They beat USC when USC was number one. Every team has so much talent, so there's no team that you just say ‘oh it was this team' and getting this win was important to us and we're just happy to get a win."

C Juan Garcia

On this win possibly leading to more: "Oh yeah. If you noticed our offense, we're rolling and we're becoming a team."

On his ‘mohawk': "I needed a haircut and I was trying to get a fade, but my roommate (Matt Sedillo) screwed it up and it was like ‘screw it' so we just made it a Mohawk and it was ok for the first game, but then I saw it and it looked terrible so I was like ‘man I look like a moron' so I had to convince some other guys to have a Mohawk too."

On the holes the line was opening up: "I was just telling my guys that we had been playing as an o-line together and our offense started to go with Jake (Locker) and we just basically said when you face us, we might only get two yards, but we're going to smack you and let you know you're in for a long day."

QB Jake Locker

On his record: "I don't really read the papers or watch T.V. or pay attention to the internet stuff so I'm kind of in the dark about that stuff and the guys know that that stuff doesn't matter to me. Records are set and they're made to be broken and I'm sure somebody is going to come along and break my record someday so I'm not too worried about it. It's awesome to get the record, but I'm more worried about wins and that's the most important thing."

On his night not being perfect: "I wasn't good tonight. I made some mistakes especially on the deep ball tonight. I was kind of inaccurate and we had some guys open for big plays and we could have put a lot of points on the board. I'm so hard on myself so no, I don't think I deserve that much praise at all."

On Rankin's big night: "I thought he ran really well. I said this before, I thought he was patient and ran really hard and finished runs today and put his head down and earned every yard he got today. Our offensive line did a good job of opening holes today and it was a lot of fun watching him have the day he had today."

On correcting the mistakes: "We'll go back and watch the film tomorrow and correct those mistakes, but when you get a win that stuff doesn't matter. We found a way to win and that's all that matters."

RB Louis Rankin

On the holes being so big for him: "It makes my job easier. When we can do something like that all season that should make my job that much easier and we should keep having success. I was just more excited than anything because things were just wide open."

On how his night helped the team: "I'm just thinking that we could win the game and we needed to make big plays to help the team to win the game. I wanted to play good in front of my hometown and it's good because we got our win." Top Stories