Schaefer brings intenstity to Wolves line

When Eastlake OL Drew Schaefer committed to the Huskies last spring, it was almost a "match made in heaven". His size and athleticism were perfect fits for Mike Denbrock's blocking schemes and his attitude is one of never giving up on a block. Now that his team is in the playoffs yet again, Schaefer is hoping to lead the way to that ever elusive state championship.

"Last week was a tough game," Schaefer told on Tuesday night. "Bethel and us shouldn't be playing in the first round because they are a really good team and neither one of us should be out of the playoffs right now.

"Our goal all season has been to make the playoffs and then win a championship and that's still our goal. We want to get some revenge this week because Cascade knocked us out of the playoffs my sophomore season up there and so we're really focused on this game coming up on Friday."

Schaefer helped lead the way for an offense that was one of the best in the state totalling 1,418 yards on the ground and 2,290 yards through the air.

"We all worked hard over the summer and it's really paid off with how we've played," Schaefer said. "I feel good and really strong right now and I think we'll be able to give whoever we face our best shot because we've all worked really hard for this."

Eastlake High School resides a mere half-mile from 3A powerhouse Skyline High School and the two schools have a friendly rivalry. Schaefer will be in the stands on Saturday to watch some of his friends from Skyline take on Lakes in what will be a matchup of 3A titans on the plateau.

"I actually live closer to Skyline than I do Eastlake which is kind of funny," Schaefer said. "The boundries basically said I was supposed to go to Eastlake and I'm glad I'm here, but I have a lot of friends on that team as well."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Schaefer said schools from around the Pac 10 tried to recruit him once the season started, but he told them "thanks, but no thanks."

"They were all pretty cool about it," Schaefer said. "They know I'm a Husky and I won't be changing my mind so they basically just said they were interested and that if things change I can call them.

"But they aren't going to change. U-Dub is so close to breaking out it's not even funny. I've been to all the games this year and it's been cool talking with the coaches and players.

"They've played so many top 25 teams, I think it was something like seven of their first eight were ranked, and they were within a touchdown of winning almost all of them. They play hard and the coaches are really getting the best out of the guys now, especially the offensive line because you could see them really start to get some confidence last week and they've been doing really well offensively the past three or four weeks."

Schaefer expects to visit Washington in December, but said he hadn't set up a date yet and that he plans to be in the stands for the final two home games against Cal and Washington State.

We'll have more from Schaefer in the week ahead as he continues on in the playoffs with his team.

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