Thompson could decide before December

Two weeks ago, Kennedy DE/TE Everette Thompson was in Eugene for Oregon's big win over USC. He enjoyed his time south of the border immensely, but he's still got two more visits on tap before he makes his decision. spoke with Thompson this past weekend and he updated us on how his senior season went as well as how recruiting is coming along and when a possible commitment could be made.

"I had a blast down there," Thompson told "The atmosphere was amazing. The crowd was crazy and they won the game which always makes it a lot more fun.

"They didn't put any pressure on me to commit. They said that I should just take my time and make sure I'm ready to commit when I finally do it."

Because Thompson has two more visits to go, he said he doesn't have any favorites at this point, but noted that Washington impressed him this past weekend when they beat Stanford on the road.

"They did really well down there against a team that beat them up here last year," Thompson said. "I thought they would win and they played really well. They ran the ball tough and that will always get you wins if you do that."

Thompson's season ended this past Friday with a loss to Nathan Hale and he said it's frustrating to be done so early.

"I haven't been done with football this early in a while," Thompson said. "It sucks because it's my senior year, but we lost a lot of talented players and we have some young guys who are coming up that will lead our team back to the playoffs again.

"I had a decent year individually, but we struggled as a team and I'd trade my stats for playing still."

For the season Thompson finished with 11 catches for 179 yards and three touchdowns while putting up over 60 tackles, five sacks and four forced fumbles on defense.

With his season now over, Thompson said he will forego playing basketball this year to work out and concentrate on making his choice of where he wants to play football in college.

"I'm just going to work out, get in great shape and worry about my recruiting," Thompson said. "I have a visit to Oregon State this weekend and I'm planning on going to Washington for my official visit the week after that for their game against Cal.

"I should be able to make a decision pretty quickly after that," Thompson said. "I've been to Washington a lot and I grew up a fan of them so I know a lot about them.

"These visits have mainly been about getting to know the different schools and to make sure I'm making the best decision for me."

Thompson said Oregon's success currently is a big boost for their chances with him, but he said the current status of the team he goes to won't play a huge factor.

"Actually it would be kind of fun to help build something up," Thompson said. "Washington was so good for so long and Oregon is just having success now with is cool too, but it would be fun to help build Washington back up to where it used to be.

"Plus, my friends (Nate Williams and Lonzell Hill) are both there and they said they are having a blast and they want me to come and join them, but they know my decision is going to be what's best for me so they aren't giving me too much pressure."

We'll have more from Thompson in the coming weeks as he gets closer to making a decision.

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