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New defense saves Huskies
Race Bannon

Other teams have passes or catches or runs immortalized by one-word names. The Washington Huskies now immortalize a pass deflection – The Tip. Historians believe it was the first pass deflection since the 1948 season at Husky Stadium.

Freshman sensation Nate Robinson, son of Husky Legend Jacques, and Rainer Beach's finest, covered Bobby Wade like fly paper, then used his 72" vertical leap to knock the pass into Lake Washington, forcing the Wildcats to punt. Mere moments later, Jimmy Newell knocked down a 4th down pass intended for Thurman, the other half of the Wildcat's dynamic and mouthy duo.

In between, our usual hero, Reg-gie Williams lit up the stadium once again with an 80-yard bolt down the south sideline to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat for the hometown eleven. Reg-gie has put the Husky team on his broad shoulders, calling his shot, and coming through in the clutch. Cody Pickett continues to re write the record book, and there continues to be plenty to discuss at this weeks coaches meetings at the Dawgman message board.

The Huskies concluded their 14-week home stand, and now go to a personal house of horrors, the LA Mausoleum. More on this later.
Book Tempe, Dano
Mallard N. Moore

Led by the nations most efficient passer, schoolyard legend Jason Fife, the Oregon Ducks cruised to an easy win over the last obstacle in their path, the mysterious Bruins of UCLA. The road is clear to Tempe now, as the struggling Cards of Stanford appear unable to continue their decade of domination over the Ducks this year.

Onterrio Smith led the charge, backed up ably by Terrance White, a true frosh who scored his first career touchdown. Keenan Howry returned a punt for a TD, as the game once again turned on the Bruin special teams, ably coached by Dr. Timothy Leary.

Leary, it seems, had his team drop out before tuning in and turning on. We in Eugene know a thing or two about dropping out.

Bob Toledo's crisply coached squad blew an extra point, missed a fake field goal, and missed the potential game winner as well. Bob will see a little extra in the paycheck this week, if you know what I mean.

The Ducks scored the winner after an apparent third down failure, one of many. Head ref Phil Knight pointed out that the clock had expired, and the Ducks then got lucky on the opening play of the 4th quarter, as the Bruin defenders decided to ignore Howry, despite his big billboard in New York.

Next up for the national champs are the ASU Sun Devils, led by Dirk Koetter, a former pool boy for Coach Bellotti, who also starred in several training videos with the Great One. Look for the master to whip the student, just like in those training videos.

The ASU players have joined the Witness Protection Program, in an effort to stay eligible and uninjured in the week leading up to their game with UO. Paulie Walnuts has been sighted in the Tempe area.
Cougars deal Cards defeat
Barry Bonds

Nobody in the Bay Area cared about this snoozer, because it is all about me. Me, I tell you, me. Now go screw yourself.
Beavers bounced from coverage zone
Race Bannon, TV Reporter

The Beaverball series was cancelled Saturday night, as head coach Jack Daniels enjoyed a cocktail on the sidelines while his underage QB looked on as time expired on the Beavers faint hopes. In a rare Pac 10 defensive struggle, the ASU Sun Devils outlasted OSU 13-9. Who would've thought the Sun Devils wouldn't get the memo that clearly stated that this conference would NOT play defense. Ever.

We now drop coverage of the first NW team to be eliminated from the new northwest power in the Pac 10. We have offered the Beavers a cameo role in a production at Husky Stadium in November, and Ken Burns has signed them up for the Civil War, which they will win.

Trojan Week
Always a favorite of Husky students, Trojan week is here again. The reeling UW footballers travel south to face the revitalized Men Of Troy, an early 7-point favorite.

We would like to thank Bill Moos for allowing this traditional and legendary clash of the titans to continue, even though the Huskies are now forced by law to play Oregon every year, preferably at Autzen Arena.

Carson Palmer hopes to find some cracks in the suffocating Husky pass defense, which isn't quite last in the nation this week. Word on the street is that Justin Fargas and Sultan McCullough are the best tailbacks the Huskies have faced so far, by far. The Troy running game is getting back on track, as the alleged weak O-line continues to play strong.

Troy has a defense that is capable of shutting the highflying Husky attack down. This one could be ugly early. Which Husky team will show up? We're pretty sure that 28,000 fans will pack the Coliseum to find out.

In keeping with a new tradition, we predict the Huskies will lose. It worked last week, right? USC – 38, UW – 20

Oregon will batter ASU, unless Shaun McDonald goes crazy. The problem will be giving Andrew Walter time to throw. Man-child Haloti Ngata, worth every penny so far, is quickly establishing an awesome presence in the middle. The Devils will blitz and bluster, but Oregon doesn't lose at newly expanded Autzen Arena.

UO – 45, ASU – 3

WSU has a bye, so hide the women and children.

And finally……. Miami survived another missed field goal attempt by FSU to hang on to #1….FSU is back sooner than predicted……..Greg Jones is the country's best running back……oops, after Onterrio Smith, that is……..Texas' Mack Brown has lots of recruits lined up……..Oklahoma's Bob Stoops has another title shot lined up……..Chris Simms should have gone to Tennessee…Nebraska bounced back against Gary Pinkel's Tigers……Northwestern transfer Chris Brown rolled up over 300 yards to lead Barney's Buffs to a win over Kansas…….Northwestern did not whine and cry over the transfer of Brown…….Barney must once again face his hypocrisy over those long, cold Colorado nights………Rick Neuheisel is adjusting well to house arrest, and thanks all the fans for the cards and cookies sent to his cell…….Florida got waxed by LSU and the Washington Redskins got waxed by New Orleans, leaving fans in two cities willing to talk coach trade. Ironic is the career path of Steve Spurrier….

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